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Announcement: Rule change regarding content related to suicide & other small rule changes/clarifications


A quick announcement that we've decided to make a slight change to our rule regarding NSFW posts in an effort to address concerns around content related to suicide. The new rule will read:

NSFW content. NSFW content is sometimes okay here, but it must be flagged appropriately. We do not allow any content related to suicide, or suicide prevention

This change is being made after users have expressed concerns around this type of content on the sub. After discussing it across the mod team, we feel it's best to prohibit this type of content here for the overall wellbeing of the subreddit.

Additionally, you may or may not have noticed some overall changes we've made to the rules towards the tail-end of last year. We did this as an effort to clean up a lot of the confusing language. We hope that they are a bit more clear now. We're happy to address any questions you may have either in this thread, or if you reach out to us via mod mail.

Finally, one specific note on rule 3 as we often see posts continuing to violate this rule.

No reliance on additional context. The 'bro' action should be easily discernible within the image/gif/video. Having to add context in the title, comments, super-imposed text or otherwise to explain the 'bro' is against sub rules. Submissions violating this rule will be removed

We judge the 'bro' action of a post based on the content itself and only the content itself. This means that if you post a picture of, for example, some food on a counter and you have to leave a comment explaining that your friendly neighbor helped you out this week - all we see is a picture of food on a counter. Unfortunately, we have this rule because we've had many cases where people will make up stories without any proof and post something like a picture of food on the counter.

"Additional context" in this case means you having to leave a comment to explain the post, you adding text to an image/post to explain the bro action, you having to add the context to your title, or otherwise. A good rule of thumb is 'will someone looking at this picture/gif/video know what the 'bro' action is simply by looking at the picture/gif/video?' If the answer is 'no' then it likely violates rule 3. If you need help deciding, you're always welcome to come ask us in mod mail before submitting.


  1. Rule 5 is updated to no longer allow any content related to suicide.
  2. Overall, every rule was updated to be clearer.
  3. We judge the bro action of content solely on the content itself - not comments, added text, or your title.

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Man watching live stream of a Korean tourist being harassed on the streets of Mumbai ran form his home to help her


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My wife and I were finally able to catch “Red Thread”, a pigeon we had been seeing for weeks. The little guy had string tangled around his foot. I was able to get him to eat outta my hand, then after a couple tries I got him! We are feelin pretty good now. 💐❤️🇨🇦


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Guys, it’s Vit again. I just arrived from JFK to Warsaw with 1714 kilos of tourniquets, trauma gauzes, IFAKs, shoes, winter clothes and maple syrup for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Half of it was donated by Americans, therefore… thank you humans, for being bros!

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This man is Naksam Baek (89) who's running a small wedding hall in South Korea. For the past 55 years, he has opened up his wedding hall to about 15,000 couples in need so that they can get married there for free.

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Sikh volunteers from Sukh Sagar Gurdwara provided food to stranded people in New West BC last night.

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Man rescuing puppies from a ditch


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I wonder how long it's been on there, poor thing


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VIDEO: Guilford woman rescues owl hit by car Thanksgiving Night

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Final goodbyes to Lakshmi, elephant of Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Puducherry, India.

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Police save baby ducklings after falling into the sewer and reunite them with their parents


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He was harassed for the Black Santa on his lawn. Now, he’s a professional Black Santa.

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Good samaritan 'pinged' by app saves young Waikato mother in cardiac arrest

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F1 driver Lewis Hamilton takes Sir Frank Williams for a hot lap around Silverstone


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Saving a seal trapped in a discarded jacket


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Edmonton youth group extends helping hand and homecooked meal to homeless

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Moroccan supporters cleaning up after the match

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Former arborist has a company that rescues cats stuck in trees (Canopy Cat Rescue).

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Some guys on a fishing boat saving a man's life.


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Ups driver saves kid

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McDonald’s employees help deliver baby in restaurant bathroom

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Helping the homeless


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A Ukrainian boy was catching sweets from the American planes during the Berlin Airlift. The planes inspired him to become airrspace engineer. Dr. Yarymovych became Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force, worked also for NASA on Apollo program and is credited with initiation of GPS

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Group dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors

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Heroic Kayaker Saves Kitty in Distress