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General Discussion Andor opening theme and soundtrack


Stunned by the quality of the opening title sequence to Andor, and the way the theme seemed to change and evolve. There’s a good read on Vulture about the amazing work Nicholas Britell has done crafting the soundscape for the show. First 2 volumes of the soundtrack are out now, 3rd releasing next week.

Nicholas Britell Made Andor Sound Nothing Like Star Wars

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General Discussion Does Anyone Else Feel The Way I Do About This?


TLDR- I am SOOO sick of people like the writer of this "critique" affecting how the Star Wars fandom is perceived by those who aren't in it. They ALWAYS seem to get the majority of attention from the media or internet, not for the merit of their argument but largely just because they're the LOUDEST.

"I haven't seen it but I'm not spending a cent on a Rian Johnson project. He ruined Star Wars with a single movie. Props to him for doing that, because I honestly don't know how someone can f___ up that badly. People like him should be burning in hell." - Twitter review for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

I don't agree with Rian Johnson's approach to TLJ anymore than the majority of this sub likely would, but THIS is too far. It is not mere criticism, it's venom. Individuals like this make it that much more difficult for level-headed criticism of the Sequels (or Star Wars in general) or respectful discourse to be heard without the more reasonable critics getting lumped in with the fanatics. I understand that Star Wars is special to many, and seeing something in it that one doesn't like can at times feel like a personal insult. It's become a pop-cultural giant on par with a religion for a reason.

It revolutionized the film industry. It gave us a timeless Hero's Journey of adventure, love, triumph, and good vs. evil in a place where virtually anything is possible. But the extremes to which this loud minority go to defend what they claim to hold so dear not only reflects poorly on the fandom. It disrespects the very media they cling to. It's unhealthy and just makes enjoying this franchise tougher than it needs to be (meaning, it shouldn't be tough at all). Mature debate and constructive criticism are necessary and useful for art to improve (Fantasy is not and never has been exempt from this).

But this person's degree of sheer negativity towards someone they've never even met who (as far as I know) has never tangibly harmed anybody demonstrates a lacking in basic human decency. Potentially, it could (in some cases) signify signs of social ineptitude or (at worst) mental illness. Of course, I don't claim to know this particular person's deal. I'm not a doctor. But hearing & reading the kinds of things some people will say, I could honestly understand if George Lucas sold the license at least partially because it just wasn't fun for him anymore. Truth be told, I might have too.

Maybe not to Disney, but I can sympathize with leaving it behind. As someone who grew up on the Prequels first, I personally don't consider myself a fan of the Sequel Trilogy by any means (The OT is my favorite). But the cast (especially Kelly Tran and John Boyega) did nothing to deserve the vitriol some of them got anymore than Jake Lloyd or Ahmed Best did. It's DISGUSTING how they were treated, both by radical fans and the franchise they were so excited to be part of.

If somebody insults me for my opinion, I choose not to associate with them. All I'd ask in return is that those who disagree with my preferences address me as they would wish to be addressed themselves. And it is ASTOUNDING to me that we live in a generation where that feels at times like such a foreign or out of practice concept. I could fill a book with disagreements I've had over the Sequels. But if one of those Sequel fans I disagreed with were in the same location as me and someone was bullying them or saying this kind of crap to them, I would stand up for that Sequel fan in a second.

I know what it's like to be bullied, and no amount of poor storytelling or distasteful character treatment warrants it. I don't care if the Sequels were the worst, most disrespectful excuses for media ever greenlit for production, let alone allowed to release. That does NOT make this okay. As far as I'm concerned, people like this aren't "fans". They're addicts using this fiction as an outlet to try to fill some void in their actual lives and seeing anyone who disrupts that high for them as an enemy.

I have experience with drug addicts, and this is not entirely unlike when an alcoholic lashes out at someone because they blame them for their drink not tasting the same as it once did. It's as sad as it is pathetic. And as long as such extremists like whomever wrote this review are viewed as an example of what the Star Wars fandom is, this cycle will only continue regardless of who's in charge.

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Other Colors on Officers


Sorry if this has been asked before, but can someone explain what the colors on the Imperial officer’s mean? I am sure the colors must mean something.


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General Discussion I’d like information about the Unknown Regions and it’s inhabitants.


I recently discovered the horror side of Star Wars and found myself drawn to the Unknown Regions. I learned that there are hyperspace creatures, a race from another galaxy, and even another dimension. I wish to learn basically everything about the Unknown Regions, so can my fellow nerds help me out?

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Fun Noticed this around May 4th. Highway 6 in Utah is called The Grand Army of the Republic highway.


Yea it had to do with the civil war, but any good star wars fan knows what it really means....

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General Discussion Similar to another post, what do you guys think of Star Wars Theory?


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General Discussion Morgan Freeman as the voice of Darth Vader


I was just thinking to myself that no one could've been a better option for the voice of Darth Vader than James Earl Jones, but then I got to thinking about someone else who has a deep smooth voice and Morgan Freeman came to my mind in an instant, which git me wondering: What if Morgan Freeman was the voice of Darth Vader?

What would that sound like to you guys, would that be good or bad?

I guess I have a somewhat good idea what that would sound like but I had to come on here and ask you guys.

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Merchandise Holiday gift suggestion


My nephew is (rightfully) obsessed with all things Star Wars. What unique gift would you suggest giving a 6 year old? (I’d love to support a small business if possible!)

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General Discussion Has anyone heard what the Lucas Films leadership thinks of the response to Andor?


Just curious how they felt about the overly optimistic response to a show with such a vastly different tone from the other live action productions they’ve made (with exception to Rogue One).

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General Discussion Points of contention with the original 6 movies and content that came after (Such as Yoda's last words to Luke, and whether Leia appears to know of Kenobi in ANH)


So, the other day I posted a pretty lengthy comment, one that I'm very proud of, on the subject of Yoda's final words. Someone had suggested that the numerous Jedi Survivor stories set after Order 66 is first put into effect decreases the emotional hitting power of Yoda's parting words. My original comment on that post can be found here: Link to original comment.

I thought it might be interesting to examine other moments from both the Original Trilogy and the Prequels that have been hit in the same way with content produced since their release. Now, I say since their release, because I understand that some pre-Phantom Menace content surrounding the Clone Wars got it very wrong, as an example. I count those tales as speculative storytelling, so they're not being brought up here.

A major piece of content that fans seem very divided over is Obi-Wan Kenobi (the show) and how it portrays Obi-Wan and Leia's relationship with one another. To most viewers, Leia knowing Obi-Wan, or, Ben, was a major retcon of A New Hope. Others, including myself, chose to wait and see whether the show as a whole could justify it. In the end, I personally believe it did.

OWK doesn't, at first, make a lot of sense with the events we know to take place 9 years later on the Death Star. After all, the iconic plea for help in ANH suggests that Leia has no personal experiences with the former Jedi High General of the Republic. However, there are some things to consider. In the ending of OWK, Ben asks that Leia not reveal their encounter to anyone in the future. I believe that Leia holds true to that into her adolescence, and that when she records her plea, she chooses to act only as an impartial messenger on behalf of her father. This is a professional call - Leia isn't asking for her old guardian Ben, her father is requesting the help of exiled Jedi High General Obi-Wan Kenobi, former commanding office of the Clone Army's 7th Sky Corps. But when she, days later, is rescued from a holding cell aboard the DS-1 battle station, she's informed that Ben Kenobi is part of the band of misfits that had come for her. Specifically Ben Kenobi, not Obi-Wan. Her childhood protector has come back for her. She's visibly gleeful at the thought - another daring escape with her wise old friend. When you choose to look at things this way, there's not much of a discrepancy.

What other 'points of contention' do you all believe have actually been resolved - and was it the same media that, on the surface, seemed responsible for the issue in the first place that corrected itself?

What do you think of Obi-Wan's comment of Vader killing Anakin, and the revelations in both The Empire Strikes Back and OWK, especially?

Let me know your thoughts, both on the theories I've personally presented and some of your own explanations for them, below. I'm very eager to see what comes of this.

Most importantly, have a great day, everyone. May the force be with you all.

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General Discussion Darth Vader falls foward


Does anyone have a link to the parody/scene alteration in ep 3 when Vader is being raised on the table and it just continues and he falls forward? I can't find it anywhere my gf doesn't believe me that it exists

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General Discussion I'd like to see a one off 80-90 min movie with Darth Vader in a slasher villain role.


I'm thinking set it during the inquisitor era. Starts with Vader in a star destroyer chasing a ship with a jedi or padawan on board and the crew is protecting them. After a brief space battle the ship gets shot down and crashes on a remote planet. Vader decides to pursue by himself and the slasher movie starts. Keep it PG13 but as violent as possible. Vader spends the next 45 minutes or so slowly stalking and dispatching the crew as they try to protect the jedi. Ends with a battle with Vader and the jedi where Vader mostly toys with them till he kills them. Then Vader silently returns to his ship. Afterwards ignites his preys lightsaber briefly before destroying it. END CREDITS.

What do you guys think? What other kind of one off stories would you like to see told?

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General Discussion why are death troopers always treated like cannon fodder?


When Death troopers were first introduced along with their accompanying lore, I thought they were awesome. But it makes me sad seeing that these towering and “terrifying” soldiers cloaked in black custom armor sporting the name “Death Troopers” rumored that they were undead (according to what galactic citizens believe) are just being constantly whacked like common foot soldiers.

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Books Advance reader for a book about the making of Star Wars?


I'm the author of books about Super Mario and Mickey Mouse; I'm working on a new book heavily about Star Wars. It's narrative nonfiction, current 94K words. Is anyone interested/available in being an advance reader? If so drop me a line at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and I'll tell you more about the project. MTFBWY

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Movies The Clone Wars used too much CGI.


The movie is really good — except the scenes of Anakin and Padmé being a cUtE cOuPlE —, but it looks more like an animation with a little bit of live action (Marvel's master).

It doesn't makes the movie bad, but the scenes (specially the arena battle) feels so... Not epic... The clones aren't cool as the stormtroopers from the first trilogy, because they're not real.

Fortunately Jar Jar Binks didn't make so many stupid jokes as in the previous movie.

Edit: Attack of the clones*.

English is not my main language, sorry.

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TV Clone Wars Gollum Yoda


How did Clone Wars get away with almost an exact rendition of a Gollum/Smeagol situation with Yoda and his Dark self in Season 6? It's like they didn't even try to make it different.

Edit: Wrong Season

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General Discussion I want to like the Filoni Cartoons. But it's just not for me.


I'm fully expecting to get ratio'd to hell because of how the Fandom for this show can be but here goes nothing.

I want to find a respectful way of expressing my disdane for the clone wars show. A show that debuted when I was like 13/14 years old with that initial movie. I grew up with it the same way everyone grew up with Naruto. Sometimes you're there for the wave, I was there for neither. Although, at least with a show like Naruto, I can't dismiss the things it does very well, while also never really getting as engrossed with it as everyone else. With the clone wars, I watched the initial movie on release day in theaters. I thought it was "cute" but the original clone wars cartoon felt a lot more mature. To the point of the Naruto comparison, I can't find a whole lot to legitimately praise about the show. I think the art style is to blame, in some ways.

I understand people love the show, and say "it gets better after season 2." I'm a firm believer that if you have to get through 2 seasons of a show before it picks up and starts to have legs, and the general advice being to actually skip those seasons, you're watching a mediocre piece of entertainment, or it's just simply as a concept not interesting enough on it's own for you. This does not apply to seasons of a show that have a slow start and a high pay off at the end. Or shows with a slow, general burning tone. What people say, when regarding to the Clone Wars cartoon, is not even technically "It gets better than good" but that "it goes from painful to watch, to reasonably discernable entertainment, to an eventual transcendental spiritual healing therapy session."

I'm nearing my 30s now. Many of the people praising this show are actually in their 30s and 40s. They hail it as the best starwars content to have been made. That it enhances the prequels, everything. It enrichens the franchise. I don't doubt this from a lore perspective. Star wars has never, up until Andor, had super exceptional writing. Everything sits on the surface. So when people say they cried to an episode where a clone everyone likes dies, I watch the episode to try it. And I'm going to be honest, it feels like I'm watching veggie tales. It feels like I'm just too old for it now, but that clearly isnt the case. Maybe my tastes are so different from these things that it's hard to digest the writing, art style, and narratives.

For reference, I have seen seasons 1- 3. It's where I stopped. I already felt like I'd invested so much time waiting for the show to start making me feel something. It just felt like I missed the boat. I can't take The Clone Wars or Rebels seriously. I can't immerse myself in the poor animation of the early seasons. For the record, I know a lot about the making of the show, I was invested in that aspect growing up. For what it's worth, there is a lot of innovation and pioneering that went into the show. They were kind of doing something no one had ever successfully done.

Clearly, the Clone Wars has something that sticks to people. Clearly it's a good show if you negate the first 2 seasons entirely. But it kind of feels like I'm surrounded by Brony's when I hear grown men praise it. So much so that I have now decided to coin the phrase "cloneys" because it made me chuckle thinking about it.

I'm sure more than a few will be like "who cares, relax, shut up, etc." But I wanted to see just how alone I actually am here. It feels bad not enjoying it. But I can't force myself. I just can't manage to connect to material designed for a young age group the same way I used to.

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TV Andor says in rogue one "This is the first for me" when they are in a prison cell


Just wondering what you guys think of this. When they are in the cell in Saw Gererras base one of the guys with him says "we have been in worse cages than this" and Andor answers "This is the first for me"

Now we know he was in a prison that while not an actual cage it was a much worse prison, and also he has talked about being locked up before when he was young in the shows I think. Did he just mean literal cages or was it a lie ? Or did they just not think of it ?

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General Discussion i think a jedi/sith would be at their best if they used either a blaster, or a lightsaber resistant shield in their offhand.


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General Discussion Has anyone from the Star Wars universe ever had knowledge of Earth?


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General Discussion There’s nothing wrong with having fun, exciting shows like The Mandalorian AND having gripping, critically acclaimed shows like Andor


I’ve been seeing a lot of people throwing Mando in the gutter now that Andor’s first season has concluded, citing it as mindless popcorn entertainment. It drives me nuts that some people can’t see it’s okay to have both. And honestly? I think you NEED to have both. I think we need more shows like Andor, sure, but we also need to keep making fun shows like Mando. If everything were like Andor, I’d feel like there’s something of that classic Star Wars blockbuster thrill missing. Andor and Mando hit completely different notes for me while still feeling like Star Wars. And I love them for different reasons.

It should be said that I do, however, get arguments for which tone certain stories should be going for. A common thing I’ve heard is that people wish Obi-Wan would have been more like Andor, which I absolutely understand.

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General Discussion Are there any known "named" banthas in Star Wars canon?


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Books Books suggestions for a non-avid reader


I do not read books a lot but want to increase my reading. I remember reading a bounty hunters book when I was in middle school a couple decades ago and I was great. What book or series would be best to get started reading new material? Thrawn gets mentioned here a lot but I didn't want to miss something great by not knowing what the people have to say.

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General Discussion I have calculated the amount of time you need to watch Star Wars.


What I have included is the Star Wars Timeline shows and Movies from Disney Plus. Including the 9 main movies, The Clone Wars Movie, All of Clone Wars, The Spin-off Movies, The Original series like, The Mandalorian, and Boba Fett.

The clone wars series is 58h and 16m (I am very glad I kept my work:)

If you want to know what else got to Disney Plus then Star Wars then scroll until you see “Star Wars in Timeline Order”
7 days 2hrs and 39 mins.
Or 170hrs and 39 mins.
Or 10,239mins!

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Movies I’m doing my yearly Christmas OT watch Christmas 🎄🥹. POP QUIZ! Without checking: what are Anakin Skywalker’s last words?


And Darth Vader’s?