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Decolonize Spirituality Telling like it is

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Decolonize Spirituality Pure Female Power in the Haka

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Decolonize Spirituality where can I sign my kids up for his classes?

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Decolonize Spirituality Lots of y'all when you try to make snarky points about "the bible".

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Decolonize Spirituality good doggo

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Decolonize Spirituality This is a reminder about the Christian Right:


In the US, you can fill out IRS form 13909 to have a church's tax-exempt status revoked if a church involves itself in politics. Instructing its members to vote for a party, bill, or candidate is enough.

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Decolonize Spirituality My roommate crushed my eagle feather


My first eagle feather. It was given to me after reintroducing myself to my dad’s side of the family as Summer. The first and only thing I told him when he moved in is “do not mess with my eagle feather”

I told him that I don’t care if my whole house burns down, as long as I keep my eagle feather I will be fine. He knew I was serious too, last September I finally came out at work and got bullied and fired—I went home that day and burned everything I owned except for my newest clothes I bought to start my transition. I have nearly zero connection to my earthly belongings, the only thing I owned that has any value in my life is my eagle feather, even after building myself an ideal life through hard work and overcoming dysphoria on a daily basis.

The spirit within that feather helped me have the best summer of my entire life. The spirit helped me with job interviews and I cherished it every day, making sure it stayed healthy and cleansed with my sacred medicines. My roommate moved it and then crushed it under luggage.

I’m mourning… it feels like he crushed a part of me.

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Decolonize Spirituality what's on your plate today?

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Decolonize Spirituality accidentally sent this to the family group chat instead of just my sisters. having a christian mother is a bit much sometimes. she's convinced I'm going to hell.

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Decolonize Spirituality Every child matters. Honor boarding school survivors.

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Decolonize Spirituality Baron Samadi 🎩☠️🐍🥃🚬

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Decolonize Spirituality Deliciously Witchy Trip to Iceland

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Decolonize Spirituality AMA about Indian spiritual schools of thought, particularly Hinduism.


I really liked this flare and wanted to contribute to the subreddit.

I'm an Indian Hindu, born, brought up and living in the country. Though I'm agnostic, my parents are EXTREMELY religious and I'm fascinated by the myths, legends, and philosophy.

You can ask me anything about the myths, legends, and spiritual schools of thought in India and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. :)

(Also, I'm new to reddit, sorry if I make/made some mistakes)

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Decolonize Spirituality The harms of new age, cultural appropriation, patriarchy with lipstick on, etc.


I’m in a club on clubhouse called Smashing Patriarchy. In there I’ve heard new age spiritualism can be harmful and perpetuate patriarchy. And I really want to avoid that. I also want to avoid cultural appropriation.

I’m interested to learn more about what spiritual practices my ancestors may have taken part in or may have had in their communities, etc.

I made a TikTok earlier asking about German deities of justice, spells, offerings, etc. Someone suggested Hoodoo and Voodoo. I indicated I wouldn’t be doing that because none of my the ancestors I know about are from Haiti or had any of those practices in their communities.

The person seemed to get upset.

Can I hear from others on these things?

For context here’s the exchange:

Her:if it's human rights, and cultural rights, you need to travel further south love. my heritage is Norse/Celt but I was raised in the Deep South

Me: @justice_is_like_air:Where do you suggest I go?

Her:hoodoo and voodoo were like breathing air. you want justice pray to maman bridget,, offer cigars and whiskey to her husband baron semedi

Her:just know, unlike the Norse pantheon the old South are bitter tricksters.

Me: @justice_is_like_air:My ancestors are not from the hoodoo or voodoo cultures. I will not appropriate others’ cultures. Also, I thought those were closed, not open.

Her:honey, half my family crossed over as debters honestly we should have been in Australia, clerical errors cause the English don't speak Norse scot

Me: @justice_is_like_air:As far as I can tell most of my ancestry is from Germany. I want to stick to cultures my ancestors would have been a part of …

Me: @justice_is_like_air:I do not want to colonize anyone else’s cultures or spiritual practices. I found a Norse God Forseti who represents social justice.

Her:my family was vikings that fought the English, and landed here. I was raised Ole south, with the loas, the veves. I am just learning of my Norse side

Me: @justice_is_like_air:The furthest back I’ve gone in my tree is 1490 and they were Christians. Im not sure if my ancestors were Vikings but more comfortable with using it

Her:Gods don't care what your skin color is, your gender, for my God's you as for help, and make an offering they hear you

Her:oh my sweet child, God's don't care about your skin color, your background. your pray to them they hear.

Her:every spider In my house I greet and say hello Mister anasi welcome. I hear the coyotes yelp in the night, I smile

Her:cause coyote and loki are one in the same. skin colors, religions, upbringings in the end we are all the same

Her:if you cannot see that and are blinded by terms like cultural appropriation, and not realize that we are all one, then yes you are truly closed off.

Her:You, asked for help. I offered it. remember this, remember your own words, I wish you good fortune and health, and I will say nothing more to you

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Decolonize Spirituality Blocking and moving on has been so helpful lately


Sometimes, spiritual content creators will post absolutely atrocious things, such as content that proudly promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories n*zis spread (blood libel, reptilian people, etc).

And sometimes, those content creators will then double down on it when someone else very gently educates them on why that promotes racism, antisemitism, etc. Saying “You’re just closed minded, this is MY spiritual journey. You’re just not enlightened enough to have the same experience. It has nothing to do with politics.” before blocking anyone that doesn’t kiss their ass and tell them it’s okay to promote n*zi rhetoric.

And in those times I tell myself that nothing I or anyone else says will change their mind. Arguing does nothing. If anything, they’re transmuting the energy I’m giving them. So, just block, it saves time. I don’t need the extra stress anyway, it’s not good for my body☺️

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Decolonize Spirituality thought we could all keep this response in our back pocket for later use

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Decolonize Spirituality Spotted at work

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Decolonize Spirituality An alternative to "amen" for a spiritually-interested woman in a mixed family of Catholics, atheists, agnostics, and witchy ones like myself?


Edit: I realize I am also looking for ways to open a prayer, alternatives for "Our Father in heaven," etc. Thank you!

My yearning for a sense of spirituality versus my rational thought and scientific upbringing are incommensurable. I will start there. There will never be a way for me to articulate how I both identify as atheistic, but get lost in aetherial feelings of grace and enormity looking up into the stars for some celestial other. It's inexplicable. I might find peace with that another day.

In efforts to connect with my spritualiy, I've begun to pray a bit, using it as a meditative tool for my mental health and as a common value to explore with my Catholic-raised partner. I find peace and harmony with the universe when I imagine a different kind of God from Christian faith, so masculine pronouns, mentions of Jesus, etc., all flick the switch and I'm back in a darkness of non-spirituality.

My partner doesn't mind that I'm seeking my own faith, valuing personal relationships with faith over organized religion. But I wonder how I could help myself with my alternative imaginations.

What could I say or think instead of "amen"? Do any of you practice spirituality in your own ways? How do I add more "witchy" elements to my faith, for lack of a better phrase, that's inclusive of femininity, nature, celestial bodies, and scales of time well beyond humanity? How might I parse baptism one day as a moment of empowerment for my own spirituality? (I am quite happy to get baptized for my partner, as it gives him so much comfort to imagine our souls moving together beyond.)

These efforts might be recognized in this subreddit as a feminist approach to Christian ideals, an imperfect moment of compromise and confliction, but for peace and solidarity.

Thank you for any kind thoughts or suggestions!

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Decolonize Spirituality My mother was my hero and passed a decade ago. Her favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. How can I honour her memory without promoting hate?


(Typing this on my phone. Sorry for any mistakes.)

Hello all,

As the title implies, my mother passed away 10 years ago. Her birthday would have been this past weekend.

Without qualification, she made me into the woman and witch I am today.

She was the breadwinner in my family, a rock when we needed it, was always kind and caring towards me and my brother, took night classes when raising us, held the patriarchy's foot to the fire, and showed unbelieveable strength even when cancer took her. A feminist in her own time, if she had lived to see the rise of Reddit, she would have loved this place.

She passed in 2012 after a long, drawn out battle. Her death left an indelible mark on my soul and it still aches. I try to uphold her legacy and consider myself a modern day witch.

All that being said, she was still human. She was not without flaws. Case in point, her favourite film in the world was Gone With The Wind. Quite possibly the most racist feature length film in existence.

As a Canadian, she had no connection to "The Old South" per say, but she loved the stubborn, cunning, rebellious and uncompromising nature of the lead heroine, Scarlet O'Hara, and quoted her often as a source of inspiration. Naturally, my mother was never as cruel as Scarlett (in fact quite the opposite) but I know she drew a lot of female empowerment from Scarlett and her struggles.

As time passes though, while the character of Scarlett may have her place in isolation, the rest of Gone With the Wind is... unbearable. It is objectively horrific in its depictions of whitewashed, sanitized history and abhorrently racist portrayals in its portrays of... well, just about everything and everyone. And so so much more. It is vile. Irredeemably so. Of that there is no question.

So... my question for you witches is this:

How do I reconcile that love and respect in have for one of the greatest, strongest feminist influences in my life, while also squaring with the idea that her favorite source of inspiration is a character from one of the most racist pieces of media ever created?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry if I'm not articulating my point well...

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Decolonize Spirituality Meanwhile they just worshipped weaponry violence and riches 💩🤑

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Decolonize Spirituality bless you all for all the decolonial posts today

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Decolonize Spirituality Alternatives for Happy Thanksgiving?


I work in a customer facing position with pretty conservative management and refuse to say Happy Thanksgiving but Happy Holidays just doesn't feel like I'm committed. I've been just not commenting or saying you too when someone say it to me but I'd love to shake thing's up.

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Decolonize Spirituality I am Ojibwe. 3 of my grandparents were residential school survivors. We defied the odds and kept our teachings intact.

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I had a terrible experience earlier after sharing these photos. Please send me positive energy 😢

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Decolonize Spirituality So i ended up in a hot debate because of my oh so opinionated self by stating that Christianity took over and replaced the old gods and that there were alot of those who followed a matriarch.


Any way I can back up my poop talk? Didnt expect anyone to actually comment saying “b*tch where?!” 😅😅

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Decolonize Spirituality Most of Puerto Rico (US colony) has no power right now but I hear there is a very important funeral happening 🤡

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