r/WitchesVsPatriarchy Oct 01 '22

Lessons learned. Blessings

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u/lurgancowboy Oct 01 '22
  • let cat through tiny door
  • close door
  • feel immense guilt


u/Spiritedupupandaway Oct 02 '22

Is the guilt because of the cat getting pepper sprayed or because the cat will kill the tiny elves?


u/gnomenite Oct 02 '22

Probably both


u/ElizaBennet08 Geek Witch ♀ Oct 02 '22

The cat: “yum, spicy wee folk!”


u/yukibunny Oct 02 '22

We had Gnomes by my house growing up. They weren't in to pepper spray. But we're into doing some naughty things (sex, mooning, making ugly faces it you) I'm relatively sure it was actually one of my neighbors who carved and painted little gnomes that he's stuck in this tree that had a hole in the side of it. He built a little door and put on it do not disturb. If you opened it and took a peek inside, you never believe what you find those gnomes up to.