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A Dutch NGO that has cleaned up 1/1000th of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, says its technology can scale up to eliminate it completely. Environment


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u/pablo_the_bear Sep 23 '22

So just continually working with no end in sight until action is taken to stop flooding the ocean with plastics...

I applaud what they are doing but it makes me angry that they need to exist as a company in the first place.


u/grendel_x86 Sep 23 '22

I feel stopping it from getting there would be more effective. International treaties on fishing can mandate the big fishing companies to clean up their nets. Or make them pay a % of cleanup. Fine then if they show back up to port with fewer nets. I remember someone who worked on these ships said (on reddit, so true?) they just dump bad nets over.

Same with ships garbage. Make them hold until they hit port.

Most plastic is from large fisheries. They muddy the waters blaming small ones too.


u/Uberzwerg Sep 23 '22

be more effective

While you're 100% right, it's VERY complicated to reach all sources. Helping the poorest of the poor to get access to sane waste management in every relevant country is a huge undertaking (and must be done). Getting poor fishermen (and bigger fishery industry)to undertandand care is also important.

While thousands of initiatives could and should work on that with all the regional politics standing in their ways, we can already start to clean up the mess at hand.