/r/StarWars Rules and Guidelines

Please review these rules and guidelines before posting, commenting, or interacting on /r/StarWars. All rules will be strictly enforced and violations may result in a ban. If you have specific questions, please send a message to the moderators. We will review messages in the order we receive them and get back to you as we are able.


Read and follow Reddiquette

Everything found on this page will be treated as rules on this subreddit. Please familiarize yourself with them. Most importantly, doxxing will result in an immediate ban.

Vote based on quality, not opinion

Don't downvote because you disagree, downvote because a post or comment isn't relevant or doesn't contribute.

Report rule-breaking content, and feel free to modmail

We're quite friendly, really. This is a community, and we rely on you to be part of it. We highly value everyone who reports things so that we can see them earlier, and if you send a modmail with any questions, suggestions, or concerns, we'll get back to you soon.

Chances are, if it's illegal, we don't want it here. Don't be afraid to mention your opinions of things like the despecialized editions or fan edits, but if you discuss torrent sites or especially share or ask for any links, expect the bansaber. If content has not been release via one of the Official Star Wars channels, it is considered pirated content and posting will result in a permanent ban. This includes sharing or requesting media that has been pirated by others and posted elsewhere.

The moderators reserve the right to moderate at their own discretion

We hope we don't need to do this, but sometimes things get really out of hand. We do our best to keep this a safe space in which we can all have fun, and to do that, we sometimes need to make judgment calls. If you want to know why a post was removed (assuming a reason was not given), please message the mods. To expidite the process, please do not delete the post or comment and send us a link, as well.

There is an undisclosed karma and account age requirement in order to be able to post/comment here. This is an anti-spam, anti-bot measure,


1) Reposting Content

Reposts include different articles about the same story, as well as unique images of the same merchandise (t-shirts, action figures, etc.). A news video about a recent event and that provides no new information will be considered a repost and removed. Gifs and screengrabs of recently released videos will also be considered reposts. Slightly altered recently posted images will also be deleted at mod discretion as will Order 66 receipts, OT VHS tapes. cloud formations, stick figure families and license plates. There is no grace period: a repost is a repost, no matter how old.

1A) Karma Trains

Karma trains are occurrences where one user gains a large number of upvotes (or karma) by posting specific content, then other users attempt to leach the residual karma by posting their own version of the content. Be original. Karma trains are not allowed here and will be removed on sight.

2) Self-Promotion

Additionally, do not post stuff you made yourself with the intent of promoting your youtube/twitch/etsy/onlyfans etc. Fan art and content is encouraged, but if you largely just post content from your personal pages it will be considered self-promotion and removed. If you post here attempting to monetize via the comments or links in your profile, your content will likely be removed and you will probably get banned.

3) NSFW Content

If you'll have to tag it, do not post it. This includes pornographic and intentionally erotic images or videos, links to websites with pornographic advertisements, links to articles or videos containing excessive swearing, or links to websites that host erotic content. We are family-friendly here. Please also try to refrain from using profanity in comments and posts. Post titles that contain profanity will be removed. If you have something you desperately want to post, please visit /r/StarWarsNSFW.

4) Buying, Selling, and Trading

The sub is not to be used for your own monetary gain and peddling your wares. If a link has an "ADD TO CART" button, it's getting removed. Links for licensed 1st party items are allowed, and can be provided in comments as well. In addition, please refrain from making posts seeking to buy, sell, or barter Star Wars goods. There are plenty of other places for that on the internet.

5) Memes and Macros

Memes are not allowed at all. A meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. Image macros are pictures superimposed with text for humorous effect. Mods have final say in this regard. There are a few options for you to post memes and macros. Try /r/StarwarsMemes, /r/PrequelMemes, /r/SequelMemes or /r/OTMemes

6) Politics, Social/Culture Issues and Religion

Real-world politics, Social/Culture issues and religion will be removed. You may reference and discuss Star Wars politics and religion, but keep all real-world references and discussion out of it. All offending posts will be removed.

7) Spoilers in Titles

Any links that contain spoilers must have a [SPOILERS] tag in the title. For more about what a spoiler is, see the Spoiler Policy.

8) Keep content relevant to Star Wars

Harrison Ford grabbing a lemonade in Detroit isn't about Star Wars. John Williams scoring the new Indiana Jones movie isn't about Star Wars. Your order 66 receipt isn't related to Star Wars and is low effort. Exceptions may be made for deaths or birthdays at mod discretion. Mark Hamill's birthday is not related to Star Wars, but Luke Skywalker's is. That cloud you see in the sky isn't related to Star Wars, but your Grogu snowman is.

9) Post Flair

Every time you post, regardless of what you post, you will receive an automated message asking you to flair your posts. This is sent out to everyone. If you are on a mobile device, you can make a comment with your flair choice in brackets (like this: [Movies]), and AutoMod will flair your post for you.

10) Post Quality

Make sure you put some level of effort into your post. If you have a question, elaborate in the text section. If you want to share a cool image, explain why you want to share it in the comments. We don't care so much that you are posting your favorite Star Wars T-Shirt, but put some explanation behind it. Posts that are found to be low-effort will be removed. This also means no surveys, polls, rank lists, AI art posts, etc.

11) Discussion Posts

In an effort to prevent the subreddit from becoming too congested, the mod team will occasionally make a discussion thread for big topics. These threads will be stickied to the front page of the subreddit. All discussion of the topic needs to stay within the discussion thread. Posts about the topic made outside of the designated thread will be removed.

12) Blogspam

Any links to blogs or news sites that add little to no original content to a story, video, or any other news will be considered spam. Link to the original source, or it may be removed. This will especially be enforced if the page features prominent/intrusive ads. Please disable AdBlock before submitting links to ensure that they're not full of ads. Many users don't have AdBlock installed.

Breaking news guidelines

Always link to the original article

Any time you read an article, make sure that before you post it that it's the original source of the information. Check for links to other articles, or lines like "USA Today posted", "via", etc.

No editorialized titles

Titles should not be misleading. Include only practical information, and don't exaggerate. When in doubt, copy and paste the headline of the article in question.

In the tragic event of someone important to Star Wars passing away please...

Be respectful and post the news in a self post. If posting the breaking news please put a news link inside the self post. If you are posting a photo, fan art, etc or other link to pay homage please keep these in a self post as well. Thank you.


Respect Fellow Redditors - Read through this post

As Star Wars fans, and just as people in general, we will have disagreements, different opinions, arguments; not everyone will like what you like. And that's fine, it can even be healthy. But showing a lack of respect towards your fellow redditors here is not. Keep that in mind going forward before you hit that submit button. Any racial or gender slurs, swears directed at other users, accusations of trolling or shilling, sarcastic insults (you're cute/grow up), or excessive swearing in general will be met with a warning/ban and/or a removal of post. Be polite, and treat others as you would have them treat you. This means no trolling and no flamebait either.

No sexualization of people or characters

Yes, Carrie Fisher looks great in a metal bikini. We've known that since 1983. You don't need to be creepy about it. Keep your comments respectful and respectable. This applies to posts as well.

Mark spoilers

All spoilers must be marked using the appropriate CSS found in the sidebar. For more about what a spoiler is, see the Spoiler Policy.

Spoiler Policy

What is a spoiler? Read here.

Malicious use of spoilers will result in an immediate ban.


  • If you add the word "spoiler" to your title, R2-D2 will auto-tag it with spoiler flair.

  • Titles containing spoilers will be removed.

  • Links with unmarked spoilers will be removed.


  • Comments with spoilers must appropriately use the formatting given in the sidebar.

Discussion days and scheduled posts


Text posts only

Every Sunday, we'll be locking the "submit a link" button, allowing only self-posts to the subreddit in hope that this will foster more personal discussion. If you try to circumvent this rule by putting links in self-posts, do not be surprised if you get banned.


In the event that you are banned from /r/StarWars, you will receive the following message.

You have been banned from participating in r/StarWars. You can still view and subscribe to r/StarWars, but you won't be able to post or comment.

Note from the moderators:

(Ban Reason Here)

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/StarWars by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

You will no longer be able to comment or post to the subreddit, but you can still view the posts.

Appealing a Ban

If you believe your ban was in error, please send a message to /r/StarWars. If you were banned for spoilers, we will not accept any ban appeals until after the spoiler period has expired. In general, we will not accept appeals for a temporary ban. We reserve the right to ban without prior warning for certain topics. Bans may be temporary or permanent, depending on the rule broken and the severity of the infraction.