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Crones I just had an encounter with the town witch…


There’s this wee old woman that I always see in my local town centre. She has blue, rinse dyed hair and rides a mobility scooter and barks (literally barks compliments at people she passes) She commented that my dress was lovely, she told a young guy that blue really suited him and he should wear it more often, she saw a woman coming out of a hair salon that she looked great and it was money well spent. It honestly feels like a blessing or a good omen whenever I see her. And then she just rides on down the street in her mobility scooter, cigarette in one hand 💚

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Crones When you’re TOO good

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Crones Oh how the Turns have Tabled

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Crones Cant wait 😺

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Crones The meaning of success

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Crones Crones_irl

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Crones Crone season

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Crones “Witchy” clothing


So, I am pretty firmly in the perimenopausal phase of my life and I’m finding myself drawn to more loose, flowy clothing. I do sort of classify this as “witchy” clothing, but others may classify as bohemian or hippie. I watched Grace and Frankie and found myself pining for Frankie’s wardrobe.

But where can I find clothes like this? When I search these terms even on Amazon it’s not giving me what I want.

Any suggestions?

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Crones Define a witch

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Crones Crones, let's join together and help the younger ones


They're starting to ask women who cross state lines if they're pregnant. So, as a 57 year old crone who hasn't had a period in years, I fully plan on saying YES and wasting as many of their tracking resources as I can.

I'm hoping that spreading false information about our cycles and inventing pregnancies at state borders could wreak havoc on the system and in doing so, might confuse them enough to allow younger women to pass through especially if they're seeking abortions or birth control.

I might even save my dogs pee to totally confuse their pregnancy tests, why the hell not?

My point is that if they're going to do this, we can make it hell for them.

I can just see it: "Yes officer I'm pregnant, I've missed several periods" then let them roll out the welcome mat, lie on all their questions and then pretend ignorance since they love to brand us as stupid: "why, officer, if a female in your camp misses a period, surely everyone knows what this means, you're an educated law enforcement officer, are you not? "

Download a period tracker and lie on it.

I want to create enough confusion and chaos at borders that they'll simply stop asking just to not deal with stress and bullshit. I want to poison their data. If they're using technology to catch fertile women, we should use the same technology to hide and protect them by throwing smoke screens everywhere we go.

This in itself sounds juvenile and ineffective but imagine if enough older women do this. In all 50 states. And right now they're not preventing pregnant women to leave the country but they will. So I will lie and pretend to be pregnant, and I will force them to start the process only for them to realize after much wasted time and resources that it was all for nothing. I want to cripple their tracking system.

And if women all join together I'm pretty sure we can do this. But all infertile/older women need to do this to protect the younger ones.

EDIT: We are in the PLANNING STAGES. Does anyone here really doubt that such a horrific scenario is exactly where we're going? We need to start mindfucking them now, before they can even implement any woman tracking system. Because they will, especially if we stay complacent and do nothing.
Preemptive destruction of every shitty underhanded unconstitutional thing they do. It's already gone too far, we must do more than just resist. We must fight them now to protect the fertile women's right to choice.

This is OUR guerilla warfare. And if they implement a snitching system, we corrupt that too by reporting people we know cannot possibly be pregnant. Send those misogynistic fuckers running like headless chickens in every direction but the one they intended. Weaponized disinformation to force them to waste resources and hopefully allow the fertile women to stay free. Until everyone votes blue so we can undo this mess.

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Crones I got a Hekate statue :O

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Crones A little more than I bargained for


Hello friends! If you would be so kind as to send some healing energy my way, I would appreciate it. I had already wanted to get my tubes tied, but today I found out I need a hysterectomy. So I guess I get to smash the whole thing! I’ve got a lot of feelings to process right now, but I know it will all be ok. I look forward to joining the Crone club.

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Crones A Witch who reads, is dangerous Indeed

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Crones This you?

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Crones this is the broom I aspire to

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Crones Fallopin’ into Cronehood


Hello, witches: I got a bilateral salpingectomy this morning, and physically, I feel meh but mentally I feel great. This past week leading up to it, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about the surgery; I was wondering if I would have some last-minute second-guesses about what this means for my fertility, but I’m really glad to say that I feel nothing except relief on that front.

My doctors and nurses were lovely throughout the whole process. The intake nurse complimented my pronunciation of “bilateral salpingectomy” 😂; my recovery nurse gave me what she called the “Italian grandma treatment” and pinched my cheeks a little to get some color back into them. When she called my partner to pick me up, she said “He sounds cute! Is he cute?!” And indeed he is.

I didn’t feel a single ounce of judgment at any point, even when I told the anesthesiologist that there is marijuana in my system (legally, but the body doesn’t distinguish). My Italian grandma nurse told me she thinks it’s a smart decision and she’s worried for everyone trying to raise children in this world; they have apparently seen an increased number of young women requesting the procedure in the past few months.

I am very lucky that I’ve never needed surgery, minus a wisdom tooth extraction. If I’m this uncomfortable after a successful routine laparoscopic procedure, I can’t imagine what the aftermath of childbirth must feel like, and I’m even angrier that anti-abortion zealots would force someone to go through such a physically traumatic experience against their will. While this was the right decision for me, I am frustrated that the final push came from the state’s intrusion into my autonomy.

Overall, though, I am grateful that this was an option for me, physically, financially, and legally. I am thankful that I have a job with good insurance and paid vacation, and a partner who has supported me from the start. Pain often puts things into perspective, and I recognize the privilege of all these things, including returning to an able body once I am recovered.

I don’t have any grand conclusions, just a lot of feelings right now. I hope you all receive the same fortune in your journeys, wherever they may go—blessed be, sisters.

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Crones Any birthday twins out there?


This crone just hit 71--anyone else enjoying the fall weather on their birthday today?

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Crones Hello and Brightest Blessings!


Hello my lovely witches! I’ve been lurking for a while, finally ready to introduce myself. I am Phoenix, a Crone of 62, and I entered into all things witchy at age 14, when my parents unwittingly gifted me a deck of tarot cards for Christmas. Little did they know.

I’ve spent some time in groups, but I’ve mostly been solitary over the years. I left the craft during a crisis in my life several years ago, but I'm back! I’m the kitchen witch sort, my wand is a heavy wooden spoon. I love tarot, astrology, cooking, crafting, and computer stuff. I am currently owned by two kitties I adopted last year from my local shelter. Franklin is 3 years old, Sabrina is 14. Sabrina is my little black powder puff of cattitude. I'll post my photo after I do something with my hair. Roots and brassiness for days. I'm going silver!

I am a cis straight feline, I have to say it makes my heart soar to see all you gorgeous trans and gay witches living your truth! I’m born and raised in New Jersey, still here. I had the privilege of living near New York City and getting into the scene there in the East Village during the 80s & 90s. I frequently haunted the two most well-known shops in Manhattan, Magickal Childe and Enchantments. Lots of memories, I've met some awesome people.

We still have a way to go, but I am as fierce an ally as I have ever been. Thank you for making me smile and keep doing your magic. Nevah let the bastids grind ya down! I tried saying that in my finest Sopranos Jersey accent...


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Crones Found this statue of a witch in Lviv. This is the kind of woman I would like to be when I turn 90.

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Crones Witches are flexible like that

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Crones Style Icons?


I know that there are much weightier things to consider (not to mention work I'm procrastinating on), but I'm re-tooling my wardrobe and look a bit because I am getting divorced, heading into menopause, and maybe getting into a new career. I feel like I need/want some kind of makeover. I want to get away from my jeans-and-t-shirt/sweater, fading into the background aesthetic. I like fitted tops, embroidery, long jackets, and scarves, but not big jewelry, and rarely skirts or dresses.

I'm trying to think of women whose style I might get some tips from. One example I came up with is Bonnie Raitt. Who else looks great? I'm looking primarily for older women, but young is OK, too!

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Crones Still growing into my final form!

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Crones I will pluck all my chin hairs if that’s what it takes 🐺

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Crones I have truly missed my calling, but am available for interviews.

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