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Witchy Crafts Holiday crates

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Burn the Patriarchy If you don't support ICWA you are a colonizer.


The Indian Child Welfare Act is still under attack. Please please sign the petitions and continue to spread awareness on the Haaland v. Brackeen case. Chad and Jennifer Brackeen are white evangelicals from Texas who are trying to adopt an indigenous child away from her family members who are already pushing to adopt her. Chad and Jennifer have previously fostered and returned a child because they didn't like the kid for not being the doll they want. The only reason a case like this has reached this point is because there is active push to further commit genocide upon indigenous people by making it once again legal to steal indigenous children away from their family and culture. There are still active residential schools in the USA. (Here is a recent article about the bodies of children found at a residential school in Nebraska https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/researchers-seek-lost-native-american-boarding-school-graves-94169818) If you aren't actively working on indigenous land back you are a colonizer. https://narf.org/cases/brackeen-v-bernhardt/ This is a wonderful link to further educate yourself on this court case. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/155/970/189/stop-stealing-native-kids.-protect-icwa./ This is a link to sign the petition to protect ICWA. https://lakotalaw.org/ And this is a webpage that has several wonderful petitions and prewritten emails that you can easily sign and send directly to your senators and the president. It covers ICWA, oil drilling, land back, and several other important topics. It is the link I have used most in my journey so far and something to check into routinely for information. (If the formatting is weird I'm using mobile to post)

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Discussion Intuition Advice


Hi, so this is my first post in this subreddit but I really need some form of guidance. I’m a baby witch that hasn’t really dug deep into my craft yet but I’ve always had strong intuition and sixth sense. So yesterday while at work I was thinking of a old friend who I hadn’t talk to in awhile (9 months to be exact) then suddenly this morning they texted me. It really threw me off guard but I guess it could have been a coincidence. While catching up something was off and I felt it immediately, it seemed like they were trying to pry for information about me and wouldn’t tell me about how they’ve been. In fact they ended the conversation once I asked what was new with them, honestly the whole thing had me uneasy and didn’t feel right. I know I could be overreacting but is it possible that there’s some type of negative energy attached to them or me? I don’t know if I’m just jumping to conclusions or actually need to protect myself. In the event I do I bought some stuff for a protection jar right after I got off work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really just need some type of guidance for how I should handle this.

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Kitchen Craft I know witches like jars, how many of you would want these tiny jars from a jam advent calendar?

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Media Magic A New Witchy Film

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Discussion Can I wear black leggings to a semi-formal work Christmas party if I dress it up with heels/a nice shirt/fancy jewelry?


I don’t know if this is the place to ask but it feels like a safe space. My fiancé has an office Christmas party at his law firm. It’s winter so I don’t really want to wear a dress since my legs would be showing. On top of that, I’m not super comfortable with wearing a dress or skirt because of my weight. My thought was to wear some nice black leggings with a nice sweater or a silk/fancy shirt (maybe with a cardigan), some heeled boots, and some fancy jewelry. The dress code has been described as “Semi-formal or dressy casual attire”. My fiancé will be in a suit, as is customary with law firm events. I worry my outfit may be too casual but I don’t feel I have a ton of options if I exclude skirts and dresses. Thank you very much in advance for the kind advice you fellow witches may bestow on me.

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Witchy Crafts [OC] Did a Hogwarts photoshoot of my dog!

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Witchy Crafts Protection Ornaments I made for my friend’s December birthday.

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Witchy Crafts Blessings/protection/decor for a nursery


I'm a first time mom and am in the process of setting up my baby's room.

I have a few cleansing things I plan to do once everything is in place, but wondering if any of y'all have anything special you've done for your little ones rooms? I was thinking of perhaps some discreetly mini crystal displays on shelves? Maybe a sigal framed as abstract art?

I already painted the room myself while focusing on the kind of safety and comfort I want her to feel in her room. When priming the walls I painted protection and prosperity symbols before covering them. I've also included some little notes to my baby in a few of the toys/blankets and sewn those in.

I'm trying to not be super witchy since it's a baby's room and I want her to choose her own path. Also don't want any judgement as people are in and out visiting and coming to help once baby is here. The more benign the idea the better!

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Blessings Help! New house blessing ideas needed!


I’m building my first house and the concrete slab (foundation) is being poured tomorrow! I’m a single mother, and have told I would never own my own home. Well guess what?! I made it happen and I’m going to provide stability for myself and my children for generations to come!!

The builder has invited me to watch the concrete pour of the foundation (we call it a slab here in Australia) and asked if I’d like to drop a lucky coin into the wet concrete slab for some good juju. What a great idea! I’m wondering, fellow witches, what could I do to bless my new home?! I want to honour Hestia, so am looking for a pig ornament. Any ideas as to what else I can do and any other tokens I can add into the concrete slab to bless my home and family?

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Discussion What are some lessons or habits you do/want to pass down to your daughters?


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Media Magic Starfire from the Titans live TV show is my new "I love you, you gorgeous badass who gives absolutely zero effs."


She's an incredible force on the screen for the entire show, and I absolutely covet her entire look/energy, but the scene where she walks up to the train bar and some dude in a suit eyes her like a hungry wolf and she just STARES at him until his soul melts out his ears is my new raison d'etre.

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Crystals, Minerals, & Rocks What can I use this amethyst for?

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Holidays Tell me this doesn't sound Pagan

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Tell me this doesn't sound Pagan


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Discussion Ladies, YSK about a disorder called PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)


I 16F have been getting treatment for PMDD for the last month. I learnt from my women’s health doctor that most women who have it never know and mistake it for bipolar. What this disorder is, is basically a much more serious and severe form of PMS. It presents itself as a mood disorder as you become very mentally ill a week or two before your period. If you are suicidal and dysfunctional due a week before your period (especially if you have autism or adhd) see a doctor. It’s important that the world knows about this disorder as it’s very serious. There is a chance the professional might not know about it since it’s a relatively newish discovery.

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Burn the Patriarchy Anyone else sick of “sexy” witches?


I’m not hating on ANYONE feeling sexy, and of course, a huge part of witchcraft for a lot of us is sensuality, if not sexuality directly—

THAT SAID, I’m talking about visual portrayals of witches always seeming to be “mainstream sexy” aka formed (often unintentionally) of/by/for the male gaze

Give me a goddess candle with rolls and curves, give me a painting with non-binary/gender-fluid witches, and for the love of goddesses, give me a witchy photo shoot that doesn’t involve an Instagram body/sexy pose/tons of skin showing

…I’m really not trying to hate on anything that makes people feel good, but I feel like a lot of portrayals of witches are done in a way that subconsciously just appeals to the male gaze, and we are SO MUCH MORE than “sexiness” and the sexiness we DO have is so much more than a size 4 white girl showing skin…

Anyone else ever feel this way too?

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Meme Craft Highly Likely someone got here first, but if not....


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Holidays Alternatives to a star or angel on top of the tree?


My partner and I celebrate both Yule and Christmas, but we definitely want something much less religious on top of our tree! I left it bare last year which was fine, but I was hoping you guys had some fun ideas!

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Blessings As one of the 6.7% of women in my industry I got this as a tip today. 52 years old gifted to me by a beautiful witch after a three week job I did.

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Deities A very pagan leaning witch that can’t find her pantheon


I’m a Mexican American with a little more Spaniard in the mix but I’m so American that I don’t have a strong connection with my family in Mexico and my own heritage so I can not confidently attach myself to any mesoamerican gods or goddesses. I have been learning Hellenism and although it is not a closed practice I do not feel close to it. So I just land nowhere. I do feel that I honor the moon and the sun and the elements but I don’t have a name for them.

Has anyone else been a lost pagan sheep?

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Meme Craft Now that the question has been asked, I would very much like to know.

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Art part two of three of my fairy sleeve

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Spells Support for Rail Workers

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Witchy Crafts Snakey nails. Not mine, just love the vibe.

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