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Modern Witches Banish the past, the pathway is forward.

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Modern Witches Explanations for why saying “females” instead of women is sexist


To be very clear, I completely agree that it’s sexist. I’m struggling right now because I have two close younger male family members who don’t see it as sexist - and aren’t normally misogynistic.

I’ve tried to explain that it’s derogatory and reduces the sense of humanity when it comes to women, but they laugh it off saying it’s not “technically” wrong. We actually got in a big fight over this and my elderly mother agreed with them, which is quite sad.

I just feel like I’m not explaining it correctly. I know it’s wrong, and I know it’s disrespectful, but clearly the way I’m talking about it isn’t getting through. I was hoping this forum could help me find the words. Would any of the feminist witches out there mind sharing how they would address this?

They’re not bad people, they’re just young and easily influenced. I want to be sure they’re aware of the impact of this kind of language before they hit their stride in the world.

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Modern Witches I've always loved cats and always been very suspicious of anyone who said they hate them

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Modern Witches Witches, how the hell do you find a partner in this world?


I guess the stereotype of an old hag living in the woods with a cat or a few is not that far from reality.

I’m approaching my 30’s. Spent my early 20’s in a long term relationship with a man who became more and more conservative over the years.

I got out, took time to heal, and was finally ready to look for a partner who’d embrace my witchy side and would smash patriarchy with me.

X dates later and 2 months wasted with a witcher who turned out to be an immature idiot, I’m back at square one.

Most men are so misogynistic, even if they say otherwise. Most of them are either bigots or completely emotionally immature and childish.

I don’t need no manifestations, no spells. I need a hug.

I’m just honestly curious how the hell a modern witch can even find a partner without lowering her standards.

I enjoy my own company, but I want to share my life with someone. Yet, at this point I’m starting to get used to the idea of living alone for the foreseeable future.

EDIT: 🥹🥹🥹 after reading all of your lovely comments and receiving warm virtual hugs, I’m feeling so much better 🥹 I even managed to go on a random date without feeling like a sad loser and just enjoyed it with 0 expectations. I thought to myself “if this goes well, I’ll go on a second date. If not, I will enjoy my own company. I don’t chase”

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Modern Witches I didn't see this posted here yet and thought it would be helpful. Stay safe out there sisters!

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Modern Witches Anyone else ✨ need ✨ this mug? Or is it just me?

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Modern Witches FYI

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Modern Witches This is so not me but I love this woman's energy.

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Modern Witches POWER FLEX

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Modern Witches Journalist Christiane Amanpour sitting alone at an interview because her guest, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cancelled the interview because she refused to wear the headscarf

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Modern Witches Thought you witches might appreciate my wedding dress.

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Modern Witches When will (mostly old white) men stop saying this to others?

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Modern Witches This is how Iranian witches deactivate the Islamic regime's surveillance cameras (/r/NewIran)

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Modern Witches Remarried the love of my life

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I wanted to share some positive news in this hectic world. I just remarried my lovely trans wife, she recognized herself as a woman in March this year. After 22 years together and two daughters I had the chance to tell her true self how much she means to me. Here's a pic of our handfasting ceremony, which was officiated by our daughters.

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Modern Witches We could supply the witches!

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Modern Witches Not sure this has been posted here before, but I thought you'd might like this one. :)

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Modern Witches Wizards against the Patriarchy…yes, it can happen!


My sister and BIL “Billy” were big into the rink activities in my small town. My niece was in figure skating and my nephew into hockey. My niece went up in the figure skating world and my sis and BIL were right there with her. They were equally involved in my nephew’s hockey. They had a backyard rink so the neighborhood kids all played hockey together. There came a time when my niece, now age 13, decided she wanted to play team hockey too, but there was no girls hockey team. So she applied to the boys team. No way, they said. She told her dad that it wasn’t fair.

So my BIL, Billy, went to the boys team and told them since there was no girls team, that she should be able to try out for the one and only team, which was the boys. He told them, Let her play one game and if she can’t pass muster, then so be it. But give her a chance to prove herself. So they let her play one game and of course the boy’s coach thought it would be fitting to let her humiliate herself in public. That would squash any future requests to allow a coed team.

Well, she put on her brothers hockey gear, tied up her pony tail under the helmet and went out on the ice. Something happened to her when she went out there. That cute little figure skating girly-girl we had seen for many years transformed into a pure hockey-playing ball of energy. She ended up skating circles around the boys, backwards and forwards, because of her years of figure skating, not to mention her inherent competitive streak. At the end of the game, the boys voted her MVP! So…She became the only Girl on the boys team that season.

Billy then set up, sponsored and coached a girls hockey team the next season, (the girls themselves nicknamed the team Billy’s Fillies) which he and my sister managed for over 15 years, until my niece was in her 30s. Kudos to my BIL, an unintentional wizard that stood up against the patriarchy to clear the way for his daughter to fly under her own power.

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Modern Witches Sounds like the world needs us, witches 🖤

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Modern Witches There are two witches inside of me...

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Modern Witches thrift find that made me think of here

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I'm sorry I'm just having a proud thrifter moment. I saw these and the first thing that came to mind was witch shoes, then maybe witch hunter shoes? But they are gorgeous man-made vintage. Charity shopping is one of my favourite pastimes when I get treasures like these.

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Modern Witches "You are doomed, aggressor, as presaged by the Witch" —Ukrainian junior sergeant from the 241st Kyiv Territorial Defense Force Brigade, callsign Witch. The platoon under her command fought off six Russian infantry attacks in a single night.

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Modern Witches A witch gets a new broom! Just finished my flight training and I graduate Tuesday sisters!! My new broom is an airbus!! YASS!

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Super happy to have completed my training and now I will do what witches do! Take to the skies! See you up there sisters! Let’s fly!!! ✈️

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Modern Witches Wanna come over and watch The Craft on netflix?😊

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Modern Witches I am seriously thinking about converting to paganism.


I have been lurking here on my other account for quite some while, but I have never felt I had anything to say until today. It's my first post here, so I am very sorry if it doesn't fit.

I was raised in christian household. My parents are pretty liberal but as I grew older I had serious concerns with the powerstructure of the church and started questionin my beliefs as a result, so 7 years ago I left the protestant church and vowed to never join an organised religion again.

That changed today.

I had been playing on a minecraft server with a friend and we're roleplaying as germanic dwarfs preping for Ragnarok. I wanted to build up the world a bit, so I decided to do some research into germanic paganism. I found out that apparently there are still practicing heathens in Germany and it turns out they have a herde (chapter) in my city! And also, they're queer friendly by the looks of things.

Through my activism I have been exposed to a lot of nature religions, especially from south america and I always loved the concept of personifying nature, but they never felt quite like home.

Do I believe there are literal gods watching over us, scheming? Not really, but I know there are forests and oceans and there are thunderstorms and they are obviously more powerful than I am. I like the concept.

It's really close to Yule so I don't know if they got time for me, but I would love to at least look at it. I'm so excited!

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Modern Witches Confession: I have bought quite a few of my altar supplies from the Target dollar section