r/WitchesVsPatriarchy Sapphic Witch ♀ Oct 01 '22

A quote I think y’all will like Book Club

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u/Aviendah_Fan_Club Oct 01 '22

Love it! Which book?


u/the_orange_alligator The Queen Of Rats 🐀 Oct 01 '22

It’s from a series called wings of fire. It’s honestly really cool. The entire series is about dragons, and it has a predominantly female cast


u/Grouchy_Raccoon_6681 Sapphic Witch ♀ Oct 01 '22

Also the dragons are matriarchal


u/AJSLS6 Oct 01 '22

I've seen it mentioned on reddit a lot recently, theres a sub that pops up and I've read some comments/questions but haven't looked into it at all. Actually assumed it was an anime lol.

Is it any good?


u/the_orange_alligator The Queen Of Rats 🐀 Oct 01 '22

Yup, it’s really good


u/42DaisyPusher Oct 01 '22

The animated series got ditched when Netflix shut down their animation division a while back.

It’s fluffy, but it’s so much fun.


u/molly_the_mezzo Oct 01 '22

It's extremely good


u/BlueMist53 Oct 02 '22

I love it personally, bit of blood/death but great if you like dragons lol


u/loudAndInsane Oct 01 '22

I rad that series. I am remember being really said when it was over it was like climbing into a warm blanket every time I read it.


u/DungeonRoomba Oct 01 '22

I would like to add that this is a stand-alone book that is set in the world, and is significantly cooler if you’ve read the series (at least the first arc), but is still absolutely amazing on its own. The book is called Dragonslayer, and it’s the only book from a human’s perspective (afik)


u/42DaisyPusher Oct 01 '22

It’s probably my favorite, which makes my daughter a little mad at me. She also doesn’t like that Wren is my favorite character because she’s not a dragon. So I have to say it’s the Wren/Sky dyad.


u/DungeonRoomba Oct 01 '22

It’s my favorite book too. I like to see how the perspectives are so different from that of the dragons. Once I tried reading the first books and dragonslayer simultaneously, and it really improved both books


u/42DaisyPusher Oct 01 '22

I need to go back and read the first arc again.


u/thatannoying Oct 01 '22

Wings of fire is great


u/Sanne_Reddit Oct 01 '22

I really like this quote. Not big on fantasy, though, unless it's heavy on the societal commentary/psychological side like Terry Pratchett's. Is Wings of Fire like that?


u/the_orange_alligator The Queen Of Rats 🐀 Oct 01 '22

Sorta, it is a kids book so of course it’s not gonna have the most but it takes place during war times so at least it’s got that going for it


u/Klutzy-Medium9224 Oct 01 '22

My daughter is currently devouring the comic book versions. She is loving them.


u/reeseifer84 Resting Witch Face Oct 02 '22

My kid loves these books.


u/42DaisyPusher Oct 01 '22

Yay! I love Wings of Fire! It was the one thing that kept me connected to my kid during a really tough spell last year. We read all the books together. I’m so happy to see someone put it on this sub.


u/Jacobysmadre Oct 01 '22

There is another dragon series that I remember reading when w was in middle school; so 1980 or so.. one of the books was called “The White Dragon”. It was amazing, maybe similar??


u/yersiniaD Oct 01 '22

Anne McCaffrey had a series with a white dragon...


u/Jacobysmadre Oct 01 '22

Yes!!! That’s it!!! :)


u/abigail_the_violet Oct 01 '22

The Pern books. Warning for if you decide to reread: I enjoyed these books, but there's an awful lot of abuse from men we are supposed to think of as good people in them, that goes largely unexamined by the text.


u/Here4TheMemes_ Oct 01 '22

I love how I immediately knew exactly what book this is from. I love that series so much, I’ve been reading it for 7 years :D


u/itsqueenbea Oct 02 '22

wings of fire my beloved <3


u/SuperMechaJesusC Oct 01 '22

Reminds me a lot of one of my favorite songs by Laura Marling, Master Hunter:

"You want a woman cause you want to be saved

Well I'll tell you that I got a little lot on my plate

Well if you want a woman who can call your name, it ain't me babe

No, no, no, it ain't me babe"


u/OmegaKenichi Oct 02 '22

I remember reading the first Wings of Fire book as a kid and being like 'Oh wow, this is pretty cool.' and then I couldn't find the next one so I just forgot about it. Now, all of a sudden, it's been popping back into my feed after a decade of never hearing about it.


u/GameEnthusiast123 Gay Wizard ♂️ Oct 02 '22

Every single book (aside from darkstalker) contains at least one gay character.


u/Myriad_Kat232 Oct 02 '22

My kids and I love Wings of Fire!

We're fantasy/Sci fi fans and appreciate how emotions, differences are dealt with in the books. And the gender equality, though we'd like more queer characters.