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Media Magic Friend sent me this, had to share here

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Media Magic And no she’s NOT the villain 😼

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Media Magic This feels like it belongs here.

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Media Magic The smartest witch of her age, indeed

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Media Magic The OG witch for me. Who's yours?

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Media Magic New Wednesday show on Netflix - are y’all watching?


I started 2 days ago and already watched all 8 episodes. I thought it was so cute and good. One of my favorite lines “there’s no patriarchy with bees!” And thought of you all.

I thought it was a cute show with lots of witchy spookiness if anyone needs something wholesome and fun to binge.

P.S. If y’all watched were you team Xavier or team Tyler?!

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Media Magic just 2 brown people in my drama school class this year...but won't fucking settle down for being invisible ever again in my life. SO HERES TO ME!🥂 warning: BAD BROWN BITCH WHO'S CONQUERING YOUR SCREENS VERY SOON. SOUTH ASIAN REPRESENTATION in film/tv MATTERS! 🔥

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Media Magic Thoughts?

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Media Magic "Girls in glass houses... should throw bigger stones"


My inner child's black-glitter feminist heart is sooo in love w this new "Wednesday" on Netflix... 🖤

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Media Magic I saw this and yeah, its accurate.

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Media Magic I'd watch it!

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Media Magic With only the purest intentions

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Media Magic Me and the girls coming out of the woods

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Media Magic Wednesday Addams vs Catcallers

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Media Magic Big Mouth has been so healing for me ngl 😂

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Media Magic Let's do our girl some justice

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Media Magic Qatar 2022- And the drawbacks of cultivating human rights abusers.


Hey, y'all!

As many of you know, the football (soccer) fever has gripped the world, and it got me thinking about Qatar's miserable treatment of not just LGBTQ+ people but also women and migrant workers, and how they consistently get away with it.

I channeled that energy into writing this article, and I'd really appreciate it if you can give it a read and spread the word! Your support is much appreciated!

Here's the link for mobile users: https://giraffespov.wordpress.com/2022/11/28/qatar-2022-and-the-drawbacks-of-cultivating-human-rights-abusers/

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Media Magic Love this sub. First time posting here.

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Media Magic “We are Ladyparts” is an utter joy and I highly recommend 🖤


Premise is, 4 London witches form a Muslim punk band. Season one is six episodes and streaming on Peacock. It’s the best thing I’ve watched all year!

They were renewed for a second season. Would love to hear what other people think.

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Media Magic Wednesday Addams


What do you all think about the new show? I personnaly loved it. We need more heroes like her.

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Media Magic Rewatched "Kiki's Delivery Service" Recently


It was kinda wild. Last watched it when I was a little Christian boy, like 7 years ago. So watching it again as a woman who's gone through burnout quite a bit and also started practicing witchcraft, the depth surprised me. I'm not sure my parents would have let me watch that movie if they realized some of the stuff I figured out.

The movie shows Kiki get support from various people, most notably 3 different women. One is the bakery owner, Osono, who is very pregnant and shows Kiki that there are kind people she can rely on. Another is Ursula, a young woman living in the woods doing art, who shows Kiki how to restore passion in things. And finally, there's an old lady who makes pastries. She's first seen making a pie for her granddaughter, and later bakes a cake for Kiki to show appreciation. She shows that Kiki's good deeds will be rewarded eventually.

Beyond just the concept that Hayao Miazaki managed to write a surprisingly good story about how feminine support groups manifest, I noticed something very interesting.

Ursula is the maiden, Osono is the mother, and the pie lady is the crone. Intentionally or not, this story of a witch has relations to the triple goddess of witchcraft, which I think is really cool!

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Media Magic I don't know how they did it but this show empowers me (Derry Girls)

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Media Magic School of Good and Evil on Netflix is so bad it made my sould bled


So yesterday I watched the School of Good and Evil Netflix and I expected something at least decent, or at least entertaining.

I also thought the movie would be vaguely about magic or link with nature, nice fantasy landscape and fun story, but obviously I set my expectation too high.


1/ Both schools assignments are incredibly dumb:

-GS (Good school) has "beauty classes" where the princesses have to smile to pass class.

-ES (Evil school) has "ugly classes" where they have to embrace their repulsiveness.

2/ Patriarchy is everywhere in the movie:

-Sophie believes she has to seduce the stupid prince, who is not even that good looking nor smart, nor funny, in order to get herself in the GS. This is the main plot of the whole movie that last 2H27!

-All girls in GS are insanely vain and stupid, their only concern is to look good for the ball and get their crush to invite them.

-All pretty girls are rivals, they all want to get the prince.

-Weird looking girls are evil.

-Rafal the evil head master who is like 1000 years old, is seducing Sophie who is a teenage girl.

3/ Nothing about magic, all about do this, don't do that:

-Teachers are like "use your power". At least in Harry Potter, the classes where conducted in a somewhat credible way and students were studying a lot to get better.

-Teachers don't want students from ES and GS date together, when they eat together everday at school, so what's the point of them to meet?

-The settings are great, yet we don't see much of them as all the story takes places in the few boring same spots.

-The only book Sophie reads at school is about super evil dark magic.

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Media Magic I know this is not a movie sub but I want to ask your opinion on the movie "Prey". I really loved it but some stupid people on the internet are bashing it because they think it's a "social message crap" even though it is not.

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Media Magic Anyone wanna vaction at a working witch's farm in Stardew Valley? (swipe to see inside)

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