r/WitchesVsPatriarchy 🌊Sea Witch🐋 Oct 02 '22

sure but will it also silently judge you Familiars

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u/AJSLS6 Oct 02 '22

And somehow this brings up memories of the Futurama episode with the giant space bees and I'm now fighting back tears, who gave them the right to make more than 3 episodes that are genuine gut wrenching tear jerkers??


u/Reluctantagave Literary Witch ♂️ Oct 02 '22

That is my first thought too! The Sting, one of my favorites but gut wrenching.

I can't even talk about the Jurassic Bark episode. I've rewatched the series at least 20 times but cannot watch that episode.


u/ProgrammedStupidity Oct 02 '22

I skip it every rewatch. Not today Groening. The world is on fire. Not today.


u/AJSLS6 Oct 02 '22

Jurassic bark is most people's go-to tear jerker, but the pure desperate pleading in Frys voice.... I'm literally tearing up writing this. After half an episode of Leelas slow breakdown, to the point of suicide. It's just to much coming from a silly cartoon.

Another show is the episode of Scrubs where Brendan Fraisers character died, I was talking with my wife a few days ago about his return to acting and all the things he's been in that informed my younger self. She didn't know about Scrubs so I described the episode and practically started balling out of nowhere.

Meanwhile I can sit through real serious dramas that try to make your emotions do something and get bored...


u/Reluctantagave Literary Witch ♂️ Oct 02 '22

Yep same for me. True crime? Books? Meh I’m fine.

Jurassic bark? Absolutely not. I don’t like seeing sad animals.

I clearly blocked that Scrubs episode out but I haven’t rewatched the series.


u/AJSLS6 Oct 02 '22

Sad animals are my weakness, I think the worst example is Ge of Thrones, watching the two dragons die each put me in a foul mood..... they were cg characters for [email protected]#s sake!


u/Dessert_Allegedly Oct 02 '22

One time when one of my sisters was real little, like 3 or 4, she was playing in the backyard by herself. She was being real quiet, which was heckin' suspicious, so Mom went out there to see what was up. Turns out, she had a bumblebee in her palm and was very gently petting it, going, "Pretty kitty! What a good, pretty kitty!" The bumblebee was just laying there, apparently having its tiny mind blown by some kid petting it.


u/hopepunkbirate ☭ Communist Witch ☉ Oct 02 '22

I'm a grown ass adult and if the bumblers let me, I give them the tiniest little pet-pets with my index finger.

They are so damn soft and adorable and they wiggle their little butts!


u/pnw_southern_bell Oct 02 '22

I would love fizzy little cuddly bees!! How cute!! I grow wild flowers for them each year and love seeing their pollen covered butts napping in the petals! It's the best joy gardening can bring!!


u/_terrold_ Oct 02 '22

Okay same question but for jumping spiders now


u/labbitlove Science Witch ♀♂️☉⚧ Oct 02 '22

Have you read Children of Time? If you haven't, you should :D


u/_terrold_ Oct 02 '22

I have not but i will check it out thank you


u/reclaimingmytime Oct 02 '22

Ok but also picture: tiny kittens with wings perched in flowers


u/Previous_Initial_271 Oct 02 '22

Actually a big bee would be helpful less likely to step on it and get stung bumblebees are just big fuzzballs


u/FoxieMail Oct 02 '22

I would love a pair of gigantobees.


u/RadioSupply Oct 02 '22

I am allergic to bees but now I want a gigantobee.