r/lotrmemes Sep 21 '18

Gif request thread.

Hey everyone!

Gifs are a wonderful thing and a lot of us enjoy making them. But there comes a time in a man's life when inspiration and ideas are not within our grasp. Therefore we are creating this topic to help those who might have great ideas but not have the skills/tools to execute them.

In this thread, you can request a lotr-themed gif that we can edit for you. Sketch the situation, what kind of text are you thinking of, maybe pasting different scenes together...

Besides the mod-team, there are several other users who will keep an eye on this thread. Those users are:

Of course, if you feel like making a gif yourself after reading an idea here, go right ahead!



u/LGP747 Sep 21 '18

I wanna see aragorn of the men faction fight the nazgul on weathertop.

He throws his downvote-torch at a ringwraith called 'orthanc post' but it erupts in upvote flames


u/Nazi_Marxist Sep 21 '18

But my Lord there are no such giffers


u/VulkanLordofDrakes Sep 21 '18

Saruman vs Gandalf with Saruman being article 13, and when Gandalf sends the butterfly away it is a request from Europe for aid.


u/IRuinYourPrompt Sep 22 '18

Done. Kept it short, might extend later.


u/ipate84 Sep 22 '18

A chance for gifers, users of r/lotrmemes, to show their quality


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '18

I don't have any requests now, but I just wanted to say this is a wonderful idea and thank you.


u/Spartan-417 Sep 21 '18

A ‘You have no power here!’ gif please


u/IRuinYourPrompt Sep 21 '18


u/Spartan-417 Sep 22 '18

Definitely didn’t ruin the prompt, despite your name. Well done!


u/Shappie Sep 27 '18

Much that once was is lossless

Not a gif but I figure somebody could use this


u/perpetualanguish Sep 29 '18

Yeah... this became my computer background within 30 seconds of me seeing it. Thanks!


u/Shappie Oct 01 '18

You're welcome!


u/KeepCalmJeepOn Sep 28 '18

I once saw a sped up gif from The Hobbit 2 with some text at the bottom that basically just made Thranduil super sassy and it was hilarious, but I have never been able to find it again. Does anybody know the gif I'm talking about?