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Reminder: We don't allow memes or image macros Meta

We want to remind everyone about the above rule in the sidebar.

"No memes or image macros"

When we made this decision we also created a whole separate subreddit for them at /r/starwarsmemes. This also helped other communities flourish like /r/PrequelMemes , r/OTMemes and r/SequelMemes.

There are plenty of places you can post memes and image macros on reddit, just not here. In the comments, replying to others, that is one thing. Just not as submissions. Posting them will result in a timeout from the sub.

Examples, because we love examples:

  • This is a image macro - Its just text overlaid on a graphic, trying to make a joke, or observation, etc.

  • This is a meme - the Pam comparison format is widespread meme throughout the internet.

  • Not a meme - its unique enough, its more of a homage, and it actually took some creative effort.

Ultimately we will make the judgement call if something is borderline. We have also started temp bans for meme postings, repeated postings of this sort by the same user accounts will see their time outs ramp up a bit.

We don't hate memes here, heck, even we use them in the comments in sometime. But we also want to promote a higher level of content, discussion and interaction. So we appreciate your cooperation in this effort.

If you see them, report them, and help us out. You all have been fantastic in recent months helping with our civility guidelines and our spoiler policy, so please keep up the great efforts and MTFBWY.