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RK [RK] An Introduction and Rules Reminder to r/RandomKindness


If you're new (or not so new) to /r/RandomKindness, welcome!

To participate in our sub, please keep the following requirements and rules in mind:

Account Requirements

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Do not use multiple accounts. The use of multiple accounts either by an individual or within a household will result in a permanent ban.

Do not send unsolicited private messages. PMs circumventing account requirements will also results in a permanent ban.

To make offers or fulfill requests:

  • We have added account requirements to make offers since we have seen a major uptick in fake offers.
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You can modmail us with any questions.

A Quick Overview of the Rules

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  • No requests for take out/fast food/pizza.
  • All Gaming-related requests should go to /r/GiftofGames
  • You may post requests once a month. You may make offers as often as you'd like.
  • The most important rule is DO NOT DELETE. Deletions trigger an automatic ban from /r/RandomKindness. If you have an issue with your post, please modmail us, and we will remove it for you!

For more information and details, please see our wiki

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RK [Meta] Random Acts of Christmas is open!


Random Acts of Christmas is officially accepting applications for those in need of help this holiday season! We are also happily accepting people to play Santa for families in need across the United States and beyond!

If you would like to play Santa, or need help supplying your children (ages 3 months to 17 years) with gifts this holiday season, please head over to r/randomactsofchristmas and check out our FAQ before getting started!

Happy Holidays! -Mods of RAOC

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Claimed [OFFER] A letter or postcard from Japan!


[EDIT] 30 people have filled out the form so I will remove the form link. :) Please understand you could be waiting a very, very long time, as in up to 6 months or even more. It all depends on the Postal Service, where you live, and also when I end up getting to your letter or card! Thanks for the interest everyone! I ask that you make a [Thank you] post in return once you receive your letter or postcard!

It's been a while since I've posted here! To make things easier, I made this simple Google Form. If you'd like a letter or a postcard from Japan, please fill out this form. :) Yes, I will use cute/pretty stationery if you choose to receive a letter. And I have a bunch of very cute/beautiful postcards, stickers, and of course stamps as well! I'll close the form and flair this as claimed once I receive what I think will be too many to handle. Please make sure to read everything, especially the beginning of the form.

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Claimed [Offer] Parental Care Package


Are you a foster kid/adult, LGBTQ+ kid/adult or just a kid/adult without a parent?

Sign up now for a ProbablyaPapa Parental Care Package.

Each box contains random bullshit from me, your internet papa.

*snacks *notes about things you don't care about *random trinkets I find in checkouts that I think you will like *other random things

Why should you sign up for this? Because you matter and it's nice to get gifts in the mail for no reason other than for being you.

I'm going to try five boxes/individuals to start. If you're in the lower 48 US and want a box, please let me know and I will grab an address, food allergies and interests for shopping in a DM for privacy.

Please remember that I love you.

Edit: taking today, Thanksgiving to cook for our community. Closing this tomorrow, Friday. I've got a few messages to respond to, but want to give you my time and not half ass stuff between cooking, so you won't hear from me til tomorrow. I will do my best to find you something personal and meaningful, a small box of random treasures. Some will make it by Christmas, most by New Year. Love you all.

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Hey I'm a barber in Denver I'm offering haircuts to anyone in need. I know it's not the easiest time right now and sometimes finding the money to take care of yourself in these stressful holiday times isn't possible. So to anyone in Denver Co. who needs a haircut let me give that gift to you.

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Claimed [Offer] U.S. only. Lego "Everyone Is Awesome" set


Hello. I have one Lego set #40516 "Everyone Is Awesome" to send to someone in the continental U.S. You can claim for yourself or claim it to give as a gift. It has 346 pieces. Age on the box is 18+, but I think an experienced Lego builder 13+ could do it. To enter, please tell me your favorite Lego set. Or if giving as a gift, your giftee's favorite set. I'll choose someone within 48 hours.

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Offer [Offer] [US] Would love to send some animal photos in the mail!


Hi, new to this community but I thought I might be able to make someone smile!

I really love visiting zoos and taking my camera with me. I know it's really small, but I thought people might enjoy receiving some prints of my photos? I can get discounted prints until the end of the week, so make a comment with the following information if you'd like to receive some!

  • Who are you requesting the photos for? Yourself, your family, your friends?
  • Is there any particular animal you would like a picture of? Please try to provide a couple options, or take a look at the list that appears farther down on this post!

Feel free to request any animal you would like, I will look through all my photos and see what I can find! Here are a few suggestions of some animals that I have very nice pictures of!

  • Tigers
  • Bears (polar bears in particular)
  • Red pandas
  • Birds (various species and lots of penguins)
  • Giraffes
  • Elephants
  • Monkeys (various species)
  • Gorillas
  • Reptiles and amphibians (various species)

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Claimed [Offer] Two tickets - Tom Segura - TONIGHT in Boston



The show starts at 10pm Eastern at the Chevalier theatre in Medford. Two fourth-row tickets with a value of $350. I planned poorly, wasn't able to sell them, and thought I might as well make someone happy instead of wasting them completely. Comment please!

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Fulfilled [Request] Top surgery post op items


I'm unemployed because of disabilities. Insurance is covering my top surgery. A big problem I have is they need you to sleep on back after surgery and I am a side sleeper that moves around a ton. I'm autistic so change in how I sleep is a big deal. My sleep is also directly tied to my mental health, so a lack of sleep means panic attacks and depression gets worse. So this is going to be hard for me.

If someone could please get this wedge pillow and maternity pillow for me off my amazon list I'd be super grateful. It'll help me stay on my back and be more comfortabIe. I put some other little things that'd help a lot on the list too, but the pillows are priority. They'll all help with healing and doing stuff with limited mobility. I live in MN usa.


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Fulfilled [OFFER] [US] Starbucks Giftcards!


It’s finally getting cold where I am and I’d like to share some extra Starbucks gift cards to celebrate!

I have 2 $5 gift cards and 2 $10 gift cards. I’m based in the US and just assuming that they only work here, but please correct me if I’m wrong. They are physical cards but I will just message winners the code unless they specifically request I mail them the physical copy.

To enter, simply tell me what you’d order and/or something you’re thankful for. I’ll randomly choose the winners in about 24 hours.

Good luck ❤️

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Offer [offer] DC Area Meal Prep


Dc Area Offer for Meal Prep

If you live in the DC area I will cook you a full weeks worth of meal prepped lunch and dinner entrees w sides. I’ll also dm u a pic of my kitchen because I know people are funny about home cooked food from other’s homes being potentially dirty haha you’ll see it’s perfectly clean and sanitary.

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Fulfilled [OFFER] US only


I have a crap-ton (totally a real method of membership measurement lol) of stickers that I’d like to send out to a few folks. I am going to choose at least five people, but might decide to send more just depends on how I feel. Offer open until Tuesday, November 15 at 10 pm MT.

Edit: i’m going to close this offer an hour early. This giveaway was a huge success! I’m sending out 25 people sticker bundles for this offer. I am so happy that I get to bestow stickers on so many individuals!

Everybody who responded has been messaged to provide your address. If you miss this giveaway, follow me, that way the next time I post you can take advantage of it. Everybody have a wonderful night!

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Thanks [THANKS]


Thank you to who ever bought the hand cream. I’m not sure who bought it for me but thank you so much. I hope life treats you well. I wish you left a note or something so I could thank you directly

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Offer [Offer] Card with kind words for Thanksgiving for those who are spending it alone [WW]


If anyone is spending Thanksgiving alone (could be that family is bad/toxic, they're not good to be around, they are good but unfortunately are no longer here, and any number of reasons) and would like a card with kind words, please comment down below. Open for worldwide!

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Claimed [Offer] US Only. Random Bracelet from my inventory.


Offer closed

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I make and sell bracelets, and would like to gift a random bracelet from my inventory to three different people. Normally I charge $10 per bracelet, but I want to gift people. I will probably be doing this a few times before the holidays. I plan on selecting at least three people for this offer. I may decide on more depending on the responses.

Tell me what your favorite colors, and why you’d like to receive one of these bracelets.

Here is a link to give you an idea of what the bracelets look like. https://imgur.com/gallery/dwG3gPb

Offer closes at Noon MT, Saturday, November 12th, but I will be selecting randomly until that time.

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Thanks [Thanks] u/marblesade


Thank you so much for the care package, you have no idea how much this means to me. The last two months have been hell, but this has been an important reminder that there is still kindness and generosity in this world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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Fulfilled [REQUEST] Can someone get this hand cream for me?


My hands are incredibly dry to the point of being itchy and sometimes painful. It would mean a lot to me if someone bought it for me. This weather is not very kind to my hands I live in Connecticut, Usa for reference


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Claimed [Offer] $50 Groceries


Would love to help a kind soul in need. Can do Amazon wish lists.

r/RandomKindness 24d ago

Thanks [Thank you] u/real_talk_with_emmy


Thank you u/real_talk_with_emmy for the envelope full of love. We have some things in common! Expect mail soon!

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Request [REQUEST] My birthday on Nov 10 - 35, in NYC


Hello all - has been a weird half decade for me and am kind of alone for my 35th birthday. Would be very grateful for cards, kind words, or whatever <3

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Request [request] size 10 leather/fake leather converse


I have a event that I want to dress nice for in a few weeks but cannot afford the cost of getting the converse I would need. It is a dinner luncheon at my day program, plus I’d wear the shoes again for our dance.

I don’t really have fancy dress converse anymore as my old ones had to be thrown away due to fading / wear, and I am low income so I can’t afford this at the moment.

I’m in Canada, I wear a men’s 9.5-10 in converse (it is easiest to do converse, as I know my size well).

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Claimed [OFFER] Men's suit, size 41S


My husband, umm, no longer wears this size, lol. The suit is tan and in like new condition, as he is retired and rarely had occasion to wear it. The pants are 36x30. I will also send a white button down shirt which has been used more frequently. I'm offering this to anyone who may need it for job interviews, or court hearings, or weddings, or whatever is going on in your life that you need a decent suit! It's clean but may arrive wrinkled. US only, please.

I don't anticipate a lot of responses, but please tell me a bit of your story to help me decide if there is more than one.

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Offer [offer] Girls size 12 Columbia winter coat


My daughter only wore this really nice Columbia coat for one winter. It has two layers so can be used for multiple seasons. It's black with a dark periwinkle inside and floral pattern on the outside. Good for cold winters, we are from Minnesota :)

Would love to send it to someone who needs it! Edit: willing to ship within the US.

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Claimed [offer] My daughter has some nail polish she's not into anymore and would love for someone else to enjoy it.


We've been decluttering at our house and my daughter joined in. She looked at her nail polish and decided she didn't want these anymore. Could anyone use them?

nail polish and file

The little ones are the ones that just peel right off when dry.

Edit to add: US to US please! The whole lot together. Gotta make decluttering easy. Haha. Thank you!

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Fulfilled [OFFER] [USA only] 2 small women's bags


Hi All, I’m offering up 2 small women's bags + a random item with each one.

Bag 1: Black Steve Madden Wallet Wristlet - New but no tags. Google “Steve Madden Bzippy Black/gold Zip Around Faux Leather Wallet” to see what it looks like.

Bag 2: Silver Crossbody bag - New with tag

Reference pic for the crossbody bag:


Please tell me which bag you are requesting (you can put “either” if you have no preference) and I will pick 2 people at the end of the day.

This offer is only valid in the USA due to shipping costs.

EDIT: both claimed

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Request [REQUEST][Israel][WW]My Aunt with Down's Syndrome would love some Birthday Cards (10th year)


My dear aunt Masha has down's syndrome and every year, months before her birthday, she excitedly tells everyone she can that her birthday is December 1st. whenever she would meet people, she would tell them, ‘My birthday is December 1st”  And she would ask them to send a card. Masha likes to get mail and gifts, just like—but even more—than everyone else.

She is turning 53 years old but has the heart of a 12 year old. This is the tenth year that I am posting online for her birthday. The last year she got quite a few cards and was so happy to run to her mailbox everyday. She was THRILLED! So beautiful people of the world -- can we do this again??

She lives in a kibbutz in Israel for adults with disabilities. It would mean the world to her to get birthday cards for her 53rd birthday :) Masha only reads English, but any language will be fun and exciting. She is a fan of Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Tamagotchi, any Disney characters and loves animals too! But really anything would do

Thank you all in advance for this act of kindness!

Her mailing address (it is a PO BOX) is:

(line one) Masha Roth c/o Kishorit (line two) M P Bikaat Beit Hakerem 2012300 (line three)ISRAEL

 Thank you to everyone that sent and shared my post requesting birthday cards for my dear aunt Masha's birthday last year You all made her day so special! Every day, Masha would excitingly run to her mailbox to get her cards, she would then FaceTime me and show me the new cards she got that day. This is the 10th year that I organized this for her. Masha received over 200 cards last year. The coolest part is that Masha waits until Dec. 1 to open them all.

So thank you again to everyone that was involved. May we all be blessed to do something simple for our fellow humans. Thank you again!

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Request [Request] Care Package


Located in the USA (sorry, can’t update the title).

Hi. I don’t know how much backstory is appropriate here, but to make a long story short, I’m currently the victim in a felony aggravated stalking case. My life has been turned upside down over the last two months, and things have been difficult, to say the least. I’m trying to live as normally as possible but between dealing with seemingly endless court dates for multiple cases and trying to keep myself safe (which is less of an immediate concern right now because the perpetrator is in jail, but may become more of an issue in the future) things have been really hard. I had a couple of acquaintances offer to send me care packages but they never did. I’m still not entire sure this is a good request for this sub, but figured I’d put it out here just in case. If anyone is willing and able to send a care package it would mean a lot to me right now. I have a generally good support network, but I still feel very isolated going through this, particularly because I don’t know anyone who has been through anything at a similar level of severity. So this is my formal request for a care package. I know some people like to make their own, and I’ve also seen some nice ones on etsy before. I’d be happy with pretty much anything at this point though.

ETA: I considered making an Amazon wishlist but decided against it because I don’t really need anything specific, and I prefer to avoid Amazon if possible. I’m not really expecting anyone to send anything from this, but if you are inclined to do so please message me and I can give you my mailing address. I’m not picky but to give you an idea of what I like, these are some gifts I always appreciate: flowers, good smelling stuff like room fragrance sticks or an oil diffuser with essential oils, soft things like blankets/pillows/slippers/socks, fabric headbands that won’t give me a headache, tea, chocolate/caramel candies/sweet glazed nuts (I have no allergies), plant accessories, or really any general self care stuff that might help with the stress and anxiety I’m experiencing over this whole ordeal.

Thanks for reading.