r/WitchesVsPatriarchy Queer Warlock ♂️ Aug 16 '19

Hi, just wondering if guys are welcome here FAQ

Hi. I find the new here hilarious and the community great, as well as the message. But I don't want to crash the party so to speak. if guys aren't welcome, I'll just be on my way and leave you wonderful gals to rip and tear as you see fit.



u/SongofNimrodel 🌿Green Witch💚 Aug 16 '19

Hey hey! Yes, you are absolutely welcome here, as long as you are all about dismantling the patriarchy. Welcome!


u/t1lewis Science Witch ♂️ Sep 16 '19

Hell yeah


u/CypressBreeze Gay Witch ♂️ Dec 16 '19

Absolutely! The future is female!


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '19

[removed] — view removed comment


u/SongofNimrodel 🌿Green Witch💚 Nov 30 '19

Mate. I don't know how you don't anticipate a ban for this.


u/Totally-A-Dragon Dec 02 '19

Can I ask what they said?


u/IntrovertedAlpaca Dec 11 '19

I would paste it, but I don't want people seeing my comment out of context and thinking that I agree with it. Here's a link that will show you what that comment said.



u/Totally-A-Dragon Dec 11 '19

How did they think that was a good idea


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '19

the patriarchy cannot be dismantled without the support of all genders


u/glorianahallelujah Eclectic Witch ♀♂️☉⚧ Aug 16 '19

Welcome!! Our gates are always open


u/firehamsterpig Aug 16 '19

all genders are welcome for sure 😊 just gotta be willing to dismantle the patriarchy 😂


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '19 edited Dec 20 '19



u/bubbajojebjo Sep 09 '19

Exactly. The patriarchy doesn't just oppress women (although it is most obviously against women). It puts men in boxes too. The Second Sex touches a lot on this.


u/[deleted] Aug 16 '19

Hey. Late to the party but we actually had some father's. Day posts and everyone here is pretty welcoming, weird and wonderful.

I think we are mostly more or less serious witches who have encountered a bit of sexism or other bigotry. I think a lot of women or LGBT folks find support and power in the idea of witches. As a population where our power is often taken away, magic, sorority and fear often become a safe haven.

I think that's why this sub exists. Welcome and please help us spread equality.


u/LettuceFryer Oct 11 '19 edited Oct 11 '19 Wholesome

I just discovered this sub.

At a glance I would have simply dismissed it as insanity, but somehow I didn't. A lot of things just clicked together.

I may be a guy, but I have an overwhelming hatred of the patriarchy as it has always negatively impacted my life. Hatred of the patriarchy and atheism have been the two things I've been most certain about in life for almost a decade now. Recently, I've learned to add capitalism to that list.

I think this community is really cool!

I don't really have something similar as I haven't really been able to find a male experience centered community aimed at fighting themes of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. I've tried for a long time in men's rights circles, but 99% of my time there is always screaming into the void about how they just don't get it. The misattributions to their problems are insane and self defeating. The absolute worst are the ones that blame feminism for their problems when they are so obviously caused by aspects of patriarchy.

Anyways, while I'm usually more of a confrontational poster I'll probably mainly just lurk here. Kick back and enjoy it.


u/KeepsFallingDown Nov 04 '19

Hey! I just saw your comment and I wanted to recommend r/menslib. It's an awesome, supportive sub without all that gross 'I hate women' stuff like in MGTOW. Hope you like it!


u/MadBananaMen Nov 09 '19

Wow thanks for this awesome sub.


u/KeepsFallingDown Nov 10 '19

You're so welcome!


u/[deleted] Oct 14 '19

Wow nice usually im not welcome anywhere


u/GalaxyFrauleinKrista Lives Deliciously ♀ Oct 14 '19

Yes! You're completely welcomed here<3


u/musicgoddess Witch ♂️ Dec 30 '19

Recently came out as trans and was hoping to find a post here saying guys are included, thank you, you wonderful badass Witches! Fuckin kill it and topple the patriarchy