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“Give what you have.To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Removed - Recent repost

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u/Queen-of-meme Oct 02 '22

First time I saw this post. It made me smile. This is why I say the kindest people on earth are those strangers on the streets.


u/kanskipatpat Oct 02 '22

I hate it when you say goodbye to someone only to walk beside them


u/superBrad1962 Oct 02 '22

This is to show that we are all one, in one way or another..it’s the love we share that makes us more connected to each other…something that you can feel is needed and wanted by just about all of us! Good vibes sent! Have a fantastic day and continue being awesome!!! Shine on! 😎✌️🖖


u/GRAWRGER Oct 02 '22

a repost, but i think its been a while. and i could watch this all day anyway.


u/mup_wave Oct 02 '22

Giving away can be so powerful.


u/AKA_Wildcard Oct 02 '22

I’m just sitting here chopping onions. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭


u/Bruno_best_mom Oct 02 '22

It touch something in me, because I used to be the kid outside the car, I never got the chance of meeting other kids like that, but this right here, it’s adorable, so lovely 🦔


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u/Red_Zeno Oct 02 '22

I am not that type of guy but this made my heart warm.