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The urgency of intersectionality | Kimberlé Crenshaw BLACK LIVES MATTER



u/sailorjupiter28titan ☉ Apostate ✨ Witch of Aiaia ♀ Sep 30 '22

Required viewing for all witches and allies.


u/grabbyhands1994 Sep 30 '22

I just showed this to my students this week. 💜


u/uber-judge Hedge Witch ♀♂️☉⚧ Sep 30 '22

Such a bad ass woman. Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Bell Hooks, and the CRC are some other great resources.


u/thatthingthathiiing Oct 14 '22

Totally! I also recently learned of Pauli Murray - an incredible person who predates Crenshaw in talking about intersectionality (although they don’t use that word, as Crenshaw coined it.) there’s a documentary about them out on Prime now, I can’t wait to watch it. Here’s the trailer


u/Cayke_Cooky Sep 30 '22

I think this is the one in the racism 101 class


u/MsBlis Oct 04 '22

For those who want to know more... #SayHerName understand that that list has continued to grow.


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u/Luxury_Yacht_ Oct 18 '22

It’s so funny seeing this here, just had to write a paper on it for academic writing class