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Burn the Patriarchy It's about damn time

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Burn the Patriarchy For smiles 🖤

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Burn the Patriarchy let women choose what they do with their hair!

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Burn the Patriarchy Huh

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Burn the Patriarchy Was told I need to "soften my language" in emails at work today


I had a conversation with my supervisor today and he brought up how I need to soften my emails to another male supervisor because he takes them personally.

I make a point to keep my emails to everyone at work concise and professional. I used to use a lot of submissive language and exclamation points and smiley faces but no one took my emails seriously. Now that I've started using clear, emotionless language, people have responded well and get the shit done that I ask. But apparently, I'm too "aggressive" and it's hurting people's egos. I told my supervisor that it's their problem and that I will continue being professional and concise and they can deal with it.

I'm so tired of being treated as this cold-hearted bitch when all I'm doing is sending information without smileys and hearts.

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Burn the Patriarchy Y’all, I shut down a ranting, Boomer white guy on my FB page by replying “OK.” It felt 🌈glorious🌈


I did it. Somebody in this sub recommended doing it, and I finally mustered my courage and did it!

In response to a pro-Pride post I made on my Facebook page, a friend of my parents (who is also, apparently, my Facebook friend) commented with a facile, long-winded diatribe about why I was wrong.

I replied with a counter-argument that I went out of my way to make as academic and neutral in tone as possible.

He lobbed back a rant about “young people today,” talked about how “myself and other veterans” [sic] fought and died for the American flag, and told me to “settle for one flag, suck it up, and more on” [sic].

Instead of saying nothing or responding with a careful, point-by-point rebuttal, I did what someone in this sub once recommended: I just said, “OK.”

That’s it. Just “OK.”

And I loved it. It had just the right shade of dismissiveness and allowed me to escape the encounter without falling for gish gallop or giving the impression that I’d been cowed.

Thank you so much for the tip, witches! 🧙‍♀️ 🏳️‍🌈

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Burn the Patriarchy Does anyone have advice for my sister? She sent me this message today

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Burn the Patriarchy The daughter of Minoo Majidi--a mother of two who was killed by the Iranian regime while protesting for #MahsaAmini--stands at her mother's gravesite. She is defiantly unveiled, and in her left hand she holds the hair she cut from her head.

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Burn the Patriarchy Tried to get a Hysterectomy and my doctor says I didn’t qualify


I went to go get my annual check up done and the doctor asked if I had any questions. I only had one. I asked if I could have a hysterectomy. She said I don’t qualify because I’m not sexually active and I don’t have kids and that I was too young. Why is that a requirement. She told me to get a 10 year IUD. I was so looking forward to scheduling this. I’m thinking of looking for another doctor that will do it.

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Burn the Patriarchy Every woman will experience menopause, but how much are we taught about it that isn't a "hot flash" joke on sitcoms? Half the population of the planet goes through this period of life, and it's largely ignored because it doesn't happen to men.

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Burn the Patriarchy I hate having to hear old white man “I hate my wife” jokes and just smile.


I’m a 16-year-old trans girl who works in a grocery store. I have not fully transitioned and most people assume I’m a guy, and so for some reason these old white men are always making these jokes probably because they think “oh hoo boy this 16 year old ‘boy’ will totally think my jokes are funny” and I just have to smile and nod and tell them to have a good day. I know I’m just ranting right now, but I’m so tired of it. There isn’t anything I can do about it and its very frustrating.

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Burn the Patriarchy A lawyer's opinion on the idea of recognising marital rape as rape in India (it's still legal at the moment)

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Burn the Patriarchy don't feed the trolls; they thrive off of your frustration

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Burn the Patriarchy Today my state (AZ) has decided to place a near complete ban on abortions.


I feel sick. I didn't expect this to happen. I was hoping that my state would be one of the states to allow abortion, even after roe v wade was overturned. But here we are. The only exception where it's allowed is if the potential mother's life is in danger. I was stressed sick for weeks after roe v wade got overturned, but at least then after a certain amount of time abortion clinics reopened. Now I feel that stress and that pit in my stomach more than ever. I'm a young woman. I regularly have sex with my boyfriend. I never intend on having children. And now, even with my IUD I have to fear that one day I'll be forced to carry a child I never wanted or will ever want. My heart hurts.

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Burn the Patriarchy Happy Banned Books Week! Support your local bookstores, fight censorship, and crush the patriarchy 🖤

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Burn the Patriarchy Shoulders are too sexy so cover them up ladies.

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Burn the Patriarchy What would you say are things that typically a misogynist man wouldn’t like in a woman physically appearance?


I am asking because I want to change my looks so those type of men don’t make gross comments to me anymore and I want that by just looking at me they know I am the type of woman that is going to call them out on their bullshit. Anything from head to toe , even nails, what do you think these type of men dislike and don’t approach ??? Going as far as color , textures , shape and size . I appreciate your help thank you

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Burn the Patriarchy My grandmother told me I would be shot for dressing like this, after I told her I don’t care what people think and I’ll wear what makes me happy. (Also I’m not sure which tag to use please tell me if I’m wrong!)

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Burn the Patriarchy “Not every man…”


I’m so tired of seeing this reply on every other post. Ok, I’ll buy that not every man has done (insert evil thing here), but every woman has experienced it in some way. I’ll say it once more for the (probably cis straight and white) men in the back, “stop trying to make everything about you!”

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Burn the Patriarchy Does anybody else get burnt out reading the comments on anything related to women?


It's like any post that has anything to do with women or hetero normative dynamics inevitable ends up with a bunch of comments that make it about how hard life is for men.. It could be anything, about a girl who got stabbed after rejecting advances, about maternity leave, about domestic violence, about medical negligence towards women etc. And there will be all these comments who regurgitate the same arguments like 'more men are homeless!!!', while that is not something women are responsible for.

I feel the urge to reply but that seems to be an open invitation to make aggressive comments towards me. I don't want to invite that energy into my life. But I do feel so frustrated in the general publics acceptance of the 'not all men' trope.

I sometimes just end up avoiding any news related to women because I don't want to expose myself to more misoginy. Can anybody relate? Do you also stop yourself from absorbing any more news about women's rights?

Edit: I did not expect such a big response!! Thank you for all this advice, I feel really supported by this big outpouring of mutual feelings 💕

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Burn the Patriarchy Remember to speak out, protest, and vote like your like depends on it… bc it does.

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Burn the Patriarchy My parents were visiting and I went out into my living room and my mom said “DAD SAW YOUR VAGINA!” Iol he didn’t like it

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Burn the Patriarchy The return of dry erase boards against the patriarchy

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Burn the Patriarchy What's wrong with this picture?

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Burn the Patriarchy Librarians are not here to play!

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