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Art/Media Made a tribute to our beloved Mairon to hang on the tree this year.

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Art/Media For Sauron


Since the premiere of this song, I heard the chorus in a very particular way (25s).
I decided to realize how I hear it.


Please, be merciful for messing the lore, and mixing the sources together.

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Discussion I just found out that LOTR and The Hobbit are propaganda and nothing more 😤 why exactly shouldn't I join Sauron?


Checkmate, tiny brain propaganda intaking sheeple

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Discussion Sauron Did Nothing Wrong(In season 1 of RoP)


Here’s a summary of season 1 of the Rings of Power:

Sauron was aimless in the ocean, reconsidering his life and seeing the light.

Sauron wanted to change.

Then arrives Galadriel.

Galadriel tempted with her hoarse voice the redeeming Sauron with sweet lies: "You should be king of the Southland."

Sauron resisted the temptation of the evil she-elf. In Numenor Sauron wanted to become an artisan, stumbling along the way, yet steadfast. Again, fate put Galadriel in a cell beside Sauron, where again he could not escape Galadriel devil deal: "You need an Army. I shall deliver you the power of Numenor, for you to use and conquer the Southland."

After everything went wrong, Sauron just wanted to die. Galadriel wouldn't let him: "You sold your soul to me in exchange for an army. You shall die when I say you can die. I shall send you to my kind where your life will be saved. Use it for my sake." said the evil temptress.

Finally realizing the truth, that the Good needs Evil to justify its existence, that Sauron wouldn't be allowed to bathe in the light, Sauron embraced his role: "So be it. Celebrimbor. You are a scam artist no more. I shall teach you your craft."

Galadriel was the one corrupting a man reaching for redemption in season 1. How is she not clearly the bad guy when she set all of the bad events in motion?

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Reasons to support Sauron

  1. Grond I rest my case

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Art/Media Stupid sexy Sauron

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the fact there aren't more allies of this subreddit is indicative of the power of elf propaganda


what's the real evil

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Fun/Humor sauron is better than Gandalf chart

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When you’re the Dark Lord Sauron but still love kids


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This fits here

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Art/Media Good guy Sauron just wants to be left alone

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Discussion Sauron is an intriguing & somewhat tragic antagonist. I hope the show fleshes out his out.


Hey, everyone! Didn't know this community existed. Posted this on another Lotr RoP sub. First time posting here.

Sauron, according to what we know about him, was not only a great Maia, but also Maiar of Aule and one of the most distinguished craftsmen after Aule himself.

We also know that Sauron is obsessed with order and despises chaos, which causes him to join Morgoth and become his most devoted lieutenant.

What we don't know is why Sauron is obsessed with order. It's also worth mentioning that he seeks the embodiment of chaos, Morgoth. So, what was going through Sauron's psyche to convince him that Morgoth was his best choice, and why?

Sauron, in my opinion, is a tragic antogonist figure since his preoccupation with ultimate power seems to stem from a concern with establishing order rather than a desire for power in and of itself.

Morgoth, on the other hand, appears ( again in mu opinion) to be a rebellious, anti-establishment child of disruption, which many families deal with, much to their dismay. Or, Morgoth is more of a conventional antagonist who seems to represent chaos and destruction, similar to adversaries in Chaoskampf mythologies.

Sauron, furthermore, seems to have determined that ruling all of the people of Middle Earth was the most efficient way to reduce or even eliminate disorder. The creation of rings is in line with Sauron's obsession with order, which he can achieve by total control over the rest of the inhabitants of middle earth. But again, we know very little about his thought process or life experiences that led him so far away from being a great craftsman & innovator.

Ultimately, his diligent preparation produced more chaos than order and led to his ultimate downfall. I'm curious how he felt about it.

In any case, I hope. Ring of Power delves into this facet of Sauran.  Sauron's obsession with order is briefly referenced in the last episode of Ring of Power - Adar mentions Sauron's pursuit of a tremendous non-material power that Sauron believes would restore order to Middle Earth.

This would not affect the core story, as Sauron's methods (power and dominion over Middle Earth) to achieve his goal remains untouched.

What are your thoughts about Sauron?

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Discussion How are we feeling about good guy Sauron from The Rings of Power


Spoilers. Obviously..

EDIT: First I appreciate all of the discussion! Thank you so much.

Secondly.... These are my thoughts.

My current argument is that upon Morgoth being defeated, Sauron stated that he felt 'free' to do what he could with Middle Earth and wanted to fix it, as in repairing the damages that the war had done.

But the elves and the dwarves had grown set in their ways and didn't want peace or a beautiful middle earth (until they realized it would be the death of them, hence the tree beginning to die) and had 1.) Continued to chase Sauron as he fled across the lands. 2.) Attempted to kill him on several occasions (causing Sauron to have to defend himself and by accident totally killed Galadriels Brother).

Unfortunately the uncultured elves of middle earth could only unify with the dwarves in their mutual dislike of a far more suitable ruler of the lands of Middle Earth. It is a war of jealousy, ignorance, and spite.

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Fun/Humor Master is home..

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Art/Media Together the Dark Lord, you would have a Queen, both dark and beautiful, both terrible as the night and the dawn

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Informative WORLD PEACE!

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Taking the Mordor Redpill


The more I think about it, the more I realize that Mordor was a victim of multi-layered discrimination from the racist and extremist “free people of Middle Earth.”

To start, what is the main reason we’re told to hate Sauron? Because he used to be allies with and used to encourage the worship of Melkor? What’s so wrong about Sauron practicing his own religion? Isn’t it funny how the “free” people of Middle Earth are all forced to follow the Elvish-Valar religion of worshipping Eru?! They were such extremists that they sought to destroy anyone on the continent practicing a different faith, and this drove their hatred of Sauron!

Additionally, think of the orcs! The orcs are discriminated against and genocided simply because they look “ugly!” Without even getting into the implicit racism in applying Elvish, Dwarvish and Human beauty standards to orcs, what did the orcs do to deserve genocide?! They even tried making their own country surrounded by mountains but people keep attacking it!! Only Sauron was progressive and inclusive enough to give the orcs a chance for a better future. Sauron is so progressive that under his rule, disabled war veteran Gothmog commands a large portion of his forces. Also notice that Sauron’s armies are multiracial in composition, consisting of not just orcs but also men from various kingdoms and even some elves. Sauron’s actions speak volumes about his inclusive philosophy.

What exactly did Sauron do wrong here? If you and your people kept getting attacked just for looking different and having different religious beliefs, wouldn’t you think enough is enough and try to rule Middle Earth so you can create a more inclusive society for all?! Sauron is the last ruler fighting against racist, theocratic fascism on Middle Earth!! Not gonna lie, I think I’m with Sauron on this one!!! 🤔🤷‍♂️

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Discussion All Sauron wanted to do was get a jump start on Middle-Earth's industrial revolution.


Yeah I mean it would have been dirty and covered in filth at the beginning, but where would modern society be without the industrial revolution.

Think about what kind of scientific advances that Sauron would have been able to create. Saruman literally invented an early form of gunpowder.

But all the feudal lords of the West and their Elven overlords couldn't have that.

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[Serious] Survey about Sauron


first post here so please be kind

i was thinking on sauron

in my opinion in the first age he is a victim of melkor. the valar admit it and want to pardon him

he doesnt go because he is afraid that the elves who are proven lunatics kill him

in the second age everyone accuses him of númenor but they are adults who decide by themselves

then in the third age sauron tries to build a home, and gandalf say 'i sense an evil presence' and attacks him

imagine if that happened to you

when orcs die is fine and when elves die is a tragedy

thank you for allowing me to post here and discuss tolkien. i want to know what the community thinks. if you have a different opinion is fine

edit: grammar

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Art/Media But elsewhere the Elves received him gladly … for Sauron took to himself the name of Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, and they had at first much profit from his friendship.

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Sauron deserves more respect

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Art/Media And Sauron, sitting in his black seat in the midst of the Temple, had laughed …

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Art/Media Innocent on all charges

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Art/Media The Great Eye Sees All

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Fun/Humor Using child soldiers for suicide missions. How cruel.

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