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A Dutch NGO that has cleaned up 1/1000th of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, says its technology can scale up to eliminate it completely. Environment


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u/rvgirl42 Sep 23 '22

This is what I don’t get. I grew up only with glass and aluminum. There were no plastic bottles at all. I’ve seen a world without this and the human race didn’t didn’t die. Plastic is convenient for corporations and toxic for humans. Glass and aluminum also provided small amounts of deposit revenue for recycling for people.


u/Mutiu2 Sep 23 '22


Plastic enables over consumption of junk food and drink . Food and drink your body doesn’t need or want.

Use of plastic to bottle water is only a sideshow to the driver of plastic bottling: junk drinks.


u/abbeyh Sep 23 '22

Not just that… but you remember when using plastic was about saving the trees… this used to be the environmentally safer option, and did contribute to us closing back up that ozone hole… but… if we’re just going back to paper straws, and cardboard boxes, but not reducing our consumption… we’re going to have the same problem - repeating history even.

Some states still pay to recycle. I have no idea how successful that program is at increasing the amount of material recycled though.


u/rvgirl42 Sep 23 '22

And now the people in developing nations are burning the plastic, which is burning the Ozone again.

Hemp and bamboo. I don’t understand why we are only between wood and plastic but we can probably surmise that the plastics and logging industry, just like oil and gas, who don’t care about the environment because of their special interests.