r/lotrmemes Definitely not Sauron Sep 30 '22

Remember to add the spoiler tag to your RoP memes! Mod Stuff



u/Lazy-Importance652 Oct 12 '22

What's there to spoil?


u/EdgaristheDog Oct 01 '22

Why isn’t there a sub dedicated to RoP? I don’t watch it and it feels like this sub has turned into exactly that, literally every post is RoP. Considering leaving the sub since the content isn’t LoTR focused any more. Doubt if I’m alone in this.


u/EmptyStar12 Oct 01 '22

There are actually several dedicated subs already.

The fact that this sub has had Hobbit memes over the past few years evidentely wasn't a problem for you, so why is RoP any different? I also struggle to see "literally every post" about RoP; scrolling down the front page I think I saw like three RoP posts out of twenty and two were spoilered so you'd even need to go out of your way to see them.


u/[deleted] Oct 27 '22

bruh this is literally the only rop post on the sub’s fp


u/EdgaristheDog Oct 27 '22

Bruh this comment is literally from a month ago.


u/[deleted] Oct 27 '22

how the fuck did i get here?