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Wholesome but sad Sad Smiles

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u/Fusaah Oct 02 '22

If those were the last words any pet said to me before they died, I would be a shell of a person for a couple months.


u/Impossible_Try76 Oct 02 '22 edited Oct 02 '22

But I assure you, friend, your heart would grow to love even more.


u/becbbbbbb91 Oct 02 '22

Who's cutting onions 😭😭😭


u/KirisBeuller Oct 02 '22

There has been quite a bit of the sad stuff being posted here lately.

Almost feels like trolling.


u/comicmuse1982 Oct 02 '22

I can do more than that, but didn't go to Harvard.

I bet that parrot's dad is really rich.


u/Anonrelational Oct 02 '22

Alex is also incredible in the fact that he is the only animal besides a human being to ask an existential question: part of the study included training Alex to respond when asked about the shape, color or material of a certain object. Alex could give a precise description of the object or even count if there were multiples od the same object. After he had learned the name of a certain object, Alex’s understanding of that particular object was tested by being exposed to the same one but in different shapes and colors.

For example, when he was shown keys in different sizes, shapes, and colors, Alex had no problems with identifying the object.

When he was put in front of a mirror, Alex inquired the answer to the first existential question ever asked by an animal – “What color?” – referring to himself. He learned after 6 repetitions that his color was gray.


u/Only_at_Eventide Oct 03 '22

So when I first learned about Alex, I did a deep dive into his whole story. While what happened to him is very sad, he actually said this to his caretaker every night before going to bed.

Everyone will have last words, and there are no better last words than "I love you." I like to think of Alex's story as a reminder to always be diligent about what you say to someone before you part ways because you don't know if it will be your last words to them or anyone else.


u/screw-self-pity Oct 03 '22

Alex is the only animal ever to have asked an existential question (what color am I?). It was quite and interesting fellow.