Should I donate to The Satanic Temple (TST)?

The Satanic Temple has a history of poor transparency regarding the use of funds, creating publicity stunts instead of concrete action, and supporting anti-gay & alt-right figures. While individual chapters may be active & accountable without being problematic, we do encourage users to be mindful of supporting the national head of the organization.

Who is TST?

Founded by Lucian Greaves & Malcolm Jarry, TST's main tagline says, "The Satanic Temple is a nontheistic religious and human rights group based in the United States, with additional chapters in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom." The NY Times refers to them as "mischievous thorns" in the side of conservative Christianity. The article is a few years old, but a lighthearted view of TST from its founders.

So what's the big deal? I think having a non-Christian religion fighting for religious freedom is a good thing!

The public image put forth is one that fights for the rights of non-Christians in a very Christian-dominated United States social & political structure. The story from the NYT article above points out the satirical way TST was "coming out to say how happy we were because now our Satanic children could pray to Satan in school." This appears to mock Christianity while making it difficult for politicians to push forward a Christian agenda that must be inclusive of the religious and non-religious. But TST fought to allow a prayer rally headlined by Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon by filing the amicus brief on their behalf.

As a reminder Steve Bannon was the editor of the right-wing online publication Breitbart and worked in the Trump administration as its chief strategist. Milo Yiannopoulos, also associated with Breitbart, has a laundry-list of bigotry & phobia against all manner of people and considers feminism a "cancer". Both have been barred from Twitter for their controversial views & trolling.

Other Resources That Shed Light on TST Practices

This post made to WvP by a former member outlines information about why TST has been and remains problematic.

Unmasking Lucien Greaves is an article about Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves that includes information about how they decide which issues to fight for:

We haven’t, and won’t, gamble our entire organization on any one project. There are some things we’ll do that won’t work out as planned, and others that will surely hit the mark.

A local chapter of TST came out against the organizational leadership in 2018 with the following Instagram post. The information has been edited for length but the full post is available on Instagram:

Instagram Link w/ Full Text
We view Marc Randazza as a Twitter troll and an agent of the alt-right. He is not a neutral actor with no political motivation of his own; he is an ally to Nazis and to alt-right provocateurs such as Mike Cernovich, routinely retweeting their odious messages and tweeting his own misogynistic and racist social commentary, in addition to being a recurring guest of Alex Jones on Infowars. We believe Randazza is opportunistically using The Satanic Temple as both a shield and a lever as he continues to work on behalf of the alt-right, and we in the Los Angeles chapter want no part of this. We have no interest in lending our social capital, time, or fundraising efforts to The Satanic Temple that will partner with such entities in the interest of pursuing lawsuits. This is not what any of us signed up for when we joined The Satanic Temple, and while we must always ask National Council and Executive Ministries for consent on our own actions, we were not asked for consent about this lawsuit, and instead were expected to unquestioningly go along with their decision. We are Satanists, not sheep in need of shepherds, and we make no apologies for refusing to accept such terms.

This is the last in a series of leadership decisions that has caused us to question our affiliation with The Satanic Temple. We believe in most of The Satanic Temple's causes, its tenets, and its core mission, and we understand the value of the community The Satanic Temple provides (it's what brought the members of the Los Angeles chapter together, after all), but we cannot endorse it or be part of it anymore.

More information on the hiring of Marc Randazza can be found here.

In Conclusion...

WvP simply cannot stand with TST as a resource to reliably fight patriarchy while upholding our values.

Abortion Resources

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