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Decolonize Spirituality The current/ongoing American colonization of Puerto Rico: a short documentary / music video by Bad Bunny

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BLACK LIVES MATTER The urgency of intersectionality | Kimberlé Crenshaw

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Selfie Sorcery This is quickly becoming the only sub I trust… can I pull off a nose ring? Would probably have a stud for awhile first. Non-binary, starting transition.

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Crones Cant wait 😺

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Selfie Sorcery I am fall now, dyed my hair for spooky season!

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Modern Witches FYI

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Holidays I love this. Perfectly put, thank you.

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Discussion Many feminists and activists are silent about Iran’s feminist revolution because they’re afraid of being labeled by Islamophobia, I’m an ex-muslim, what the hell is Islamophobia?


Note: removed previous post because I used the term Woke in wrong context (I don’t live in the US and didn’t know it implies as negative). Apologies about that.

Iranian women and people are fighting the biggest feminist movement in the heart of Middle East, where patriarchy have been ruling for centuries and yet many feminists and activists are silent because they are afraid of being labeled by islamophobia.

I'm an Iranian, I was born and raised in a practicing Muslim family, I grew out of the religion when I started understanding the rules and laws. I have read Quran many times. I can't understand the term Islamophobia used in the west. Islam has certain rules that I can talk about on and on, but it also has certain stories about Homosexuality, and women rights. It's literally written there. Quran ch4:34 is literally saying Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given, can own them, and if women disobey them they can beat them as punishment. Same chapter verse 24 says you can't sleep with married women, unless they are captive in your hands, seized in a holy war (a war against Islam) which is technically a permission to rape. There are stories in various chapters about Lot, a prophet that his people were gay (attracted to men) and he asked God to punish them because they act was dirty and unnatural and God rained stones on them and they all died to be a lesson to the others.

To all feminists and activists, imagine a famous comedian takes the stage and says we should kill the gays and beat women if they disobey men and rape them if we took them captive in war (HAHA!), you would fucking cancel them to their death. But at the same time, that's what you are defending under the label of Islamophobia.

Wake up please. People of Iran are not against Islam (however problematic it would be as a religion), people want freedom and freedom of expression. We don't want a minority force us to practice their religion, government is even forcing Islamic laws like Hijab to Christians and Jews in Iran. Trevor Noah explained it in this video very clearly and I'm surprised how well we communicated our message this time.

Disclaimer: I'm ok with Muslims and specially my Muslim family, they can practice what ever they want as long as they do not harass me (It's not the same for many other atheist Muslim born people), but I can not take it when people try to hide the truth and take shelter behind labels. Why criticising Christianity is not labeled by Christianophobia, but the same doesn't go with Islam?

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Blessings Lessons learned.

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Discussion Sex work is a legitimate profession and should be recognised as it.


The illegal status of sex work, in a lot of countries, endanger sex workers.

I believe that it is meant to tackle human trafficking as it gives grounds to arrest, question and thoroughly interview the professional in order to assess the nature of their choice but in doing so, it punishes and risk willing and legitimate workers.

The first picture that comes to mind when speaking about sex work are, irrelevant of gender, folks on sidewalks selling their services. Sex work isn’t just that. It can be emotional support, a human contact. A presence and ear. Someone satisfying emotional and physical needs.

They should be protected. There should be regulations, rules and laws framing and codify this profession. They should have the right to a safe working environment, tests, space rather than being punished and blamed.

I am outraged at the way sex workers are treated when they service society. The fact that the customer always walk free or with a fine and the professional having their record tarnished.

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Burn the Patriarchy Finally the patriarchy is submitting to the witches

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Deities Where my Brujas at? And which ancient deity given a new xtian name is your favorite?

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Media Magic I'd watch it!

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Burn the Patriarchy I am shook. Just found out my fiancé plans on voting for Kari Lake.


What?!??? I feel like my world has been turned upside down. I’ve been with this person for nearly seven years, he’s been very liberal and progressive since we were friends ten years ago. And now he’s sounding like he’s a Trump supporter too?

What would you do?? How would you call for clarity and guidance right now? How do I keep calm under the weight of this rage and grief in order to have a deep conversation without losing my ground?

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Marketplace Not perfect but...explanation in comments.

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Burn the Patriarchy What would you say are things that typically a misogynist man wouldn’t like in a woman physically appearance?


I am asking because I want to change my looks so those type of men don’t make gross comments to me anymore and I want that by just looking at me they know I am the type of woman that is going to call them out on their bullshit. Anything from head to toe , even nails, what do you think these type of men dislike and don’t approach ??? Going as far as color , textures , shape and size . I appreciate your help thank you

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Selfie Sorcery October has finally arrived, witches 🖤🔥

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Some pics from my birthday dinner a few months ago, looking and feeling witchy as fuck 😝

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Familiars sure but will it also silently judge you

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Meme Craft It has begun witches! 🦇✨

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Burn the Patriarchy When baking with pumpkin, especially near Samhain, I like to keep it nice and subtle.

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Selfie Sorcery thought ya'll might enjoy my new thrift store heels!

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Meme Craft Happy Sunday, witches! 💖

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Burn the Patriarchy Y'all, I was testing out my Halloween witch outing costume, and just felt so radically woman. fuck the patriarchy! Wear what you want.

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Familiars Gizmo may have joined a coven ...

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Book Club A quote I think y’all will like

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Selfie Sorcery Celebrating the beginning of October with my new onesie! 🎃

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Selfie Sorcery My sister convinced my to pose for a witchy photoshoot. Happy October my fierce witches!

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