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Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!


'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode Discussion


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  • Episode 6: June 22nd


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Discussion Now that Andor has ended, how do you feel it compares to Obi-Wan?


Obi-Wan wasn't quite what I was expecting but I still enjoyed it. I even found myself defending it at times to folks on this sub. Now that I've seen what was possible with Andor, perhaps I shouldn't have defended it. Does it matter? Should we just leave the creators alone to create? What's your opinion now that we've seen both series?

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Discussion Why is Haja on the run?


So I just happened to think about this yesterday but I noticed something about this interaction that I don't think has been mentioned yet, and I'm not gonna meme it just to reach the wider audience over at prequelmemes 🤣

When Haja ends up on Jabiim "on the run" after what he tried to do for Kenobi and Leia in ep2, that all makes sense because after all we know he's guilty of crimes against the empire, so why wouldn't he be on the run after his run in with Reva. And from a script technical standpoint its a easy way to reuse a character from earlier in the season, something they seem to do a lot with the shows.

But then it dawned on me: everyone is looking for Kenobi (who they have a picture of from 10 years ago I guess), and then Haja runs into Reva in an alley, and then she uses "not a magnet" to go Kylo on him for information, and then she leaves in pursuit of Obi-wan, stabs the G.I, chats with vader, and becoming the interim G.I. or whatever.

Nobody knows about Haja but Reva, and yet Haja ends up on the run anyway. This means he either ran before he was wanted and he's still not actually wanted and couldve gone home... or Reva eventually sat at her desk in fortress inquisitorious and took the time out of her busy schedule to fill out paperwork on Haja using his name birthday chain code address and any other information she would've pulled when she used Force Google on his mind... which means she has EXCELLENT memory to remember all that after the fact and is PETTY AS HELL to stop what she was doing long enough to put a warrant out on Haja especially when "deep down" she's still a Jedi who wants to kill Vader even though there's little sign of that until the reveal and it's instances like this that cement her as the most competent inquisitor of the show until she reveals her treacherous motives

But yeah... I don't think Haja should be on the run and while it's not a full plot hole, it only works if Reva snitched, and her conflicting character development doesn't really indicate she would take the time or be evil enough to include Haja in her report. Especially when she would know that Haja is pretty much useless and is just a grifter and no longer relevant to her goals at all.

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My Star Wars tattoo

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Kenobi Noir Trailer (A Fan Edit / Tribute)

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Artwork Kenobi: Trials of the Master- Behind the Scenes Reel

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r/StarWarsKenobi 17d ago Masterpiece

Artwork This scene was fantastic. Had to make some fan art!

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News The time has come... Auralnauts finally dropped the grand finale of Larry

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Just found this tribute which just perfectly shows me just how great of a character Anakin really is and how his turn to the dark side is so iconic and tragic in Star Wars history😳… Give it a watch guys and lemme know your thoughts!

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Kenobi's Macro Binoculars 3D printed and finished by me!

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Artwork Fortress Inquisitorius- new look

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Meme Listen here you little shit

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Meme You aren't getting away with that one

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Artwork CG TIE Fighter Lookdev- Fortress Inquisitorius Rescue

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Artwork Animated Kenobi Cosplay Build

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Obi Wan Kenobi Show Must Extend It's Story Line Past 3BBY


Still, one has to wonder, if Darth Maul is killed sometime in 3-2BBY, by Obi Wan Kenobi, and if Darth Maul is still alive at the end of the Solo movie, how is it that Obi Wan Kenobi takes place after Solo in the timeline according to the Disney Plus "In The Order of the Timeline" Playlist? Obi Wan Kenobi begins 10 years after Order 66. Solo takes place sometime between 3BBY and 0BBY.

Luke is 19 in 0BBY and he's 10 in the first episode of Obi Wan Kenobi. This means Obi Wan Kenobi show begins in 9BBY. Solo takes place in 3BBY, when Darth Maul is still alive.

You have to wonder why Obi Wan is appearing after Solo in the timeline. Perhaps the final season of Obi Wan Kenobi show will take place after 3BBY.

Which would mean we would get to see a real life depiction of the battle between Obi Wan and Maul and a real life character playing Ezra. Or, perhaps they'll ignore those stories since they have already been told?

It's sure that we will get to see Yoda training Obi Wan to commune with Qui Gon, since Obi Wan clearly has not learned how to do it yet. Yoda promised to give him training while he was in exile and watching over Luke, but as far as we know Yoda went to Dagobah and never left, eventually dying there.

There's going to have to be a lot more seasons of Obi Wan, however, to keep that show after Rebels in the timeline.

Unless the final episode of the final season makes a 2 or 3 year fast forward to events after Rebels sometime on or after 3BBY.

Edit addend 10/31/2022

The original theory of this post has been thoroughly debunked in the comment section.

The theory proceeded on the notion that Han Solo had not been working for Jabba the Hutt for very long in a New Hope. This has always been the established canon until Disney decided to set the Han Solo movie to take place less than 10 years after Code 66 and then, had him flying off to work for Jabba the Hutt at the end of the movie.

In the original canon, Han Solo is told that Jaba is going to make an example of him and that Solo is "useless" because he dropped his cargo at the first sign of an Imperial patrol. Now Disney has Solo working for Jabba from 9 to 12 years before A New Hope. Which would mean he would have MORE than proved his usefulness to Jabba, certainly he would have proved that he's capable of not dropping his cargo at the first sign of Imperials by then.

Granted, Jaba could just have been unreasonable when he made this comment to Han, (that he drops cargo at the first sign of Imperials), or, perhaps this last time he dropped his cargo was one time too many and Han had done it numerous times before.

So, this theory proceeds under the erroneous belief that Han Solo could not have been working for Jabba for very long, thus, placing the events of the Solo movie in 3BBY (just before Maul dies since Maul is alive at the end of Solo movie).

Where the theory goes wrong is assuming the Solo movie had to have taken place just before Maul dies, based on the unproved premise that Han hadn't been working for Jabba for very long when Jabba put out the death mark on him. (There's also the conversation we see in the enhanced scene between Solo and Jabba which lends credence to the idea they didn't know each other very well when Han was hired to do the smuggling job that got him in hot water with Jabba in a New Hope).

I thought Solo movie must have been set just before the death of Maul.

I then postulated that since Obi Wan is AFTER Solo in the timeline, that the events of Kenobi show must extend past the death of Maul in future episodes.

In fact, the entire Solo movie from beginning to end takes place before the Kenobi show. So there's no point to this conjecture any more.

I understand I will continue to get comments telling me I was wrong about the timeline setting of the Solo movie.

But don't accuse me of "editing" my posts nor of not understanding how the date system works.

Where I went wrong is not in the dating, but rather, in the order of the events, thinking that for sure Solo couldn't take place before Kenobi because they have Solo flying off to work for Jabba at the end of Solo and there was no way, at least in my mind, that could happen before the setting of Kenobi (10 years after Order 66). Because that would mean that, after over a decade of smuggling for Jabba, Han is thrown into the Sarlacc pit because Jabba thinks he's a cowardly smuggler who "drops his load at the first sign of trouble."

Unless, of course, Han indeed was that kind of a smuggler. How he lasted over 10 years with Jabba under those circumstances would be a mystery as well.

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News Saturn Awards - Obi-wan Kenobi wins 3 awards

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Meme I smell profits

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Artwork At work pumpkin decorating contest

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Artwork Mustafar Duel

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Minimalist art Inspired by The Revenge of the Sith and the multitude of artworks that depict the “high ground”. Let me know if you like it.

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Meme Obi-Wan Kenobi - Holding Out For A Hero

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My daughter and I as Obi-Wan and Leia

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Discussion After the climactic Vader/Kenobi fight….


Vader has to get basically rescued and broughr back to the ship. The Grand Inquisitor is probably secretly laughing “Kenobi kicked your big dumb ass again. Maybe you should have asked me along to face your old master.”

And even worse for Vader: explaining to Palpatine.

“Kenobi got a lucky strike and cracked my helmet open, and he jacked up my life support systems by smashing them with the butt of his light saber, and he got in a lucky really powerful Force shove that knocked me senseless and then was able to use this field of stones to pummel me. Before all of that, I was kicking his old ass,”

Palpatine shakes his head and says “Lord Vader, Leave Kenobi alone and focus on Kanaan Jarrus and that Ezra kid on Lothal.”

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Meme Don't pretend like you're innocent either Anakin

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Meme So uncivilized

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Meme Idk if i posted this here before

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