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TV Found some behind-the-scenes photos from the Andor rebels in Aldhani

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TV The creators of Andor should be given the Thrawn trilogy.


I am confident they will tell that story well.

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TV Andor did representation right


Disney Star Wars has received criticism from some people due to a ”SJW agenda”. I posit that this is due to lazy writing, since (at least in my experience) most people tend to agree on what is done well. With good writing, we never really see outcries around these things being ”showed down our throats”.

Case in point. In Andor, we saw ”strong female characters” from many different lights. We got to see Mon Mothma, with her resilience and social sway, and her path towards bigger compromise and sacrifice. We followed Dedra, and the success of her focus and ambition. We saw the idealism and bravery of Vel and Cinta during their missions. The unwavering and proud spirit of Bix through her moments of injustice. And the wide reaching love of Maarva, which clearly inspired others to do what is right.

While empowered, we also got to see the flaws and complexity of all of these characters, which made them feel real and relatable. This even applied to i.e. Dedra. They were also not empowered at the cost of any male characters, which had equal depth and relatability, and who I could just as easily celebrate.

We also got to follow the romantic relationship between Vel and Cinta. This was just a subtle thing in the show, which makes a lot of sense from multiple perspectives. Clearly, they were both more focused on the cause, which was made even better by portraying Vels struggle with these circumstances. From a writing standpoint, I also find it beautiful to see fiction where relationships like theirs just are no big deal, as it suggests their world is beyond such bigotry. I also found their subtle reveal on Aldhani quite charming (the ”her bed is already taken”).

As a woman and lesbian myself, these things matter a lot to me. It has nothing to do with politics. Truly good representation doesnt just gift one group of people with relatable characters, they are a gift to everyone. They remind us that in the end, we are all the same, and that we can extend our empathy towards anyone. No matter who they are. Good writing has the power to transform us into better people, and we are all better because of Star Wars.

Send some love to Tony, Dan, Stephen, and Beau et al. for their fantastic work on this show. They deserve it.

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TV Superbly written, believable acting, suspenseful, this is the Star Wars writing we were looking for.

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TV Was not expecting so much sizzle between these two

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TV Why did they make Dooku so young here? At this point he should canonically be 70 years old.

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TV Hot Take: If the last 4 episodes of The Clone Wars were an official movie it would be the best Star Wars movie.


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TV Hopefully, Disney and Lucasfilm learned the benefits of giving one creative team control of an entire story

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One of the most appealing parts of "Andof", for me, is that each arc tells a full and complete story and each arc lays the ground work for the next as the consequences of critical moments reverberate to larger and larger moments. This is the case because, clearly, the whole series was planned from the start with one complete vision that is making it an enthralling delightful roller-coaster ride. Can't wait for the finale!!

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TV Star Wars fatigue shouldn’t stop you from watching ‘Andor’ — it’s one of the best shows of 2022

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TV Andor S1 gave us a fantastic Saw cameo. So for S2 I'd love to see this guy one more time

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TV This actress never failed to send shiver down my spine.

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TV Opinion: I actually liked the Kenobi series and I don’t think it’s as bad as people make it out to be


Everyone seems to hate it (along with BOBF) and I’m not sure why, it was decent when I watched

Edit: guys this post wasn’t supposed to get more than 20 upvotes 💀 /j

Also I said “everyone”, my bad, I meant “most people I’ve seen talk about it” tho I’m glad to find others enjoyed it too :D

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TV Andor Episode 12 has an after-credits scene, go watch it

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TV Andor is an absolute triumph & you’re missing out if you’ve not watched it.


With a single episode to go, it’s apparent that Andor is a triumph. I think it eclipses any other limited series that Disney has released to date, but that’s just my opinion.

The series has delivered a grittiness not seen since Rogue One. The performances are first rate and they are working with incredible writing. Stellan Skarsgård delivers the most memorable monologue since I-don’t-know-when. It was amazing seeing Forest Whitaker reprise his Saw Gerrera role. Andy Serkis as Kino Loy delivers a powerful performance too.

The real surprise has been the emotion in the series. Beautiful and deep scenes with characters like Mon Mothma, Bix Caleel, Kino and Lonni Jung. It’s hit me deep in the feels! Even the struggles of a wanna-be imperial bureaucrat are compelling.

Andor is Star Wars for grown-ups. I know that sounds condescending and like gate keeping, but that’s the reality. The series is slow, deliberate and deep.

I don’t know the point of this post, but if you’ve slept on this series or skipped it for some reason I urge you to reconsider and enjoy! Cheers 🍻

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TV I now have a great desire for a show in the style of Andor that captures what has to be the absolute chaos for the Empire between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.


Imagine how tense life would be on Coruscant and seeing the Emperor’s direct reaction to the Death Star’s destruction in a show that has the writing and attention to Star Wars politics as Andor.

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TV How about a round of applause for season one of Andor and its cast and crew? That was some of the best Star Wars storytelling we’ve been treated to in years.


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TV Anakin Was the best master


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TV Andor ep 10 - Oh man, that monologue


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TV Andor is better than the Mandalorian



Andor is the best live action Star Wars show to this day. Yes I’m including all of it even both Seasons of Mando. I feel this show has a purpose. It’s not some marketing show like Mando is. It has a story and that story isn’t brought down by cameos or crappy dialogue. In this show we see REAL people taking action against the Empire. Not the Jedi using there laser swords. We see the normal day life of a citizen in this time period. We see the ISB taking action against these rebels. There are real threats in this show. The Empire isn’t this silly force that can’t stop a minimized amount of Rebels. This show represents the reality of the Star Wars universe. We see brutality being committed on both sides. The Empire is an actual threat. We see so many things that I love in this show. To me it’s way better than all the other Disney shows (Except Clone Wars). I don’t know why people hate it. If you want to explain why comment jt or something.

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TV Filming has officially begun on The Acoylte + cast announcement.

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TV Watching Andor makes me realize there are some things in the galaxy scarier than the Sith.

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TV Dedra Meero is such a challenging character: one scene you'll be cheering her on against incompetent rivals and creeps, the next scene you're horrified by her calculated evil

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TV I think we can all agree that the Blue Shadow Virus arc is the most forgettable part of the Clone Wars.

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TV Can we talk about how great the Dooku background story has been. It adds so much more depth to his character and to the weaknesses of the Jedi Order

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TV Imperial Remnant concepts for the Mandalorian by Brian Matyas

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