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There is a scene after the end credits. Don't miss it !


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Andor - Episode 12 - Discussion Thread!


'Star Wars: Andor' Episode Discussion


  • Episode 1, 2 & 3: September 21st
  • Episode 4: September 28th
  • Episode 5: October 5th
  • Episode 6: October 12th
  • Episode 7: October 19th
  • Episode 8: October 26th
  • Episode 9: November 2nd
  • Episode 10: November 9th
  • Episode 11: November 16th
  • Episode 12: November 23rd


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Discussion Who Hurt Him?

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Discussion So... Just saw this... Damn, Tony...

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Meme You watch the show, you start to notice just a few things…

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Discussion What was your favorite scene of season one?

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For me it was the climax on Rix Road. The tension was palpable, the music was amazing, and the entire scene was emotional and beautifully choreographed.

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How many of you rewatched Rogue One because of Andor?


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Meme This is what I have been seeing on twitter recently

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I was just a tourist today


Visited Niamos today (also known as Cleveleys in UK). My father in law lives there so familar sites have all taken on new meaning!


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Discussion Is the Anvil at Ferrix made of Beskar


I noticed that the Anvil and Beskar share similarities in appearance, texture and color. Are they made of the same material?

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Meme How I feel after seeing all the people who doubted Andor now giving it praise


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Artwork 'Riot Squad on Ferrix' - a colored pencil sketch on grey medium textured paper of the Imperial Army (9"x12")

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Artwork Just finished Andor and was completely blown away by how consistently fantastic it was! It inspired me to want to reanimate one of the scenes in Lego, but I'm not sure which scene would be the best. Is there any one scene in particular that you'd want to see reanimated?

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Discussion "You can't find it here, it isn't worth finding" double meaning.


In the scene (I forget what episode) an older man is talking to Luthen about Ferrix. He says a line that has a direct tie in to what Luthen is actually looking for.

During this scene he is in search for a crew member to help rob a military payroll. He finds Andor and it ends up being the perfect fit. He doesn't ask too many questions, has a good head on his shoulders and has a quick whit about him. But Luthen sees someone that is disposable a tool to complete a job.

Before he tracks down Andor he has a word with his man in the ISB regarding why he is doing what he is doing. To eventually spur a rebellion one that he believes won't happen until long after he is dead or captured.

Going to Ferrix in his attempt to have Andor killed, he instead witnesses the one thing he was looking for all along and now has hope that the rebellion will in fact arrive within his lifespan. At the end before Luthen takes off Andor presents himself knowing full well what Luthen wanted and gives him the opportunity. But as the man on the shuttle said, "if you can't find it (on Ferrix), its not worth looking for.

He was looking to kill Andor on Ferrix which turned out to not be worth it in the end, even comments on hard it was. But instead he finds the one thing he has been searching the entire galaxy for. A revolution and a spark that will ignite it.

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Meme The best crossover everyone missed

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Bricks and Ep. 12


As I was rewatching Ep. 12, I noticed that many, many scenes had bricks in them, and how they were part of Ferrix’s ”look”. They were used as both architectural designs and also supporting structures. (This was before I heard of complaints about bricks and screws in SW.)

And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, pardon the pun, the symbolism of the bricks “working” together to form strength and structure, and the people of Ferrix relying on each other to get through the opression or other hard times.

And what an honor it was for the dead to be part of that reminder.

And really, community, unity, and reliance on each other are at the core of society and survival. Those bricks were a great symbol of that.

And I could be completely off my rocker, I usually don’t pick up on things like that.

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Speculation So is he a traitor or not?

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It's the attention to even the smallest details...


If you didn't catch it, the opening theme is a different version each week, episode 12 was performed by the funeral procession band. I thought this was such a great little touch.

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Andor’s blaster


He got it from the Pre-Mor guards in Ep 1, right? Hid it with the money over the shower? Gave it to Melshi when the parted ways on the beach? But had it back when he returned to Ferrix for the funeral and snuck onto Luther’s ship? Maybe these are all different weapons. But they seem to linger on showing it, so seems like it’s special?

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It’s true

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Discussion My hot take on Cassian Andor: Cassian Andor is more badass than Han Solo


Everyone believes Han Solo is a badass, but we get very little evidence of this besides him shooting Greedo FIRST. (I tried to watch Solo: A Star Wars Movie but fell asleep and never tried to watch it again) He does only help Luke and Obi-Wan for money in the beginning, but by the end of the trilogy he has fallen for Leia and will do anything she says. He wants to impress her, save her, help her, be there for her... But Andor kills multiple people in cold blood. The first scene we get with him, he kills those two guys, 1 by accident and 1 because he doesn't want anyone finding out what happened. During the prison breaks, he barely glances at that imperial stormtrooper as he shoots him in the chest and then again when they break into the control them. Andor only helps the robbery for money and once again kills Skeen at that mere thought of Skeen might kill him first if he says no. This dude is an outlaw. He is badass. He is going to give it his all because he has lost everything and everyone he cares about. He is going to burn out in a beautiful way. But he is the Han Solo that we always wanted. Quick to shot, ask questions later type. Tell me why I am wrong or why you agree with me. I loved this show and am eagerly waiting the next season.

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Got inspired by that other post to make my own montage of Nemik's manifesto

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Speculation Saw someone mention the fact that it looks like Nemik's manifesto is on Cassian's jacket in Rogue One!

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Discussion [spoilers] Using the tools of the Empire against itself - or not


Something I've been thinking of is a core message that the show is showing us, vs what Luthen tells us in his speech about using the tools of his enemy.

The entire show has a very strong theme about "how to rebel". Nemik sets this out with his old-school compass it is technology outside the Empire's grip. They don't win by using a starpath but by using something low-tech and beneath notice.

Then we have the prison break, lots of setup goes into showing us the special boots to walk on the floor and we ask how will the prisoners get a set, but no, Andor has learned from his friend and bursts a water main before goading the guards to short out their own system. The empire protects and hoard their special tech, they don't bother to think the pipes could be a threat.

Then we get the Ferrix revolt. You half expect the marchers to bring out blasters, but no, they revolt by holding their funeral at the time they want. They revolt with a marching band that is just a band. Deedra is taken out by a crowd with fists and a flying rock while flanked by Death Troopers carrying blaster rifles.

This also ties in so beautifully to the OT, Luke defeats the empire with an outdated fighter and uses a faith that the empire sneers at and sees as dead to exploit the most mundane of weaknesses planted by one of their own rather than stealing an Imp superweapon to use against the Death Star.

While Luthen's setup to date seems to revolve around distributing stolen Imperial tech, his ship itself is an odd balance something insanely strong and Imperial-level disguised as something harmless which is a huge break from the themes of the show in the stuff that wins Andor his fights isn't more powerful, it's simply overlooked.

Really interested to see where they take this in the second season as it feels like a conflict brewing.

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Discussion Tony Gilroy's thoughts on the people that call Andor "slow and boring"

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Discussion What are your top 3 episodes of season 1?


I think One Way Out is definitely my favourite, then The Eye and Rix Road come after. Daughter of Ferrix and Reckoning are very close to being top 3.

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Trailer This makes me want So Bad to Watch the Series in Cinema!!!

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