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Announcement Links to all the Indiana Jones meme quote screenshots


I just realized that it’s probably difficult for people to find where to get the meme pics from, especially new users. They’re all on my Imgur profile, separated into each movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Temple of Doom

Last Crusade

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I’m going to pin this post so everyone can make an easy meme. Get creative! 🤠

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It belongs in a museum!

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The new movie looks great!

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C'mon. You KNOW this is true.

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kAtHLeEN KEnNeDdY Is FIrED!!1 DIsNeY Is PaNiCkiNG!! LuLz WoKEneSs!1

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Overall Opinions on the Trailer?


Can't Wait for the film, it'll be an end to an era, but it's going to end with a bang. A legacy that'll never die.

I know by now a bunch has seen it and this ain't no meme but what's the Overall Opinion on the Trailer?


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how much of human life is lost in waiting..

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What do you think is in the sky in the new Empire cover?


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Can y'all just chill. The rumors are false. Mangold is a good director. Ford would not ruin a character he loves for one paycheck. We good?

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This Indy ripoff looks like Elon Musk

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When ever we play cod zombies I have to save him every five minutes

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Posted the with the format of this meme and the previous one

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...and I can prove it

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When your little brother is playing Lego Indiana Jones and you convince your mom to give him a chore so you can play

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Well, any ideas what to call the game?


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Nazi gets whipped to death by Indiana Jones


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"Now you must ask yourself, what do you believe?" The minikit is out above a cliff such that if you jump to get it you likely fall off the cliff

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Temple Of Doom Fans


I started one or two of these here back then, but that was a while back so why not again. Plus with Halloween around the corner I guess I got in more of a mood, as something about Temple Of Doom has always evoked a strong Halloween/Horror feel to me. The closest the series ever got to full-blown Horror. Raiders is a timeless masterpiece but Temple Of Doom has always been my absolute favorite of them all. If it's also your favorite or at least cracks your top two and upper tier of the series, this is the topic for you.

I find TOD to simply easily be the most entertaining and rewatchable of the bunch and it's always my go-to Indy for pure entertainment. I always enjoyed it's much darker, creepier and all-around weirder tone, and how at times it's so much like a Horror film and almost has the same aesthetic and vibe as a 1950s EC Horror comic. Of all the Indy films it's the one most like the vintage pulp magazines and adventure serials that influenced the character in the first place. The way the film is lit in certain scenes and with some particular camera angles, it's like Spielberg used the likes of Tales From The Crypt comic books as storyboards. It has arguably the best villains of the series, some of the absolute greatest setpieces and action bits of the series with moments like the epic mine cart chase and the showdown on the bridge, and scores of other memorable moments such as the spike/bug chamber and the human sacrifice.

A lot of people dislike the lack of Nazis but I always felt it was refreshing to have a totally different type of villain and the Thuggees were memorable in their own right And come on, who doesn't love Mola Ram? Hands down the best and most terrifying adversary Indy ever had. Mola Ram is proof Nazis aren't always necessary for a good Indy romp. TOD was a departure with the lack of Nazis and more Christian-oriented relics, sure, but the good kind of departure. Plus Short Round is one of my favorite supporting characters and while I can see why not a lot of people would find her annoying, I never minded Willie Scott and she always gives me a good chuckle. And no proper discussion is complete without mention of John Williams' absolutely incredible score, especially the Slave Children's Crusade. What a beyond phenomenal piece of music.

I hate seeing TOD get bashed on so much but it has it's share of fans and defenders at least, and it's one of those films I'll always happily defend to my deathbed. I hope Indy 5 is along the lines of it, as Indy definitely deserves a much more dark, bold adventure for his final outing. I'm happy to hear that the fifth is reportedly tonally closer to the first two. TOD has always been one of my all-time favorites alongside Raiders, and I can never imagine the series without it. I find it as epic and iconic as Raiders in it's own right. It'd be awesome to get a more dark and intense adventure like TOD for Indy's final movie. And while it's not straight-up Horror, it's borderline at times and never feels out of place during a Horror marathon during the Halloween season.

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On a Solo expedition, Lego Indiana Jones discovers something that truly does belong in a museum

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Indiana Jones & the Fandom of Gloom

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Any Mother 3 fans here?

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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine remake


Okay, now I will tell briefly, and later I will create a separate post where I will tell about everything that happened to me for 3 months.

3 months ago I opened Unreal engine 5 for the first time. Honestly, I was amazed. I will not hide, I had experience in Cinema 4d and other programs, but this program surprised me.

In it, I found many tools for creativity and the implementation of my ideas. This is not an advertisement. Relax ;)

I decided to create a time machine for myself. I wanted to go back in time and play my favorite game. I really love the graphics and everything is beautiful. So I decided that I would create the perfect remake myself.

I want to share with you what my game looks like now and what mechanics are there. Happy viewing!

I read every comment. Thanks a lot for your support. It energizes me.

Did someone shed a tear?


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I really love both logos


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He knows