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📕 Book Club Book Club Results! | Fall 2022


We are happy to announce, the next r/SASSWitches book club selection is...

Wild Witchcraft: Folk Herbalism, Garden Magic, and Foraging for Spells, Rituals, and Remedies by Rebecca Beyer

Please join us over on the Discord server to participate! Discussion of the books will start November 18th. This should allow everyone some time to acquire the book. In the meantime we will have some pre-reading discussions as well.

Hope to see you there!

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Magical support for a friend's parent in poor health?


One of my best friends has a parent struggling with a difficult health diagnosis. The parent is currently undergoing treatment and they will get more information about whether or not the treatment has worked in a few months. In the meantime, I've offered to do a little spell work to send some positive energy in the direction of my friend's family, and she has accepted.

I have a general plan of what I intend to do, but I'd love to hear some other thoughts and ideas! I am aiming to send healing, peaceful, supportive energy towards my friend, her spouse, and both of her parents (as all have of course been struggling with this).

My plan at the moment is to:

Light a candle used only for this spell and, while observing its glow, picture each of the four individuals involved in turn. Maybe say their names out loud.

Imagine that healing, supportive, peaceful energy surrounding the ill parent first, then the other people. Maybe journal on this, writing their names down and describing the energy aiding them.

Once the candle has burned down, take a bit of the wax and any writing I've done to put in a little pouch with other little things that I associate with that sort of energy- maybe some lavender buds and oats for gentle soothing, some rose quartz and clear quartz for loving warmth and general healing. If I can find a small thing that my friend gave me, perhaps adding that to make the connection to her stronger. I can put the pouch on my altar or carry it with me as needed.

Anything else that I might include? Anything I should consider omitting?

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🔮 Divination Divination as Discussion


So I've been reading tarot for years now, and I've never believed for a second that these cards somehow actually predict anything.

But I have had the spooky experiences of the cards for a self reading seeming to perfectly align with my situation, or the cards for someone else to lead me to make some correct assumptions about their situation. And In thinking about these moments I've arrived at believing that things like tarot cards tap into human psychology quite well.

Of course there's the astrology-like vagueness that each card's singular meaning has. You look up a specific card and you'll get a whole cluster of different meanings at least some of which will apply in some way. But that's not the primary way tarot works.

The cards are varied but have patterns between them that are recognisable, not just in the suits but in the characters and motifs that repeat, making it easy for a sort of narrative to form. Once you're familiar with the deck you use and the general meaning of each card you start to instantly see specific meanings for each in each reading depending on the surrounding cards. This narrative might be quite specific, but it's not like it formed purely from the cards, your own internal biases and experiences shape it. In a way I shouldn't be surprised when I do a self reading and see connections. Often though the narrative that forms in my head gives me a new perspective on the problems I'm currently facing.

When doing readings for others I try to make them involved in this process too. If there isn't enough time to actually take them through the meanings of the cards and possible interpretations I at least give a bit of a multiple choice of "it could mean x or y" where they can fill in the blanks. When this approach works it allows me to have a conversation with the person about what's going on in their life without them even telling me what actually is going on. I provide prompts of what could be happening and they fill in the blanks in their heads. This technique is still a work in progress but has given me some pretty cool experiences.

In this interview Aimee Lou Wood describes something similar, that for her the cards are "a prompt for self discovery". When I saw that I felt a little less like a "fake" tarot reader for my lack of belief.

Anyone else here use tarot this way? If so what tips do you have for maximizing their value as a tool for discussion? What spreads do you use, etc?

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Candle magick: Need help crafting smaller spells for getting the hang of it


Hi! I have been learning the basics of candle magick and want to do my first sessions as soon as possible. My problem is this: I have some larger areas to tackle (finding a suitable job, financial security, figuring out where to live, finding some more friends and building self-confidence etc. - I'm surprisingly fine though, I promise), but I don't want my first spells to be HUGE. I want to cast some small everyday spells that work in those directions, but that are small enough to feel confident with (and believable to myself) as a beginner. Do you have any ideas? What are your everyday spells about when they don't tackle huge life themes?

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💭 Discussion Book recommendations for beginner?


Been practicing for 11 months now and I finally admitted to myself that I don’t believe in much stuff that my other friends do.

I’ve tried deity work, was okay and actually I do believe in them but some stuff I am still skeptical about

I believe magic works but I don’t believe in holding cinnamon in my bra to bring me “prosperity” or luck.

Most books I’ve read treat witchcraft as if it’s mythological and out of reach or overly poetic and I just don’t believe in any of it.

So I guess I’d like to start my journey over in a more realistic or atheist approach?

Any book recommendations that go along with this? Or that speak about magic in a realistic way? Not in a way that’s like whimsical sounding? I’m at my wits end and feeling exhausted and pessimistic about my practice due to me wanting it to be realistic to me.

“No margret, I don’t hear the gods speaking to me in the wind…I don’t hear anything at all except my own fart..”

TLDR: I want to redo my witchcraft journey in a more realistic and atheist approach because I don’t believe and understand what most books right about when talking about magic or witchcraft. Or maybe one showing differences between magic and witchcraft..

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New to witchcraft and this group. Any advice you wish you had known when you first started?


Hello! I'm new and so grateful that I finally found this community. I've been researching modern witchcraft probably for around two years now as a bit of a hobby and soul searching. I always thought it sounded fun, fascinating, and a way to set aside time to connect with nature and being human. However, I always had this fear of being taken for irrational, crazy - but more importantly - just never really being able to connect to anyone else because of a lack of literal belief in the supernatural. I finally starting allowing myself to just go for it after realizing I had actually been naturally doing a lot of "witchy" things for years without even thinking about it - I just had other labels for them, or lack thereof. That, and finding this community!

So, what are some things you wish you had known? Or advice you can give?

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Post-ritual to quit BFRB/picking struggling against temptation


Hey all, a few weeks ago at the full moon I did my first spell in a long time, to stop my picking habit. Afterwards I felt great, I made a spell jar amulet necklace I’ve been wearing for a helpful reminder. It made me glad I’m getting back into actively practicing.

Its been more and less difficult in waves and I’m proud of myself so far but today I accidentally picked my struggle spot two times very briefly and my brain has been in sudden CRAVING mode since I recalled how it feels. I think I need an easy way to remind and re-cement my strength and commitment cause gahhhh I am struggling now!

TL;DR: committed to quitting a thing in a ritual and struggling now. Advice on how to re-commit or draw strength for myself to get thru?

Edit: thank you everyone for the kind and wise advice. I will reply more after the US holiday, I got a little ashamed about my relapse and haven’t been able to write back

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Middle/Ester European books


Hej! Any book recommendations about witcraft within slavic culture? Sending all the love

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🥰 Sharing Resources | Advice Teas for what ails you


With the cold and flu (and stomach bug) season upon us in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to share some recipes that I find help to soothe the symptoms that come along with these infections. The first recipe I’ll share is one I just used the other day for my kiddos who came down with some kind of gastro infection. (Warning: one use of graphic language below.) (Please see disclaimer at the bottom.)

I use this tea once the worst of the vomiting has subsided, but the tummy still feels achy and tender.

•About 2 inches of fresh ginger, sliced into thin medallions

•One whole lemon sliced into medallions

•5 cups (1.25 L) water

•2 tbsp honey, or more to taste

Place ginger, lemon, and water into a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and let simmer for at least 10 minutes. Add honey towards the end, in the last minute or so, and stir until completely dissolved. You can strain tea off from the solids and allow it to cool a bit before serving.

Ginger is a fantastic anti-nauseant and stomach soother, lemon contains electrolytes that are essential to rehydration (potassium, calcium, and magnesium), and honey helps to boost blood sugar, essential after one’s gastro system has emptied. If an individual suffers from acid reflux/heartburn, ginger may not be the best option for them. You can try chamomile tea with a little lemon juice and honey as an alternative, as chamomile is a very gentle stomach soother.

The next two recipes are ones I use when I’m down with a mild to moderate respiratory illness, such as a cold or RSV. The first recipe is one I use when the illness is at its worst, when I feel super congested and just overall crappy, to really kick it in the pants. This tea is by no means a cure, but it certainly helps me feel better after drinking it.

What I use: •2 tsp powdered turmeric

•1-2 tsp powdered ginger

•juice from 1/4 or 1/2 a lemon

•honey to taste

Add solids and lemon juice to a mug and boil a kettle. Pour boiling hot water over the mixture and mix, allowing it to steep and cool for a few minutes. Add honey. mix thoroughly between sips. I typically drink this twice a day for a couple of days when my illness feels at its worst.

This last tea is one I use to help clear up congestion, and I personally find it works quite well. I’m someone who tends to get a thick buildup in my throat and nose that can last multiple weeks, but this herb helps me significantly.

The key ingredient is the herb Mullein, which acts as an expectorant and thins mucous so it can be expelled easily. Nettles may help reduce inflammation and hay fever-like symptoms, and at the very least, they are a nutritious herb that contain significant amounts of the electrolytes calcium and magnesium, and some iron, B6, and potassium.

Add 1 tsp of each herb to a tea bag or ball, pour boiling hot water overtop, and allow to steep about 5 minutes. Drink once or twice a day, as long as symptoms persist, but no longer than two weeks.

Please feel free to share your own recipes, be it teas, soups, or anything else that you use at this time of year to support the health and well-being of your household!

DISCLAIMER: None of these recipes or ingredients are a replacement for advice from a medical health professional. If you are on any medications or suffer from any sort of disorder or illness, or if you suffer from any allergies, please consult your physician and/or pharmacist before consuming the ingredients in these recipes. These recipes are meant only as an aid to help the body cope with symptoms; they are by no means a cure for any disease or symptom. I adopt these methods as part of my craft in a holistic approach to my health, which includes receiving all necessary vaccinations, taking all necessary pharmaceutical medications, and visiting my physician as needed.

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🔥 Ritual Physical Witchcraft


I don't see a lot on it when looking around, but it and talismans is most of what I do so I wanted to share, because I've had a lot of 'success' with it. It's sort of the foundation of my practice. Also I'm a beginner so I might not be good at explaining and don't feel comfortable with a 'guide,' I just want to tell yall what I do so maybe you can use some parts of it yourself.

So basically, I use various exercises (mostly rollerskating/rollerblading) as a sort of combination cleansing rituals and self improvement spells. Sometimes use similar practices for enchanting or...probably meditation is the best word?

The sort of 'default' unmodified ritual, and the one I do most often and that is the basis of my practice, is to purge a lot of my (inwardly focused) negativity, like about how ugly or incompetent I am. I bring a protection item with me (A lapis amulet, usually) and any equipment I need for the exercise. Date and time don't matter unless you want them to (though do stay safe.)
To start while getting dressed, that is what I think about, is that I'm going to go purge negativity. Maybe do a short prayer. Even if I'm in a pretty good mood already negativity can build up over time so making sure to maintain as low a level as possible is important to me, ymmv.
Then I go do the exercise, whatever it is. Trying to remind myself that I'm sweating it out. Sometimes it's more medatative and I try to just focus on what I'm doing, sometimes my mind wanders, whatever feels right that day. For me the protective item is important to this step because whenever my mind wanders to those negative thoughts, I touch the item. Focus on it, halt the spiral. Maybe imagine it absorbing or deflecting those thoughts so that I don't have to suffer them, maybe just as a sort of physical que to think about something different. It takes a bit of practice to do it out of habit.
When the time is up, get home, wash off the sweat (and any 'residual') negativity in a nice hot shower.

For me, that ritual tends to be on the more intense side. It's easier to get distracted the less hard I'm working. Again, ymmv.

For enchanting (such as for my protection amulet) I modify it. It's significantly less intense, usually, because I'm just out to have a really good time. Pick a day with no time limit, play my favorite music, pack some of my favorite foods (or bring money to buy some) dress up as nice as I'm willing to work-out in, maybe drive to a favorite spot before starting or bring some friends or both, and just have the best time. Bring the item with me or buy it part way through the day, and make sure to remind myself of the fact that I have it. Don't leave it in a bag in the car, keep it on me, somewhere I can feel it, really build those positive associations. 'Seal' the enchantment in with a prayer at the end. For me this is how I enchanted my protection amulet. I got to skate 18 miles to get it, got a really good burrito, went on a nice sunny (but not too hot) day. When I find myself in those negative thought patterns I touch it to remind myself of those good feelings, and how much I can improve if I stick to it.

I can see tons of ways everything I've described could be modified for different purposes, and if you do something similar I'd love to hear about it! I hope it helps. For me tying the rituals and spellwork to physicality really helps them feel real even if it's not specifically a work out, you know?

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice It seems I'm cursed?


Y'all, I don't believe in curses, but I am about damn ready to call the local diocese and request an exorcism.

So the joke among my friends and coworkers is that I'm cursed with technology. It's not that I'm tech illiterate... Shit just breaks around me. It is literally how I met my partner -- some misguided person in the library I worked at back then thought it'd be a great idea to cross-train me in their maker space, and I kept having to go to the full-time guy who worked there asking for help because crap just kept breaking around me. "FT Guy, the 3d printer just clogged and now it won't respond at all," "FTG, the laser won't home, it keeps going back to that other corner," "FTG, the sublimation machine is stuck at 80 degrees and won't heat, and I don't know why," "FTG, what does 'headless operation mode' mean? I ask because the computer controlling the Roland crashed and that's what the screen says now." He teased me for a bit about breaking all the equipment, then watched me for a bit and realized it wasn't anything I was doing. I guess the sensual-but-mechanically-dangerous energy I emit had an effect on him too, though, cause FTG and I have been together for approaching 5 years now. (I no longer work at the maker space though!)

Anyway, things have been like this for me for a while, but it's gotten progressively worse over the past year or two. My work got me a brand new laptop, but the charging port went bad a month later so they junked it and gave me a replacement. Then the new computer spontaneously died a month after that -- IT said it looked like three different components were somehow failing at once and they had no idea what was wrong -- so now I'm on laptop #3, and I just started this damn job in August. I also had to replace my phone in late August for mysterious issues, got a new Pixel and today it caught fire while charging. It seems that USB-C ports are a recurring problem for me in particular.

What do you all do to banish bad mojo of various kinds? I don't think my work will want to replace my computer again, so this one has to last at least another 2 years. Thanks, science-y witches!

Update: now the electronic keypad deadbolt for our kitchen door -- the primary way we get into the house -- stopped working. Swapped the battery, no luck. At this point I think I'm gonna leave a bowl of honey and milk out, at least if the fae aren't impressed I'm sure the feral cats around my house will be.

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Moving out/new apartment witchery?


Me and my partner will (hopefully) be moving around new years, and I'll be able to practice my craft more openly - no more judgy housemates!

What would you all do to sass-ify a new space, or to manifest it in the first place? What's your current psycho-spiritual household upkeep look like?

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Gratitude spell?


USA based witch here looking for a spell/ritual to honor things I'm thankful for for the upcoming holiday. I was thinking of writing things I'm thankful for on dead leaves and placing them in a circle around my turkey... But there must be a better idea! Please send me any and all suggestions :)

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice What to with an extracted tooth?


I've been pretty lucky in the wisdom tooth department, but I finally had my first one out today. Since I don't think the tooth fairy is going to show up now that I'm 38, I've been trying to decide what to do with the tooth. Definitely feels like it has witchy potential. Any suggestions or stories to tell?

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice Witchy ideas to get my auDHD brain back into being able to write my bachelor thesis?


Hi! I have very limited options when it comes to concentration. I am able to work in a room I rent at the library where there is mostly silence. I have control over a few things there like the light being on or off, not needing to mask while working etc.

It has worked well for half of my thesis but now I am starting to get very bored and not motivated, even though I really want to get this thing finished. I also don't have a lot of money, so bringing in different pens and whatnot or buying a treat afterwards is not really an option. I DO have some crystals and candles etc. if you have ideas containing those, though!

How can I make it novel and interesting enough to be engaging again while still serving my autistic needs? Is there a ritual for this that would make my brain go into the zone on command, haha? The material I have to read is not so much the issue, it is more about getting bored with the routine while having very limited options for switching places or seats (same library 2-3 times a week etc.).

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice What job spells do you like?


I am applying for a job I desperately want, and though I am a SASS Witch through and through, I think doing a spell or ritual would give me some comfort during the long waiting process until I hear back, and focusing my intentions may help my performance on the application/interview. Are there any spells or rituals you like to do for job hunting or getting a particular job?

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🌙 Personal Craft Spells lacking purpose


Okay, I've been thinking about posting about this for weeks - months, even - but I've struggled to put this into words.

The past couple of years or so, I've preferred to write my own spells or rituals. I'm pretty strongly on the science and sceptical side of things, so I don't have too much use for tools, and I wouldn't call it 'astral travel'; I think they are best called ritual visualisations and meditation.

However, I've noticed that many of them lack purpose. I do often get inspired and try to create a specific scene or place in quite vivid detail, but in the end all I've created is a relaxing space to soothe stress and anxiety. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the vast majority turn out this way. I don't so much have many - or any - for focused intent, for example 'this is a visualisation ritual for confidence in the workplace' or 'this is a ritual to be more open to love' or 'this is a ritual to see and recognise luck happening in my life'. You know, the kinds of purposes that many witchy spells have.

It's making me doubt myself and whether I'm ready to move away from acting out spells I've read and into creating my own.

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice How do you feel about the term Blessed Be? What other alternatives are there for witchy greetings?


Hi everyone!

I'm embracing my witch life more these days and I'm trying to figure out a casual, inclusive witchy greeting/sign off for my new blog.

From what I can tell, Blessed Be is Wiccan. I've heard it used mostly by Wiccans, Traditional path witches, occultists, etc. I found this info on Learning Religions and in summary:

  • Mostly used in NeoWiccan contexts
  • Used as a greeting (or a send off imo)
  • Generally means that you wish good and positive things upon someone
  • Murky origins; phrase is part of a longer Gardnerian Wiccan ritual
  • Seen in King James bible: "Blessed be the name of the Lord."

I'm still skeptical and experienced-based at the core of my practice, but definitely not as SASS as I once was. The focus on analyzing, observation, staying level headed, and psychological shadow work are what I consider my SASS practice roots. I do like the idea of Blessed Be but . . . I'm not religious, and my beliefs are so different from Wicca that I'd rather not someone assume I'm Wiccan. And apparently some religious practitioners do not feel that the phrase should be used casually, so even though it's common I don't want to offend Wiccans by using it casually.

What do you think? If you consider yourself non-religious or a fully psychological practitioner, would the term Blessed Be turn you away? Do you know any alternative greetings/signs off that you like?


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💭 Discussion What in the name of ally SASSWitchy is an "egg cleanse?"


I see these posts on other boards all the time - "I did an egg cleanse and it looks like Mt. Rushmore, what does this mean?"

What the heck is this? I read "Witches of America," is this like rubbing the egg over the head and neck to pick up the bad vibes? BTW I found that book well written and interesting but it killed (before it could be born) ANY interest that I might ever have in Feri, necromancy, or Thelema. Yikes!

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❔ Seeking Resources | Advice An atheist with a sense of awe regarding the natural world and a fascination of myth and how their stories reflect the human condition. Where do I start?


I've been fascinated by myth and the natural world since I was a young child. I gave up on being a Catholic ( and all other religions I explored), but do miss the ritual of mass and worship. I ran across a picture of someone's altar and it looked a lot like my shelves and bookcases ( filled with items from nature) and so I began to explore the world of witches and druids. I became overwhelmed really quickly though. I think I'd like to start with observing the 8 pagan holidays ( sabats?, not sure of proper terminology). I'm interested in trying simple spells and rituals that will help me with my self confidence, ground me, calm me and help me with emotional self-control. I am newly disabled with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and am struggling with issues of self image, hope, determination and acceptance. I get overwhelmed super easy right now and really need direction on a place to start. TIA.

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💭 Discussion Anyone doing dream work?


I've been working on lucid dreaming for a few months in the hopes that I could eventually use it in my craft to heal some stubborn trauma. I was successful for the first time ( first purposeful time), and am so excited!

Anyone else here into lucid dreaming/ astral projection type work? I'm fairly active on r/luciddreaming, but I'd love to talk about it from a sass pov.

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Magickal course recommendation that is not Quareia?


Hi! Which magick/pagan schools or courses do you know of other than Quareia that are skeptic-friendly? Some of the concepts in Quareia like demons do not really work for me as I find them contrary to my beliefs about how the world works and the mental gymnastics needed to ignore those aspects feels too much. I do like to work my way through structured exercises and material, though, and was originally very hyped about the format. What have you tried and what can you recommend?

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⭐️ Interrogating Our Beliefs hi! Quaker welcome?


I just found this sub, and I just want to make sure that my belonging in The Religious Society of Friends doesn't make anyone uncomfortable here. I frequent witchy circles to honor my (pagan) Indigenous culture and practice, which is fully integrated into my universalist Quaker beliefs. So, hello, and please let me know if there is a conflict for anyone.

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💭 Discussion How do you vet content to avoid problematic people?


There was a recent post in WitchesVsPatriarchy where someone shared that extremist groups were rebranding sexist old traditional values things to draw pagan women in. It's particularly disturbing me because I've been drawn to hearth and kitchen witch things because it helped me feel more at home and for mental health reasons, but I don't want to fall down any crazy racist or sexist rabbitholes unwittingly. How do you all navigate these kinds of things? What do you watch out for? I want to explore something that is good for my mental health without stumbling into hateful content, or accidentally supporting someone like that.

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⭐️ Interrogating Our Beliefs Do my beliefs align with SASSwitchery?


Okay, so I initially became drawn to kitchen and cottage witchcraft specifically. I am autistic and have autistic parents. I was very neglected, our home was legally unlivable and our food was all frozen and processed because that’s all my parents could tolerate.

So putting care and intention into my home and food means a lot to me as someone who was denied such care as a child. For example with cleaning, I like to do rituals where I get my house smelling good and make a day of “banishing negative energies” by cleaning and saging my house. Do I think there are necessarily evil spirits I’m literally warding? No. Does it make me feel good psychologically and motivate me to clean my home despite my disability? Yes. I also love self care and self love related rituals for similar reasons.

I believe that manifestation rituals are important not because deities are more willing to help me with my goals but because I believe it helps the mind keep focus on our larger goals and we are much more likely to reach them if we maintain and meditate on that focus which in turn “manifests” those goals. I enjoy meditating and lighting candles because watching flames is an easy way to meditate imo.

I think it’s important to know about plants and ecology. It’s important to take care of our environment because the impact of destroying it is far reaching and self destructive. I want to learn about poisons and plants that can be used as remedies for minor illnesses. I think in general it’s good to have a strong connection with nature and that humans have tried to detach themselves from the wilderness way more than is healthy.

Things I don’t care about or believe in relation to witchcraft: deities, spirits, fae and other such entities. Crystal healing. Protection/banishing type spells. Hexes. Spell work relating to sex or relationships. Divination (although I like to do tarot readings for fun).

Does this sound like SASSwitchery?

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🥰 Sharing Resources | Advice On Gender in Hermeticism : A queer-inclusive & science-oriented discussion on the "Hermetic Law of Gender"

Thumbnail self.Hermeticism