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A lady working concert security tries to stop a guy walking backstage, not realising its Lamb of God vocalist, Randy Blythe. He's a complete gentleman about it.



u/Locomule 3d ago

I got a job through a temp company at a shipping port cleaning up warehouses, about as low on the ladder as you could get. We had to wear these silly little yellow hardhats, flimsy stuff, and no one was allowed in the warehouse without one. I hadn't been there long when I caught an old guy wandering through the warehouse without a hat on, so I started telling him the rule. He started arguing with me and I just cut him off, "Nope, we'll go outside and get you a hat but first you're leaving the warehouse." He left. I found out later I'd kicked out the owner of the company. The main dude. And he fucking loved it because it was HIS rule to start with. Although he didn't mention that to me, I heard about it later.


u/zanzibartraveler666 3d ago

“I’m with the band”


u/dft-salt-pasta 3d ago

I worked security for an event the other week at an out of town show. It was my first time working security as I normally work in a different department. Somehow I got put on the artists bus lot by myself. Definitely asked some artists if they had their badge and if they were crew or supposed to be back there. I didn’t know what they looked like, they were polite about it. But I’d rather do something embarrassing than put their safety at risk.


u/CrackaZach05 3d ago

"There's a lot of guys girlfriends in there"



That guy had a lot of useful information for a security guard.


u/PlumTreeBeef 3d ago

We’re not worthy!

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u/klavin1 3d ago

This post is the exact topic of a wonderful song by Paul Simon

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u/NetReaper 3d ago Gold

That's it. Just be polite to people.


u/Whowutwhen 3d ago Helpful (Pro)

"I try to treat every one I meet like an old Friend" - HH Dali Lama.

I heard this a while ago and I cant always manage, but when I do, every thing feels so much nicer.


u/GookyWookie 3d ago

I’ve never read that quote before, but I’ve been trying to be that way for a while now. I combine it with something my partner told me when I was having some pre-party anxiety. “Just act like you’re having more fun than anyone else and eventually you’ll be having real fun”.


u/e-rinc 3d ago

“Treat everyone you meet like they’re god in drag”


u/mariwithpet 3d ago

What if God was one of us?


u/ImPretendingToCare 3d ago

Life is so simple.

People go out of their way to make it difficult.


u/tallandlanky 3d ago

Try to be Canadian. Got it.


u/paul-d9 3d ago

Hi, Canadian here. I was in customer service for a number of years and we actually have a thriving asshole population. We don't like to talk about it though.


u/flimbs 3d ago

How many assholes we got in this country anyhow??


u/Agent_Orange81 3d ago

I feel like you were fishing for a Spaceballs 'YO' here?

In which case...

YO! 🙋‍♂️

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u/Temporary_Ad2022 3d ago

Ive got some bad news for you... Lots of Canadians are assholes. Source: nearly four decades living in Canada


u/Heterochromio 3d ago

It’s a popular but untrue trope. I’ve dealt with a ton of rude Canadians.


u/e_spider 3d ago

GTA is mostly passive aggressive

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u/More-Consequence4674 3d ago

Randy is a real life hero. The way he handled the charges several years in Prague was a top notch class act.


u/rudelude 3d ago Wholesome

I had the Killadelphia DVD back in the day and Randy was a total asshole while drinking. Only unlikable one in the group. Glad to hear he turned it around


u/FriendlySlytherin 3d ago

He seemed like such a train wreck on that DVD, and now he seems like such a well adjusted, standup dude.


u/awpdownmid 3d ago

Met him and the rest of the band while he was hung over the morning after a show, can confirm he was kind of a prick and stood out that way. Everyone else was great.

This was As The Palaces Burn era though, people can change a lot in 20 years. It was obvious he was battling demons back then.


u/LobcockLittle 3d ago

LOG have the best DVDs. "Hey Willy! Don't shit your pants!"


u/UB613 3d ago

What a gentleman.


u/SomberKlepto 3d ago

Little mistake, and she’s doing her job. He’s probably thankful for people like her.


u/Dunjee 3d ago

When I was doing bar security one of our new guys threatened to kick the owner out when he repeatedly sat on the stage since he has never seen him before. Not only was he not angry about it, but he actually told our head of security not to tell him he was giving him a dollar raise before his 60 day probationary period for doing his job well


u/ExcusableBook 3d ago

If only good bosses who recognize value were more common


u/Dunjee 3d ago

It was a great place under the old owners. I ended up having to quit as part of a workers comp settlement before the new people took over and from what I hear have run the place so far into the ground Satan had to duck


u/MostlyNormal 3d ago

Ah, the natural life cycle of the good bar. Always a heartbreaker, eh? Hope you got out before it got too bad. RIP


u/Dunjee 3d ago

Actually I just looked them up and it seems they may be shut down permanently as of a week ago. Kinda makes me glad I got out when I did

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u/Chucklefluk 3d ago

I used to work bar security as well, and I carded 2 of the owners on my first night because I had only met the 3rd owner.

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u/faithisuseless 3d ago

He definitely is, he was in a Czech prison and went to court for murder, all because a security guard didn’t do the job right and he got blamed.


u/Turdferguson586 3d ago



u/faithisuseless 3d ago

A security guard shoved a kid off the stage and Randy also guided him with one hand (not enough to do anything). The kid hit his head, went into a coma and died. The local government and media painted Randy as the villain and arrested him when he returned years later. He was acquitted. Even went back to the country to face the charges even though he was in the US after getting bail. He felt it wouldn’t be right to not face it and give the family closure. I am sure he appreciates a guard doing the job correctly after that.

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u/RogerDeanVenture 3d ago

People like her help keep him and his crew safe on stage - so yeah, he probably really is thankful for her.


u/iikun 3d ago

I once worked the gate between VIP and VVIP at a FIFA Club World Cup. Although I expected a few ppl to act like divas, not one person got annoyed when I asked them to show their lanyard more clearly for entry. I even had to decline a club owner’s adult daughter right in front of him, but not a peep of protest.

I agree that most people don’t mind a bit of inconvenience if it’s a sign that security is really on the ball.


u/HiiipowerBass 3d ago

It's not a mistake, and in fact he's the one waltzing up without credentials lol


u/Anthem_1974 3d ago

Exactly. His mistake lol


u/GetsGold 3d ago

Hopefully the band fires him.


u/Automatic-Web-8407 3d ago

Then he'll be free to perform at my birthday

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u/Renjuro 3d ago

Yeah, I got that impression when he said, “thank you for doing your job, I like you.”

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u/Aleatorylyons762 3d ago

That was really sweet. She probably doesn't follow the band which is not required to do the job, I love the way he responded as well.

This one is the worst where Lewis Hamilton in full racing gear followed by cameras was stopped, its literally the funniest shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S779GDNgDY


u/jimboslice29 3d ago

Lol that’s hilarious. It’d be one thing if Lewis was solo. He’s in full gear with 6 camera men with proper credentials filming him.


u/indy_been_here 3d ago

Hmmm interesting. I'll just jot this down for no particular reason.


u/_CurseTheseMetalHnds 3d ago


u/PosiedonsSaltyAnus 3d ago

I mean if no one notices him at least he's always git money in the banana stand


u/Ranulsi 3d ago

At worst he could be George Michael's cousin, maybe.

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u/spinky342 3d ago

I mean did you see some of the races this year, specifically Japan? They had fans wearing literally full suit and helmet lol


u/nopunchespulled 3d ago

exactly there is no way to tell that is Hamilton in there



I am Spartacus


u/DixEverywhere 3d ago

Really though, how is security supposed to know? He's wearing a full helmet, and the guys with cameras could just be a bunch of his friends.


u/TheMadPyro 3d ago

Genuinely. I’ve been to race weekends with super fans wearing full race suits and helmets with the correct sponsors and designs on them.

Other than the fact that drivers are quite short… how are you supposed to identify them if they don’t have their pass with them?


u/derpydood99 3d ago

“I’m a driver”

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u/E_Z_E-73 3d ago

Metal musicians are generally the nicest people.


u/BigWillis93 3d ago

Must have something to do with letting out their aggression in healthy ways


u/WeakAbbreviations184 3d ago

Never thought about it like this, I think you’re right!


u/iStanley 3d ago

Having a healthy way to let out aggression is one of the reasons why a majority of people who do martial arts are generally super kind too


u/carelessthoughts 3d ago

Working out in general is insanely therapeutic. I find that my best workouts are when I’m pissed. I go so much harder and by the end of it I’m too distracted by how proud I am about how well the workout went than thinking about the silly shit that pissed me off.


u/HomieSeal 3d ago

Can confirm, I do Karate and some of the times I’ve done the best and trained the hardest have been in my lowest moments


u/Jowenbra 3d ago edited 3d ago

Sounds like you need to be careful about becoming a sith lord.


u/-UwU_OwO- 3d ago

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power I gain victory, and through victory my chains are broken. Based and sith pilled. You're passion on deez nuts.

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u/BigWillis93 3d ago

Its like instead of sitting there after a hard day to drink a couple drinks while you stew I your emotions you're being aggressive and getting out all the negative energy you feel through the movement and loudness


u/No-Significance5449 3d ago Wholesome

Even outside of aggression playing music has saved my life so many times. When I first quit using heroin after treatment I picked up a guitar again and told myself anytime I had intrusive thoughts or cravings I'd play. Soon I found myself playing when I'd get anxious or feel my mood dropping. It's gotten me through breakups, financial hardships etc. Music good.


u/CornOnTheKnob 3d ago

You say it so matter-of-fact, but I'm sure this wasn't easy at all. It's incredible what we can overcome when we set our mind to a goal and focus on an outcome.


u/AloneEstablishment7 3d ago

When that black curtain drops, you must seek to “hide” under a protective layer of light. Love works; love for our support systems and guardians, love for ourselves and the shit we’ve seen, and conquered, and continue to fight in tiny ways each day. Love can be fickle though. Temperamental. But music? Faithful. Dependable. Enduring and unwavering. When I’m about to “go dark” music ALWAYS finds a way to turn the lights back on.


u/TigerCharades3 3d ago

I spent my late teens and early twenties, (I’m 31) going to metal shows at a small club in this place a few towns over. I have made life long friends and watched them grow up and have families and be successful and be amazing people. I got picked on a lot but when I went to shows it was all love by people who just wanted to mosh and hardcore dance then go get some pizza afterwards. I miss going to shows and I’m planning to finally go back to some next year!

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u/Viperbunny 3d ago LOVE!

Exactly! They are people who understand emotional balance! I know when I am having a hard day, singing through my emotions help. I grew up in abuse and one thing I had was my music. I took voice lessons and I would listen to music on my headphones for hours at the park by my house just so I didn't have to be home. It helped me survive. As an adult, it can help me when I am trying to regulate my emotions. I have a hard time crying because my dad would scream at me for crying. I can cry now thanks to therapy and a wonderful, patient husband. If I need to get my emotions out, I can listen to some music, song, cry, and then I am right.


u/shortprophecy53 3d ago

how he thanked her for doing her job and was so cool about it's awesome!!


u/Yzerman_19 3d ago

It makes sense, end of the day he is paying her to protect him and he understands that.


u/TheBirminghamBear 3d ago

Yeah I'd honestly much rather my security people slightly inconvenience me, rather than be so scared of my wrath they'll just let anyone through.

I mean that's basically a TV trope now. Good guys sneaking into the bad guys lair and guard tries to stop them, and they go, "I am bringing Evil Guy vital news, if you don't let me in he will murder you when he finds out!"

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u/Viperbunny 3d ago

It is super sweet! I would feel safer at a show where I know the artist are good people like this. I have watched a few documentaries on bad music festivals and how a performer can make a bad situation so much worse. But someone who treats the staff like this, also likely has respect for people in general and therefore is going to be a decent person if any situation comes up. I remember a rock festival I went to in my 20s with my husband. I didn't realize how dangerous it was at the time, but realizing how we were all dehydrated and delerious, it could have been worse. As it was, we were sunburnt from head to toe. My mil, who hates me guts, felt so bad she put aloe on me!


u/acs730200 3d ago

I’m a scrawny kid and I’ve hopped in the pit at Lamb of God and similar shows, the types of people who end up at metal shows are there to rage but mostly in a respectful and polite way. I’ve literally been scooped up off the ground and placed outside of the pit by these behemoth guys who wanted to make sure I didn’t get trampled


u/Viperbunny 3d ago

For some reason, the bigger they are, the gentler they are! I grew up in a Catholic house hold, where things like multiple piercings, tattoo, dark nail polish (especially on boys) etc, would be considered taboo and dangerous. Now, that's the group I gravitate towards. I have no tattoos and only pireced ears that weren't done right when I was a baby. But I feel so much more comfortable because I don't feel judged for dressing as me, coloring my hair, and just being myself. It's like we all eventually drift together and accept each other.

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u/Copper0827 3d ago

Damn! Glad all is well. You seem very self aware and that is so admirable.


u/Viperbunny 3d ago

Thanks, lol. It took a lot of therapy to get here, but it was worth it. Actually, listening to the podcast helped me get through the days of guilt and doubt when I left abuse. It's Thanksgiving and I am super grateful for all the good.

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u/Guardymcguardface 3d ago

The music is angry, so they don't have to be.


u/bmuse2017 3d ago

August burns red has a saying that is "Angry music for happy people."


u/rowdymonster 3d ago

I saw that on a shirt at my first concert the other day, and wondered where it was from! I know all the metal/metalcore stuff i listen to helps me work out a lot of emotion that makes me way happier and more balanced at the end of the day

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u/Aschvolution 3d ago

Even if they do, they'll run out of anger by the time they finished the song.

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u/OnodrimOfYavanna 3d ago

I used to be a corrections officer. The best inmates were the absolute freak gym rats who were enourmous. They had no aggression, all chill


u/DPSOnly 3d ago

Definitely, and not really a culture of ego because metal is almost always bands (leaving the almost, but I know 0 solo metal artists).


u/Howboutit85 3d ago

Devin Townsend (not only is he one I can think of but he is incredible)


u/sushisection 3d ago

also that guy who made the Dethklock soundtrack. i cant remember his name


u/SpaceChief 3d ago

Ahh yes the great Brendon Small. Dude somehow got Gene-o MFing Hoglan to play drums for Dethklok live and I think his mind was as blown as the rest of us. Awesome guy.


u/Mjolnir12 3d ago

Brendon Small. Interestingly, both Devin and Brendon were in bands with Gene Hoglan as drummer.

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u/dmnhntr86 3d ago

because metal is almost always bands

So is standard rock music, but it's full of massive egos

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u/ResplendentShade 3d ago edited 3d ago

My buddy had an opportunity to hang out with only of his favorite death metal bands through a friend of a friend when he was younger, I forget which one but their whole image of was of deeply psychotic, Satanic, ultra violent, ultra brutal maniacs and dedicated agents and servants of the Dark Lord. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he showed up at the house where they were hanging… would there be a live animal sacrifice? Demon summoning ritual? Was he even safe going there?

Walks into the house and they’re all sitting around half-dressed passing around a bong and watching Adventure Time. The drummer turns to him and says “dude, welcome! There’s donuts over there… uh… wanna play some Mario Kart?”

He assumed that they must lead these super brutal lives but they turned out to be the friendliest, most down to earth fun-loving stoners imaginable. Just sat around getting faded playing video games with them for a few hours.


u/VorAbaddon 3d ago

My favorite is always the stories of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Lead vocalist for Cannibal Coprse.

Dude's hobbies are World of Warcraft, bargain shopping at Target, and taking his kids to Disney.


u/BellBoardMT 3d ago

Don’t forget the whole “winning the big toys at the fair to donate them to childrens hospitals” element of Corpsegrinder’s personality.

His Instagram is so lovely: https://instagram.com/georgecorpsegrinder?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


u/Brassknuckletime 3d ago

I met him at a show 10ish years ago my friend was working security at. Dude was super awesome and invited us to watch dragon ball z after their set.


u/Not_a-bot-i_swear 3d ago

Haha. Had a similar experience when I was in high school. Got to see a Sacramento based band called “With Passion” and I expected them to basically be witches or something. Nicest dudes ever and invited me to the restaurant they were going to after the show.


u/Toros_Mueren_Por_Mi 3d ago

This is literally one of the biggest jokes of Metalocalypse, they're lampshading the fact that they are looking to make the most brutal sound ever but in reality they're big softies

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u/delzarraad 3d ago

Yup, I love metal and play drums as in doom /gothic metal and all of the artists I know are super nice !!

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u/Imawildedible 3d ago

It really does depend on the artist. I “work” at a major festival ground for a rock and a country festival and have a buddy that’s involved in radio that I go with while he works other festivals. The majority of artists are just people at work no matter the genre.

The crowds on the other hand are a different story. Rock/metal crowds are the nicest and most selfless people. They’ll help everyone that could use a hand and are excited to talk music with anyone that will listen. Country fans are assholes. Tens of thousands of Karens and drunk assholes. They could win their tickets for free and think the festival grounds should treat them like royalty. Always fights at country shows. I like all music, but country fans suck.


u/VQ35DEv6 3d ago edited 3d ago

Hear hear 🍻

Edited for spelling! Fail lol


u/SafetyDanceInMyPants 3d ago

I’m worried this will come off as criticism or some “well, actually” thing, but it should be “hear, hear.” The expression basically means “hey, everyone, come hear what this guy’s got to say! Hear him! Hear him!” But in a New York Times study, the wrong spelling outnumbered the right one almost 4-1 — so for sure you’d have very good reason to think it should be “here, here.”


u/jwhaler17 3d ago

There’s a cool way to correct AND inform someone and you my friend nailed it. Kudos.


u/VQ35DEv6 3d ago

Changed! Totally fucked that up lol. Thank you

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u/ErianTomor 3d ago

The crowds really are nice. I went to my first metal concert recently (Iron Maiden) and the guys on both sides of me initiated conversations with me first. They were very nice. Then a few weeks later I was at another concert for a different band but wore my Iron Maiden shirt, and some guy walked up and started chatting with me about Iron Maiden. So nice!


u/PM-me-ur-kittenz 3d ago

Rockabilly fans are often straight-up scumbags, as well. Source: have worked in the industry for many years


u/petewoniowa2020 3d ago

I had a friend from high school who made it locally-big in the rockabilly scene. He was a nice guy, but he had to cosplay as an asshole for his shows. His stage persona was night-and-day different compared to what he was in normal life.

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u/Proper_Librarian_533 3d ago

Randy Blythe is wholesome AF. He even led a counter protest to defend his trans friend/congress woman from the Westborough Baptists.

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u/BoxedIn4Now 3d ago

I miss the Godfather Chuck.


u/misterchievious 3d ago

My favorite group of people in high school as a clique floater was the metal heads. The only friends I have maintained after high school... also the metalheads.


u/Viperbunny 3d ago

My guitar teacher is in a death metal band. He is the nicest guy! I also found the best parenting group through, Last Podcast on the Left. It's a true crime/supernatural/conspiracy comedy podcasts. These people who say things like, "Hail Satan,' are the kindest, least judgemental people I have ever met! The older I get feel like so many of us are used to facing judgement and not wanting to be the same and we create our own little island of misfit toys. We are all a little off or damaged, but it doesn't stop us from leading good lives.


u/Guardymcguardface 3d ago

They've leaned away from the conspiracy stuff in recent years, but I'm absolutely digging their historical stuff theyve been replacing it with

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u/SamSwihart 3d ago

Hail yourself fellow listener! Hope you're having a fantastic day today!


u/Viperbunny 3d ago

Hail yourself! Unfortunately, I am stuck in bed with Covid. But, my husband is playing video games with the kids, my cats are cuddling me, and I have a big heating pad on my chest and it feels fantastic! But I am in great spirits. I hope you are having an awesome day!

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u/Future-Agent 3d ago

George Fisher comes to mind. Imposing figure, SUUUUPER nice dude.

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u/GuilRosmer 3d ago

In my years of life I've learned one thing which seems almost universal; The more punk someone tends to look and dress, the nicer of a human they seem to be.

Some of the most polite strangers I have met look like the street thug bad guys presented in most TV shows; tattoos, piercings, dressed in ways most places of business wouldn't allow, longer hair, etc.

Obviously this isn't a hard rule. There are assholes in every single crowd. But it really seems like there is something to it.


u/nufnu 3d ago edited 3d ago

To expand and agree, never confuse a punk with a bonehead. They don't put up with that shit.

Fuck a bonehead/nazi.

Edit: changed skinhead to bonehead. They are fighting the racists.


u/-Not-A-Lizard- 3d ago

Boneheads. SHARPs are some of the most kind people out there.


u/nufnu 3d ago edited 2d ago

Had to google it because sadly we didn't have any around here when I was younger. Appreciate what they are doing, because like I'm reading they were indeed hijacked by nazis.

I'll use bonehead from now on, that seems waaay more fitting. Thank you for the clarity! It's been quite some years since my days.

Edit: plenty of so called "skinheads" that ended up being boneheads trying to pray on young punks here, never knew a difference

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u/BuildBreakFix 3d ago

Been a metal head as long as I can remember. Played in my fair share of bands and ran a venue for a while. We had a pretty wide variety of shows, but all in the Rock genre. Mostly hardcore shows though. The bands and the crowds at hardcore shows were, for the most part, the nicest, friendliest people we’d ever deal with.

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u/justthetip1320 3d ago

I met Randy at ozzfest 07. Totally great guy

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u/step6666 3d ago

Still didn’t show his pass!


u/jneum80 3d ago

opens phone and finds a pic of LoG to show the nice lady


u/ReadShift 3d ago

There's a guy who edited himself into a Wikipedia page as the cousin of one of the band members in order to get back stage.


u/Muzzie720 3d ago

What a legend.


u/critbuild 3d ago

Band thought so too, almost exactly. Called him "the definition of a legend."


u/sativaluvsindica 3d ago

A teenage Steve-O called every hotel in the area Motley Crüe was playing at the time. Steve-O knew the band managers name and asked the hotel clerks if the band manager was staying tthere. Eventually, he found the hotel they were staying at, talked to the the band manager amd explained how he found them and the band manager was impressed with the perseverance of the young teen that he gifted Steve-O with backstage passes to meet the band.

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u/rdp3186 3d ago

Randy is a fucking sweetheart.

I used to stage manage the Gwarbq, which also meant i was also in the gwar show. I brought my husky puppy down the very last year we did it and him and the band could not stop playing with her. He and the band ended up dogsitting for me for a bit that night while we had our rehearsal on the other stage. This was like in 2016.

I saw him for the first time since then about a month ago and he saw me backstage and went "dude! How's your dog?!"

Great guy. Whole Lamb of God camp is.


u/curtni 3d ago

Lamb of God concerts are insane. Saw them twice and it's basically just an hour of cardio


u/fairlywellhere 3d ago

She is literally doing her job. Why wouldn't he appreciate that?


u/DeguelloWow 3d ago

Some people get testy when they aren’t recognized.


u/fondledbydolphins 3d ago

We call those people "assholes".


u/NiceDecnalsBubs 3d ago Wholesome

We call these people James Corden.


u/StopReadingMyUser 3d ago

Sounds like a cheese.


u/you_tell_me_steve 3d ago

Man thinks he's the big cheese when really he's just Kraft singles

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u/excessive_brutality 3d ago

i heard dave matthews would fly off the handle in a fit of rage if the "help" made eye contact

fuck all those people


u/libjones 3d ago

Lol well if we’re talking celebrities who are divas and think highly of themselves then I’ll nominate Maynard james Keenan, the lead singer of tool. I build stages for festivals and stuff like that and have done shows for some of the biggest artists in the world and Maynard is the worst I’ve seen by far. He’s the only one I’ve ever seen force all of “the help” away on his walk from his trailer to the stage.

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u/kfh227 3d ago

The assholes.


u/Shaquandala 3d ago

100% like how dare you not validate my fame. He was genuinely humble and appreciative

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u/Viperbunny 3d ago


Some people really like being famous. There are divas who would get off on getting this woman fired for not recognizing them. Some people let fame go to their heads.

This guy is down to earth and clearly agrees this woman was just doing her job. I know I would appreciate her being diligent and not just letting people through. Sadly, not everyone feels that way.

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u/FapMeNot_Alt 3d ago

I used to work for a data processing company that contracted with the government, a branch-off from a larger, unaffiliated business.

One day, the CEO came to visit to see whatever the fuck he thought we did. He walked around with our manager like he owned the place, which he did, and nodded along like the type of guy who spews nothing but bullshit.

He tried to waltz into a secure room at the facility. This room contained confidential information and PII for hundreds of people. He tried walking in after one of our scanning crew and this 50 something frail woman grabbed the doorway with both fucking hands and cemented herself in it. After he bumped into this she-wall, she whipped around and demanded he scan into the room.

As the CEO, apparently he never bothered to have an ID badge made for himself. He introduced himself as the CEO, as did our manager, and tried again to enter the room. She refused to let him in until he swiped a badge, as that was the only way we could track if someone had the security clearance to enter the room. He did not, and he actually was appreciative of her after being informed of why that room was secure.

Our manager, however, reprimanded her after he left for embarrassing her in front of the CEO. I fucking hate office politics.


u/BlueBurstBoi 3d ago

I thought this was going to go differently with how you initially described the ceo

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u/Extravagant_Panini 3d ago

I liked that guy too for recognizing this. In my mind anyone else would be fed up or something


u/weggles 3d ago

It's good she stopped someone she didn't recognize. There's a huge issue in security where people just.... Hold the door for the person behind them. A game company had games leaked and catered lunches stolen by some dude who just followed a legit employee in. They just kinda moved around enough to not attract attention.

You could argue security should know what the band members look like, but this looks like a festival and there's probably tons of people all over the place


u/SFW__Tacos 3d ago

One other thing to notice about her doing her job is she is looking behind her at someone who gave her the nod, she didn't just immediately take his word for it. Good job.

I have totally been in situations where I've had to finesse my way past stage security to get where I'm allowed to be and it's annoying, but never worth getting angry over.

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u/PurePokedex117 3d ago

One of the best shows I was at was lamb of god because the insanity … also slipknot does an amazing show.


u/butcherrboy 3d ago

Agreed. And for his age Alice cooper still puts on hell of a show as well.

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u/brbroome 3d ago

Metallica was my show of choice when I was a kid until I went to my first Slipknot concert. They put on a spectacle of immense proportions. I will go see them any time I possibly can.

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u/SpikesEvilTwin 3d ago

Exactly, she is just doing her job, how many others would lose their shit because this event staffer did not know who their were?


u/TheJoshuaJacksonFive 3d ago

He is awesome. The crap he went through was BS. Sad for the kid and family but BS. His shows with eyehategod are batshit. I’m not a big LoG fan but Randy is a good dude.


u/Fcbp 3d ago

What happened? I love lamb and never heard of this


u/TheJoshuaJacksonFive 3d ago

In 2010 he got tried for manslaughter for a kid who died at one of their shows. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Blythe_manslaughter_case


u/Fcbp 3d ago

And Travis Scott walks away free? The double standard… thank you for sharing this with me


u/Ok-Explanation9607 3d ago edited 3d ago

To be fair, the incident took place in the Czech Republic. The kid passed away after Randy shoved him from the stage when security didn't do their job. The band had already left the country before he died. Local tabloids had been painting Randy as a murderous monster up until they returned for another show, even though the band had no idea anyone had even been injured. They caught him by surprise and arrested him via SWAT team at the airport, then locked him in a foreign prison for a month while he awaited a trial. He cooperated the entire way and was acquitted. He turned the whole experience into a book, and a seventh album.

Edit: Fixed some spelling errors and swapped "accident" with "incident" and "exonerated" with "acquitted". Also elaborated a bit more on the incident itself...


u/khaaanquest 3d ago

Which album? I never got into the band enough to know their names but I love lamb of god


u/OhHelloPlease 3d ago

VII: Sturm und Drang


u/812502317 3d ago

So, check out "512" the song is named after his jain cell number.


u/Subtleties1 3d ago

Oh damn that’s wild! It’s definitely not my favorite album by them but that actually makes it a little cooler to me


u/Interesting_Total_98 3d ago

He was blamed for the death, but not held liable because security should've prevented the situation.

According to a verdict delivered by the Municipal Court in Prague on March 5, 2013, it was proven that Blythe had shoved Nosek off the stage and Blythe thus has the moral responsibility for his death. Due to the circumstances, however, Blythe was held not criminally liable with most of the blame lying with the promoters and the security members. The State Attorney appealed the verdict, but the acquittal was upheld by the Prague High Court on June 5, 2013


u/SexMarquise 3d ago

He cooperated the entire way and was exonerated.

Acquitted, meaning he was not found guilty, not exonerated (or proven innocent). Not trying to be a typical Reddit pedant here — they just have have very different meanings.

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u/Interesting_Total_98 3d ago

He was blamed for the death, but not held liable because security should've prevented the situation.

According to a verdict delivered by the Municipal Court in Prague on March 5, 2013, it was proven that Blythe had shoved Nosek off the stage and Blythe thus has the moral responsibility for his death. Due to the circumstances, however, Blythe was held not criminally liable with most of the blame lying with the promoters and the security members. The State Attorney appealed the verdict, but the acquittal was upheld by the Prague High Court on June 5, 2013

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u/METALOPT 3d ago

Trialed for manslaughter in Prague a few years back. A really unfortunate ordeal, and it was nothing to do with men’s laughter

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u/themadscientist420 3d ago

Randy is a real inspiration. Even the progress he made on himself and his relationship with alcohol before the prison saga is a testament of strong character

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u/ninjamike89 3d ago

I saw them at the first knotfest that year. He got let out of jail and immediately flew to Omaha so he would make the show in the middle of nowhere. Twas one of the best sets I've ever seen

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u/whattimeisitrightn0w 3d ago edited 3d ago

Not only is he a great guy, but he is the frontman in one the greatest (IMO) metal bands of all time. Lamb of god has put out so much great music over the last 2 decades and anyone who hasn’t listened to them is doing themselves a disservice.


u/SayitagainCraig 3d ago

“Whoever appeals to the law against his Fellow man is either a fool or a coward Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both For a wounded man shall say to his assailant If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven Such is the rule of honor”


u/thungalope 3d ago



u/SliverCobain 3d ago

DoDOdodundun daaa do dudududn...


u/SassyMcNasty 3d ago

Some of my favorite drums to listen to as I sit in Richmond traffic.


u/BusinessBlackBear 3d ago

The cool thing with Lamb of God is they really found their own unique sound. No other band sound like them at all.


u/steamygarbage 3d ago

And they're incredible live.


u/Chiopista 3d ago

Well now I’ve gotta check them out. Never listened to that much metal but I enjoy a lot of different music

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u/Schiebz 3d ago edited 3d ago

While I agree, their music isn’t for everyone, lol


u/BobRossUltimate 3d ago

The lyrics from their songs should be especially 'reality bath' from their 2020 self titled album powerful stuff with some great choice in vocabulary imo



Our nerves are cobwebbed with dust of atrocity

The deadly daily spectacle erodes humanity.

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u/Nowo11 3d ago

Having worked hundreds of events, I can tell you that 90% of the time security knows less than the average attendee..


u/StoneGoldX 3d ago

I was working photography at a Korn concert where I saw this happen to Gene Simmons of KISS. Who was surprisingly cool about it. Very much the opposite of the legend. Another one of the photographers and I were all "Dude, it's the guy from KISS." They let him in.


u/tehM0nster 3d ago

Good for her!

I had Rob Zombie give me some grief because I asked for his ID to get into his own dressing room once, but he wasn’t mean and I guess he knew that he was as safe as I could make him….

I also had David Lee Roth scold me for not letting the scantily clad coors light girls approach his bus when he was practicing his kicks in the parking lot outside. They didn’t have badges, we had a policy…. I ultimately let them approach and say hi, but yeah its not always easy enforcing the rules that the tour agreed to.

Sometimes it takes guts to stand up for something…and you can just a person’s character immediately in those situations.


u/BoxedIn4Now 3d ago

Walk in like you own the place and doors will open. Your message sort of solidifies this!

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u/Big_Virgil 3d ago

Bumped into this guy on the upper deck of a bus in Adelaide in on Soundwave 2012.

Was the nicest, most chill guy he could've been. Made me appreciate that band more.

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u/questingbear2000 3d ago

You can always tell the good ones because they empathize and treat the "little guys" who make the concert run with respect and kindness. I was in a hospitality tent once when a couple of employees tried to throw out a "smelly bum". My mom (running the tent) ran over and rescued....Willy Nelson. Who just wanted a hot dog. I was an awkward kid, so I didnt say anything, but that was when I had lunch with the biggest star I ever met. He was super cool about it, just kinda giggled. Because...well, you know.


u/_shaftpunk 3d ago

Saw Lamb Of God in 2003 and Randy was skating around before the show and chatting with people. Chill as hell.

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u/multiversesimulation 3d ago

Seen them live 3 times. They are awesome. Bring the energy every time


u/Vegetable-Goal-5047 3d ago

This is the most famous tennis player on Earth being stopped by security at the tournament he won six times, the Australian Open. Federer classy as always


u/caped_crusader_98 3d ago

Oh Federer... Man what a legend. The way he played tennis.. Poetry in motion.

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u/gimpyben 3d ago

Not a huge Lamb of God fan, but I saw them open for Slayer in Bemidji, MN. In between songs, Randy said "thanks for coming to the dad-rock show", which is one of the funniest and most accurate bits of between-song banter I've ever heard. Seems like a good dude.


u/bett3r 3d ago

IMO, metal bands are mostly polite and kind people compared to mainstream pop singers.


u/AlbertCMagnus 3d ago

There’s a video in one of the Queen doco’s of Brian May in the 80’s being pulled up by security. He was also a gentleman, but then again, it’s Brian May, not a hint of pretentiousness about him.


u/too_lazy_fo_username 3d ago

bonus points for not being an asshole about it


u/Ryderslow 3d ago

Metal heads are literally the purest people on earth, no clue why that is but I used to be friends with one and he was sweeter than diabetes


u/MisaRoo 3d ago

This happened to Garth brooks as well and the worker refused to let him in and was then embarrassed when he found out it WAS Garth but Garth just shook his hand and thanked him for doing a good job.


u/Klin24 3d ago

I wonder how Axl Rose would have handled that.

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u/OakLaneCemetery 3d ago

When all of the protests over the confederate statues here in Richmond were going on he was taking photos of the Robert E Lee statue and a news crew came up and interviewed him as "Local Richmond man Randy Blythe". I laughed my ass off when I saw it on the news. They had not a clue who they were interviewing.


u/DDancy 3d ago

Love LOG!

Great reaction from both parties.


u/jonnyclueless 3d ago

As someone who has worked many concerts this is pretty common. In many places many of the ushers are retired people who have no idea who these acts are.


u/Thingsthatshould 3d ago

Randy is such a cool dude.


u/Powerstructure 3d ago

Similar story, at ozzfest one year, I saw Blythe jump into the crowd and then get back on stage only to be immediately tackled by security.


u/seahawkbatman 3d ago

My wife got me a cameo from him for my birthday and he filmed for like 15 minutes and it was awesome. I've gone to every show they have done in my area and they are absolutely fantastic every time. He talked about most of the shows I had seen. Lamb of god rules and so does my wife


u/Cake-Over 3d ago

She probably confused him for a bass player. Completely understandable.


u/trogloherb 3d ago

I went to high school with their drummer and guitarist (although I heard recently Chris is no longer in the band). I was on their bus after a deer creek show, they are genuinely decent and normal guys. There was no partying going on, think there were some light beers on there but no one was drinking. Theyre serious musicians.

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u/handsomejack11 3d ago

Would've been great if he showed his badge and said "this is a motherfucking invitation, the only one you will ever need."


u/TheHighestHobo 3d ago

oh but I aint one to call names, or throw stones in a house of glass

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