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Weekly Help "Weekly Reading and Interpretation Help Thread - November 27, 2022"


Please use this thread to request a reading, to request help with interpretation, or to offer free readings. This thread is refreshed every Sunday.

If you are requesting help with interpretation, please comment using the following format:

  • The question(s) you're asking, with any context you would like to share.

  • An explanation of the spread you're using. Diagrams or links are welcome.

  • A photo or description of the cards you dealt. You can upload photos via imgur, or another hosting service.

  • Your interpretation.

If someone helps you, consider giving them some feedback or thanking them for their work!

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) Past, present and future spread - big life decision - healing

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Discussion just got a thoth tarot deck


will i have trouble adjusting from a rider waite?

r/tarot 16h ago

Discussion How would you explain 4 of cups?


I'm studying tarot card meanings and 4 of cups confuses me. Is 4 of cups like...being too disappointed that you are not looking at the opportunities in front you of you? When I see the picture. I see a man who's disappointed on what he see but doesn't see the cups that he has and I the opportunities that are their for him.

Is this a correct meaning?

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Discussion Oracles!


I swear there is almost no better feeling than doing a reading and then pulling a couple of oracles and them confirming everything you said/thought about while reading!

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Stories Beautiful reading on the death of a pet (CW)


My beloved 20 year old cat died this week, and the grief has been really raw. He was a huge part of my life, a constant companion. But like the lovely soul he was, he let us know he was ready to rest so we made the extremely difficult decision to let him pass on.

In a despairing moment I asked the cards: where is he? Where do our loved ones go when they pass on?

The answer I drew? 6 of cups. An important reminder to me not to dwell on the misery of the last few days, but to remember that he lives on in my happy memories and in the love we shared for so long. I thought that was really beautiful.

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Discussion Clive Barrett's Ancient Egyptian reprinted


Hello all, thanks for having me. I am a big fan of this deck, which I acquired not long after its first reprinting and have owned for nearly 20 years. It's a long shot, but does anyone happen to own both reprints, and can compare them? The site indicates that the card dimensions have been changed & the art reworked, so I'm curious.

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) relationship read. I know, I know...


Deck: classic Waite

Spread: 6 cards, 3 for yes/no + 3 for tangible advise

Question (will we be together again): page of wands, 3 of pentacle, ace of cups

Interpretation: page looking to the future (right). Either looking forward to something or looking into the unknown. 3 stands for a lot of work that will need to be done. Ace of cups, reward.

Advise: high priestes(interestingly, her card astrologically) , page of pentacle, queen of pentacles

Interpretation: This one's a bit more tricky for me. Priestess might refer to calm and patience. With the page of wands above, awaiting the future with patience, trust. It might take longer or be more frustrating, or take more work (3 of pentacle in the Center above) than expected. The advise is to not loose faith. Page of pentacles, more to the right than the above Page, still looking towards the future but seeing something treasured. Could reflect the work described by the 3 of pentacles above. Marks a clear path. Maybe refers to affective work, giving support. Last card, Queen of pentacles, I want to say it represents the reached treasure, mirrored by the ace of cups above and looked forward/worked towards by the pages and 3. Maybe an advise for once it is achieved. This feels a bit unsatisfying as advise. Maybe it could represent giving it time. Giving her more of the space she says she needs. The image also evokes protection, helping her and giving her safety.

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Discussion Any recommendations for decks that remind you of Christmas?


Hey all!

As we are going into holiday season I’m feeling inspired to get some decks that have cozy Christmas energy. Any recommendations?

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) crush situationnn! info in comments p.s. sorry ab the bad lighting 😭

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) What do I need to know to get through this day? Menaced by 5 of Swords...


I was trying to get away from doing relationship spreads but look, there it is! the 5 of Swords menacing me again. I want to ask for a second opinion on how to interpret this spread. I didn't use a specific spread, just pulled three cards and let them speak to me.

Question Asked: What do I need to know to get through this day?

The Sun: Success, radiance, abundance. Shine warm love--things will get better. Connect to my power.

5 of Swords: I recently had a relationship end. The roots of the issues were in infidelity and deceit on his part. We have gone no contact for 2 weeks but my plan is to go longer. We're also expecting a child together.

I'm confused by this one, because on one hand it seems to be about winning a conflict (but at what cost). And the need to apologize. Or it could mean that I came out the loser here, should accept defeat and I shouldn't let them make me feel disillusioned.

The most confusing part is the call to apologize. This is a tough one because the relationship is all but dead, and while I made mistakes, I feel I'm now the one who needs a sincere apology. Maybe the card is challenging me on that?

9 of Pentacles: Yay back to happy cards! More achievement, success, independence. Difficulties are over. The path I'm on now will lead me to where I want to be. I should appreciate what I have.

Overall interpretation: I went through some shit. One one hand, I'm the loser in this situation. On the other, I'm the winner. Either way, it all came at a cost. If I keep following my current plan, I will get to where I need to be. I should appreciate what I have and focus on being positive and radiating life. If I can't forgive him, I should forgive myself and keep moving forward.

Deck: Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

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Discussion Deck Reccomendedations


I am looking for deck reccomendedations for very cute, animated almost Disney style art, and feminine if possible.

Thank you in advanced!

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Discussion Can you ask Tarot deck yes/no questions?


Something like “Should I do this?”

From my experience you can get yes or no or something else

What does everyone think?

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Spreads Celtic Cross Qs


I have two questions about the Celtic Cross Spread I’d like feedback on: (1) When I first learned the Celtic Cross spread, the “What Crowns You” card (position 3 above “What Crosses You”) represented the querent’s conscious goal or what he/she wishes to happen. Since then, I’ve seen others say it represents what may happen (not necessarily what the querent hopes will happen). What is everyone else’s understanding of this card’s position? (2) What’s the difference between the “Near Future” and “Outcome” cards? Is it just timing? Or. Is the near future something that will happen to influence the outcome? Appreciate your help!

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Discussion You’re not a real tarot reader until…


(You thought I was gonna gatekeep, HA!)

… Until your partner asks you how many cups of broth to put in the recipe and you say “two of cups” accidentally 🙊🤣

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Discussion Different Deck Different Meaning


Fairly new to Tarot, but would it be appropriate to say "Different deck has a different meaning" due to different interpretations of the artist, and different illustrations portrayed? Although there are some general themes, I've observed that each deck would have a different underlying interpretation.

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Art Tarot deck binder


I completed a Tarot deck that came 1 card at a time as a part of a collectible game, and I'm looking for to store it in a case,where I can flip through each card, and be able to see them.

I saw this the one available at Hit Point Press but that only holds 60 cards. What recommendations do you have for a sleeved binder that's Tarot deck sized?

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Discussion Spread Cloth Symbols


Im making a tarot deck for kickstarter and was wondering what symbols you guys like to see on your spread cloths.

I was tentative about the philosophers stone, I wanted to make the same symbol on the wheel of fortune as the cloth, but the philosophers stone doesnt really check all the boxes for me.

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Books and Resources Learning more about the queer history of tarot...


Hi folx! I am a grad student looking to learn more about the history of tarot - particularly when tarot became adopted by the LGBTQIA+ community. I am interested in examining the connections and/or connotations of queerness within tarot cards as well as any inherently queer themes within the tarot already, regardless of whether members of the LGBTQ+ spectrum are represented on the cards. Would any of you know of any resources (articles, books, websites, videos, etc.) that would be of help?
Thank you so much!!

r/tarot 19h ago

Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) Help interpreting this karmic partner spread?


So I met someone that I am pretty positive is a karmic partner. the connection was just so instant and it felt as if I had known them before. My suspicions were confirmed when I did a reading to look at the energy of the connection. Pulled the devil, the tower, high priestess, justice, the hierophant, and the moon— basically all the cards indicating a karmic connection. I decided to do a full karmic spread reading. This was the spread and resulting cards:

              -9- -10-
        -5- -7- -8- -6-
           -2- -4- -3-
  1. the karmic meaning of the relationship = queen of wands

—> in present day, this is my first queer romantic interest, being previously concerned about the status of my sexuality and wanting to be in control of my image. getting the impression that karmically in the past, there was a concern for how things ‘looked’ which prevented the connection from moving forward

  1. my karmic inheritance = knight of pentacles

—> partner is an earth sign sun. knight of pentacles seems to represent slow and steady? waiting?

  1. my partner’s karmic inheritance = nine of wands

—> i am an air sign sun. also seems to represent a period of waiting.

  1. the past of this relationship = four of cups

—> apathy, waiting. a little stuck on this one.

  1. my present hopes/burdens/fears = the chariot

—> fear of a loss of control, hope for moving forward

  1. my partner’s presents hopes/burdens/fears = king of pentacles

—> fear of upheaval and loss of stability, hope for abundance perhaps?

  1. what my partner means to me = high priestess

—> i see them as being a karmic partner, but also admire their beautiful and regal energy

  1. what I mean to my partner = ace of pentacles

—> stuck on this one, getting the impression that maybe it signifies the beginnings of an investment in a relationship

  1. what I can do for the relationship = page of pentacles

—> grounded? enjoy the journey?

  1. what my partner can do for the relationship = eight of cups

—> seems it has to do with walking away

  1. our karmic future together = the lovers

—> this card gives me the most hope out of everything else in the spread.

I’m still new to tarot, only have been reading a year. From an overarching interpretation, I get the sense I’m seeing themes of status, outward appearances, and stagnancy. Also want to note that my zodiac sun is an air sign and theirs is an earth sign. If I could get some help interpreting the full picture of this spread, that would be absolutely amazing. I can tell it definitely tells a story, I just need some confirmation that I’m understanding it from an objective angle

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) Got in my first ever car accident last night and drew cards to ask about the outcome. My interpretation is in the comments.

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Discussion Can Six of Cups have a negative meaning?


Have you had any real life examples of when Six of Cups had a negative warning or an indication?

r/tarot 1d ago

Discussion What do you think of tarot?


I mean, I find that when others help me with divination, including when I have started to try to provide interpretation to my friends, I feel more and more attracted to the mystery of tarot cards in this process. Is the person who invented this tool intelligent, or is it beyond the existence of matter?

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Interpretation Request (Second Opinion Only) Asked about how the rest of my week was going to go. Any interpretations? The deck is Anime Tarot by Natasha Yglesias and Maosishu.


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