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Homeowner helps out kid with prank Helping Others



u/Seekstillness Oct 01 '22

I like how he just instantly throws Lucas under the bus.


u/infinitemangoesbaby Oct 02 '22

Lucas is also the tool refusing him to drive him home unless he does the prank


u/trysoff Oct 02 '22

You sad ass redditors must have zero friends growing up lmao


u/Dadbotany Oct 02 '22

Friends dont bully eachother. Period. Thay is not a friend, its a frienemy.

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u/Insanus_Vitae Oct 03 '22

It's one thing to convince your friends to ding dong ditch. It's another thing entirely to threaten to leave them stranded if they dont.


u/Nasal_Cilia Oct 02 '22 edited Oct 02 '22

reddit: did not grow up with friends.

edit to add: anybody who "does their own dares" is a tool and likely to get his or herself hurt and require at least a modicum of effort on my part for their continued health and happiness. That's why dares require a group. If you do your own stupid idea, basically, you're on your own.

We don't know if Lucas would have made him walk home. We just know the story at the door. This is probably not true anymore on reddit but it used to be that MOST of us grew up playing "truth or dare" what do you think that game was about kids


u/smokeweedalleveryday Oct 02 '22

ugh shuuut uuuppp


u/Nasal_Cilia Oct 02 '22

No, I'd rather break the ridiculous echo chamber in which daring your friends to do dumb shit is toxic when in reality it's part of growing up and that's why the home owner is helping the kid out, is because he's also grown up and gone through this...


u/iCrazyNoodles Oct 02 '22

I think you’ve understood infinitemangoesbaby wrong. There’s a difference between “Hey I dare you to ding dong ditch him” and “You have to ding dong ditch him or you’re walking home”. Nothing wrong with daring each other to do stupid shit


u/irritated_kangaroo Oct 02 '22

Yes. When these stupid things are done with consent it’s growing up with friends. When these stupid things are done with an imbalance of power, you grow up with bullying.

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u/Preyslayer00 Oct 02 '22

I think most of us played this when we were kids. We called it Nicky nicky nine door.


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/magnusbearson Oct 02 '22

Top Gay? I believe that!


u/tucsonyeti Oct 02 '22

You obviously haven’t met Lucas. He’s sort of a prick.


u/Seekstillness Oct 02 '22

Yeah, I mean obviously Fuck Lucas.


u/ActorMonkey Oct 02 '22

If Fuck Lucas becomes a thing… I was here.


u/PM_ME_YOUR_BUDZ Oct 02 '22

Oh shit! My middle name is Lucas 🤷🏻‍♂️

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u/SomeComediansQuote Oct 02 '22

I mean, Lucas's reputation proceeded him apparently


u/Seekstillness Oct 02 '22

“Yeah I’ve heard of him”.

Haha. Fuckin Lucas.


u/baguitosPT Oct 01 '22

"So... Something really funny is about to happen."


u/StrangerInPerson Oct 02 '22

This is legend.


u/kindly_looking_fella Oct 02 '22

The way he puts his hand on the wall was great!


u/Applesauce3750 Oct 01 '22

Tell me if that was a good move or not I can't tell


u/live4thagame Oct 01 '22

The best move, catches them off guard and they gotta think for a second before they just react


u/kazper1234 Oct 01 '22 Wholesome

Sounds like a threat the joker would make


u/FLYNCHe Oct 02 '22

Best way to open a conversation


u/Hybbleton Oct 01 '22

Omg so wholesome that he went to ring the bell - "you don't have to..."


u/Pan3993 Oct 01 '22

It was part of the plan, he felt it was necessary 🤣


u/thrwayyup Oct 02 '22

Sir you don’t understand… I HAVE to push this button.

You’re not pushing the button.

I see we’ve reached a parting of paths.



u/11hourflight Oct 01 '22

No, you don’t understand. It doesn’t work without ringing the bell.


u/NorCal130 Oct 02 '22

Naw don't ring the bell. Then my family will know I'm out playing like a kid again. "Now Run!"


u/whatintheactualfeth Oct 01 '22

Didn't want to have to lie? Lol. "I actually rang it!"


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22



u/Hybbleton Oct 02 '22

I guess we found Lucas

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u/Ok_Effective6233 Oct 01 '22

Good kid. Smart kid. He got caught it seems and then quickly changed plans.


u/KaijuKyojin Oct 02 '22

Yeah, obviously shitting his pants, but at the same time kept his composure and worked to find an even better outcome.


u/Odd-Engineering-3582 Oct 01 '22

If this ever happens to me I'm going to act like that guy. I did this as a kid and almost got killed by the homeowner


u/Kern4lMustard Oct 01 '22

Where I grew up many folks had a 12 gauge with salt shot by the door lol


u/Odd-Engineering-3582 Oct 01 '22

The man who lived in the house was deranged. I tried to hide in a tree in his front yard and he ran out and found me. He tried to grab me and said he was going to kill my whole family. I ran home crying


u/windolene20 Oct 01 '22

Safe to say you never did that again lol


u/Odd-Engineering-3582 Oct 02 '22

Nope never again. I don't encourage anyone else do it either


u/DankyStanky69 Oct 02 '22

Did he kill your whole family?


u/Odd-Engineering-3582 Oct 02 '22

Thankfully no. He was just a drunk. He followed me to my house and my parents cussed him out. I cant tell you what was said exactly. The confrontation between him and my parents happened in the front yard. I was in my house hiding scared to death. At the time, I really thought he was going to kill me. He just wanted to talk shit about me to my parents. I think I was 10 or 11


u/TakeyaSaito Oct 02 '22

So it worked.


u/bookworthy Oct 02 '22

…Thus leading him directly to your home and family.


u/DiGoConservation Oct 02 '22

Did you ever do it again though?


u/Barbosse007 Oct 02 '22

Haha shooting people is funny, please don't give me healthcare xD


u/zaphrys Oct 02 '22

I assume a salt gun is literally a gun that shoots salt. I've only seen a couple hilarious tv commercials for them mostly as like ranged fly killing salt guns. So I assume that's what they are.


u/disruptioncoin Oct 02 '22

I believe he may have been referring to a real shotgun, loaded with shells packed with rock salt instead of lead pellets. It's supposed to be less lethal since the salt granules have far less mass and therefore carry less energy/momentum than lead pellets and do not penetrate nearly as deep. But it also is extremely painful because well, you ever eaten salted french fries while you have a paper cut on your finger? Imagine that, but all over.


u/zaphrys Oct 02 '22

Oh fair enough. Yeah if that's the case would still be quite dangerous close or face in particular.


u/disruptioncoin Oct 02 '22

Absolutely, I imagine at close range it could still maim or kill someone. Even blanks can do that.


u/Kern4lMustard Oct 02 '22

Yep. It was definitely a thing. To be fair we never got shot at, if at all they would fire in the air. The threat of it was enough to keep most folks in line. Point being, dude in this video is cool af and its not at all like what happened in my youthful pranks


u/Environmental_Side54 Oct 02 '22

There’s a scene in Kill Bill : Part 2 that contradicts what you’re saying here haha

Dunno if you watched that - but Bill’s brother uses a shotgun with salt pellets at one point (to painful, but non lethal effect)


u/FarNegotiation106 Oct 02 '22

That's not what they were saying


u/BookkeeperPhysical88 Oct 02 '22

What's a childhood if you don't almost die a few times


u/T_TChaos Oct 02 '22

Well i am pretty certain that means your a American as in Europe (most of it at least)that would not happen lol we don't own guns.


u/Teynam Oct 02 '22

The problem with these pranks is that most of the time the prankster doesn't know what's happening inside that house, so it could really stress the owner of the house out or they could just shrug it off


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

When it happens 200 times a year you would be mad.


u/Boomdidlidoo Oct 02 '22

Heck, we removed the doorbell altogether. There's a school not too far from our house and some kids had the bad habit of ringing random doorbells...


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

Haha not random. I was one of those asshole children. We hit the same houses(ones we knew would be mad) every single fucking night. His name was moldy.


u/OceanDevotion Oct 02 '22

Yeah, I got chased by an unhinged man with a baseball bat. We all ran and hid while he screamed profanities in the yard, we were all a bunch of like 14 yr old girls and two guys lol. That was the last first and last night we ding dinged ditched.


u/SmolWarlock Oct 02 '22

Lived in Apartments. We were little shits always doing that. Would challenge each other to d it to the third floor and jump down the steps before they saw you. Well one day, the old lady was READY. As soon as he ringed it she opened the door, grabbed him and pulled him into the house locking the door and wouldn't let him out until the police came.


u/Odd-Engineering-3582 Oct 02 '22

Sounds like kidnapping and false imprisonment


u/Retardedastro Oct 01 '22

I need a neighbor like that. My neighbor is scary, he keeps telling his dog to go attack my kids, on my own property


u/Different_Tackle_521 Oct 01 '22 Silver

Befriend his dog and make him come to you for petting. He would be furious.


u/Ok_Effective6233 Oct 01 '22 Take My Energy

I won at office politics at my last job by doing this.

Woman from finance had it out for me, 2 weeks in the job, I asked why on earth I was conducting minor retail transactions out of the same cash drawer that I was responsible for tracking and making multi million dollar bank transactions.

She was determined to trash me and my reputation. “He can’t even enter account numbers correctly”

Yeah bitch. Because while I’m doing sheets of that, im also basically running the register of a convience store.

Anyways, I befriended everyone she talked about me to or sent after me.

Tammy! Good to see you! Have you tried the cookie from Murthy’s? I got too many for myself”

Tony! Where on earth did you get that plaid shirt?! I saw you wearing it a few weeks ago! It’s great! If I had it, id have a hard time not wearing it every week!

Sam! I saw you pushing your kid on the swing at the park! I wanted to say hi but they were having a blast and so cute. Couldn’t disturb the moment.

Anyways, she ended up leaving the job to go be miserable some where else. I’ve bowled with the people she tried to make my enemy.


u/usir002 Oct 02 '22

Is that the key to befriending work ppl?


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

Sucking up and brown nosing? It Absolutely is, yes.


u/IMD3BOSS Oct 02 '22

Honestly? Just caring about what they say is. Somebody talks to you about something, even mundane, remember a bit of it and bring it up later. Shows that you remembered and cared about your conversation with them. Coworker has to call out cause kid is sick/busy? Ask them how their kid is doing. Did they have a bad day? Be kind and do a little extra for them. Small things like this go a long way to make you feel memorable to people.


u/usir002 Oct 02 '22

Then how to move it into an actual friendship outside of work too?


u/IMD3BOSS Oct 02 '22

Eh I’m not the one to ask there, generally I’m the one asked to hang out rather than the other way around. I’m the guy that coordinates video and board games lol, not the irl hang outs.


u/Melynnocent Oct 02 '22

Kill ‘em with kindness is a popular saying for a reason. I learned this valuable little bit of life advice as a kid from my step dad.

I grew up changing schools at least once every other year of my early childhood. I was the new girl more times then I can count. Kids are mean😡 lol. I was never friendless for long though. Being kind to others goes a long way.


u/gamesnstuf Oct 02 '22

That's..... Highly illegal


u/panerai1991 Oct 02 '22

Lmao what the fuck


u/VennTheSW Oct 02 '22

Lmao what the fuck


u/Dirtypelicanjets Oct 02 '22

Let him try, and shoot his dog in the fucking face


u/PlatosCaveSlave Oct 01 '22

"Oh hey" casually poses on wall


u/infakiller Oct 02 '22

90’s theme music plays

you’re probably wondering how I got here


u/MuteStarNeet Oct 02 '22

You were caught trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there.


u/Dazzling-Total8471 Oct 01 '22

Kid does a good job explaining, good stuff!


u/MJB9000 Oct 02 '22

Ya I would have just froze while pee dripped down my pants....


u/jessevargas Oct 02 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

“You know Lucas Motherfucker?”? … that was a little extreme tbh…


u/Flahdagal Oct 02 '22

"I've heard of him......"


u/Advantage-No Oct 01 '22

plot twist: he beats his ass in front of Lucas after he catches up


u/justcougit Oct 02 '22



u/Cute_Clock Oct 02 '22

This is carried out beautifully and with rapid fire execution from both of them, so we’ll played!


u/Ready-forYou Oct 01 '22

"Oh hey" 🤣


u/kristen1988 Oct 02 '22



u/SAYUSAYME007 Oct 01 '22

This kids delivery and on the spot thinking is 👌


u/wikipedianredditor Oct 01 '22

I could never be as smooth as this young lad.


u/Southern-Emphasis-26 Oct 01 '22

Awesome dude right there


u/Ok_Problem_6408 Oct 02 '22

That’s cool of dude to entertain himself and help the kid out . I was driving in the winter A few years back with a friend and these two kids snow balled the car , we hopped out the car and had a snowball fight for a couple mins , they were happy and laughing then I told them doing that isn’t the safest or greatest idea and to get home safe


u/SureDistribution9933 Oct 01 '22

Aaww cool guy :)


u/AlexJamesCook Oct 01 '22

Better yet, chase him with an egg, and throw it at his buddy.


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

Jesse Eisenberg is that you?


u/GRAWRGER Oct 01 '22

kid looks a bit old to be entertained by ding dong ditch. but wholesome nonetheless.


u/aseumi Oct 02 '22

Kids nowadays are huge. He could be like 14 and we wouldnt know. But his 'buddy' drives so like maybe they are just bored


u/EquipmentValuable283 Oct 02 '22

Us Brits call it knockdown ginger


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

I’ve done this as adult. I have been quite intoxicated, don’t know if anything happened, because I just left. I have also done this and not run after, because again, I was drunk, and forgot I was playing a game.


u/GodTheFatherHimself Oct 02 '22

I'm 30 and I'll still be doing this if everyone's not a cop-calling bastards!


u/Crish-Morbid-Angel Oct 02 '22

the ending in great jajajajaja


u/whowantstotouchit Oct 02 '22

This kid is going to make a really great lawyer someday, probably get most his friends out for fee


u/pandorafoxxx Oct 02 '22

I would've loved to see Lucas' face when they came racing around the corner.


u/Charming_Bard Oct 02 '22

Tell me you are a Chad without telling me you are a Chad.


u/plasticenewitch Oct 01 '22

This is exactly what my sweet husband would do.


u/Jc2563 Oct 02 '22



u/Chocolateblackcity Oct 02 '22

Bro he snitchen smh


u/TPJsays Oct 02 '22

Literally in the first 3 seconds he rats his mate out.


u/Anyways12345 Oct 01 '22

This is awesome


u/yeetaa121 Oct 01 '22



u/philipde Oct 02 '22

I really wanna see the full clip


u/Redd1tModsAreVirgins Oct 02 '22

Thats a good person


u/Ok_Back5781 Oct 02 '22

What a bro


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

This is adorable


u/167388 Oct 02 '22

Not all heroes wear capes


u/DeadEyeDraw Oct 02 '22

This kid’s “oh hey” instead of just booking it is phenomenal


u/WebGuruToronto Oct 01 '22 edited Oct 02 '22

He should’ve carried a baseball bat too whilst chasing him. That would’ve been a real trip for his friend. 🤣


u/CrocodileJock Oct 02 '22

Do you guys call it “ding dong digit?” (or was it ditch-it?) Growing up in the UK I used to call it “knock down ginger”… although I’ve heard a bunch of regional variations.


u/dream-more95 Oct 02 '22

Close, ding dong ditch. Ditch meaning leave/run. Like leaving your friends/date early is ditching them.


u/Consistent-Issue-451 Oct 02 '22

Nicky Nicky nine doors


u/Suspicious-Snow7818 Oct 03 '22

We called it "knock-a-door-run", North West, UK.


u/ArtistWhoStarves Oct 02 '22

He was so nervous with that whole exchange.


u/FirstCardiologist682 Oct 02 '22

Epic dad right there.


u/thearabmf Oct 02 '22

this is the best post 👍


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

This is great, I wonder how the friend reacted


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

I love that Hi. You can tell he's suspicious but it's a kid so he wants to be chill.


u/Zwayzee Oct 02 '22

Finally, things went exactly the way they were going to: The homeowner saw the teen on the camera, opened the door (listened to the teen's explanation concerning the prank), yelled at the teen and chased him...


u/Bitter-Account-361 Oct 02 '22

Imagine doing this to Sean schemmel....hahaa.


u/Ok-Understanding2546 Oct 02 '22

That was boss level. Don’t get mad but play into it. Makes the original intent even better because of the layers


u/No_More_Dakka Oct 02 '22

That was oddly wholesome : D


u/Presence4824 Oct 02 '22 edited Oct 02 '22

Definitely a legend!! 😂


u/Yikesthatcringe Oct 02 '22

This is absolutely legendary


u/marsdw Oct 02 '22

We also did this as kids. The one guy chased us half way round the block on his motorbike. We ran like hell when we heard the motorbike starting. Fortunately there was a ditch which we jumped into to hide, he never caught us.


u/aNewUser62938 Oct 02 '22

haha that's what im talkin about


u/Curious_Hawk_8369 Oct 02 '22

It finally stopped a few years ago (someone finally caught them), but for 2 years these bastards would intermittently ding dong ditch my house at 12:00-5:30 in the morning. I live in a stone/concrete house that’s intended to be able to withstand a hurricane, and these SOB’s would bang on my door so hard they’d actually shake the house.

The worst part was they didn’t do it right. I believe if you do ding dong ditch correctly you’re supposed to hide nearby, and watch someone answer the door like a dumb ass, wait a little bit, then do it again. These little shits never looked once to see if anyone ever answered the door, they would just keep coming by every couple hours or so at random. I chased after them the first few times, unfortunately in my older age, I’m not as fast as I once was, and I really didn’t know what I’d even do if I caught one. (I did actually catch the smallest one once, but I let him go because I wanted to catch the 3 bigger ones. The police were of no help at all, and of course they told me not to chase and they’ll stop, but they just didn’t get that these kids don’t even know if I answer the door or not. Even, if I don’t chase (which I didn’t for the last year), they still came anyway.

It’s really unbelievable how terrorized, frustrated, and helpless, these kids made me feel in my own house. All I wanted to do is sleep, and mind my own business, not be abruptly awoken at random to what sounds like it could be a potential house invasion in the early hours of the morning, with someone breaking down my door.

When they finally did catch them 2 were 18 years old, one was 13, and the other 15, and get this, they were from two freaking towns over. They literally came to my town just to ding dong ditch me, and some other people. I did invest in a camera, but it was of no use because of their hoodies. The last thing I’ll say is it turned out these kids didn’t even know me at all, but they knew my neighbor, and had stolen his car to joyride on multiple occasions, if his car was locked, they’d ding dong ditch me instead. My neighbor knew them, but never reported them for stealing his car, because “He didn’t want to ruin their lives at such a young age”. I say fuck’em, they made my house miserable for 2 years, I was even considering moving. If he had reported his car stolen, this likely wouldn’t of escalated to what it did.


u/Accomplished_Back_89 Oct 02 '22

Bless him. Something really funny is about to happen.


u/usir002 Oct 02 '22

Could someone please explain this prank? I don't get it.


u/ArmTheApes Oct 02 '22

Boy rings bell - then runs away.

Edit: Ideally you'd run away before the door is opened


u/Savant_Demiurge Oct 02 '22

Wow dude that man was So dope.


u/Saerinmeister Oct 02 '22

I swear this is a recording of a recording.. the original was posted a few days ago and clear as day


u/awardmenow Oct 02 '22

Certified nose exhalation


u/Pajamadrunk Oct 02 '22

I feel like this kid got caught in a lie


u/mrwhitedynamite Oct 02 '22

both are chads


u/tommy4318 Oct 02 '22

Why does he talk like Howard Hamlin


u/FLYNCHe Oct 02 '22

The way he stroked his beard and said "How 'bout we do something better?" His inner child came out


u/Friedlieb91 Oct 02 '22

Ring Lucas' bell


u/Amberl8 Oct 02 '22

The homeowner is gonna have an acting career


u/EquipmentValuable283 Oct 02 '22

Knockdown ginger


u/No-Head-3350 Oct 02 '22

Me when I grow up


u/cazzone8 Oct 02 '22

Ring his bell, dude! 😂🤣


u/AmbitiousAd8814 Oct 02 '22

My neighbor would do this for me 😂


u/lilcreg Oct 02 '22

Cap it was his idea and he just made up Lucas’ existence


u/YEETEEPEEN Oct 02 '22

These type of things can go so very wrong so very fast. I was born in 1995, and a friend of mine tried to ding dong ditch a house around 2010 which happened to been the home of a gulf war veteran with severe ptsd (as well as a prosthetic leg). The homeowner beat the shit out of my buddy without hesitation (likely due to it triggering his trauma) and thankfully his prosthetic leg came off during the scuffle so buddy was able to run away and get to the car, but the guy broke his orbital bone. Once reported the cops (obviously) did nothing because we were tresspassing on private property and that of an esteemed war veteran.

Just don't do this unless it's someone you know personally.


u/UnrelatedBoy Oct 02 '22

Vibe check checked


u/Fit-Salad6858 Oct 02 '22

I've seen this video before and it was taken out of context 💀


u/autofeeling Oct 02 '22

Give me the deets, please.


u/BumblebeeAdventurr Oct 02 '22

Ha homeowner is awesome


u/rtcornwell Oct 02 '22

This is so awesome.


u/fukaduk55 Oct 02 '22

"Oh, hey" put hand up on wall


u/Horror-Competition-7 Oct 02 '22

I love this person. I like how on board he was immediately


u/yodelingxanax Oct 02 '22

The “oh hey” “..hi” at the beginning had me in tears 😂


u/Mission_Capital9862 Oct 02 '22

It’s funny that he still wanted to ring the door bell lol