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Mod Stuff New post flair requirements!


Mae govannen! From now on all posts require the proper flair on them before posting. You may report posts for not having the proper flair.

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Mod Stuff How to filter out posts you don't want to see by flair:


Guide to Filtering Reddit

With Link Flair, you can use Reddits built in filter function to better tailor your Reddit experience to fit what you're interested in. Below are brief guides on how to browse specific content or simply remove certain content from your front page.

List of Flairs Currently in Use on r/lotrmemes

If you're removing flair from the subreddit by using the search bar, use the block text versions so it'll filter properly.

  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hobbit
  • The Silmarillion
  • Rings of Power
  • Crossover
  • Meta
  • Shitpost
  • Other
  • Repost


Users using Old Reddit can do so with RES

If you don't have Reddit Enhancement Suite Click here to get it!

  1. Open your RES Console

  2. Open Subreddits, then FilteReddit. Scroll down until you find Filter by Flair

  3. Add the flairs you don't want to see anymore.

Redesign Users

Desktop users using the redesign can Click on flair to filter from the sidebar. Note that this will only show that specific flair. If you want to view the front page with one or more flairs missing, follow the guide in the next section.

Mobile Web & Desktop users can filter using the search function.

Type -flair:art in the search box. This also works on the re-design for desktop.

Or bookmark this link, amended to whichever your preference is: https://www.reddit.com/r/SUBREDDITNAME/search?q=-flair%3Aart&sort=top&restrict_sr=on&t=day

You can add more filters by writing -flair:Classic+-+Humor+/+Meme, -flair:question etc. This also works on the re-design for desktop, however you'll have to manually sort by "top" and "last 24 hours" every time you add a new flair to the list.

This will show you the front page as it exists without the posts that have the flairs you specify.


Reddit (Official)

  1. Search in the search bar at the top of the app the subreddit you want to view, then select it.

  2. After you've landed on that sub, tap the search bar again. When you do a list of popular flairs will appear

  3. Tapping any of them will show you the posts that have that flair, you will want to sort by new to find the newest things however.

  4. If you want to see the entire flair list, go back to step 2 and tap "See More".

You cannot flair filter properly with this app and it's considerably slower than others, so I'd recommend picking one of the ones below.


Check first if you have Link Flair enabled. If you have Link Flair enabled, skip steps 2 and 3.

  1. Tap the 3 dots in the top right and go down to Settings

  2. Scroll down and open Appearance

  3. Scroll around 3 quarters of the way down and enable the Link Flair options

  4. Return to Settings and go to Content Filters.

  5. Tap "Post Filters", then select the + in the top right. Select which subreddit you'd like to filter from and by flair, then add the flairs name.


  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left and go down to Settings

  2. Tap Filters

  3. Go to Link Flair Blacklist

  4. Write whatever you'd like to filter in and add it as a filter.

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Sync for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down a ways to Filters

  4. Select "Flair Filters" and add the flair you want to filter.

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Boost for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Tap Content Filters

  4. Tap Flairs and write what you want to filter

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.

Slide for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down to Content, and then Filters

  4. At the bottom, Flair Filters

  5. Write filters as SUBREDDITNAME:art, save. It will appear as this.

Joey for Reddit

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left

  2. Go down to Settings

  3. Scroll down to Filters

  4. Select Flair Filter

  5. Add the flairs you want to filter

This app will filter indicated flairs across all subreddits, not just specific ones.


  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top left.

  2. Go to settings

  3. Tap through to Post Filter

  4. Tap the + sign in the lower right to begin creating your filter.

  5. Customize the filter as necessary, though this is the relevant bit for this guide

  6. Save in the top right, then tap the newly saved filter and select 'apply to'

  7. Apply your filter to the where you want it placed

Logged out Users (Desktop)

Some people can't log into Reddit but still browse and want to filter. You can do this most effectively on old Reddit as new Reddit will change your sorting preferences anytime you add a new flair to filter. Using this filtering system, you will see all relevant posts for the last 24 hours, effectively showing you the front page as it exists without whatever you're filtering.

You can do this by going to https://old.reddit.com/r/SUBREDDITNAME/search?q=&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=day

Once there, write -flair:art, -flair:question, -flair:Humor+/+Memeand so on. Make use of the block quotes in the flair list above so that flairs with spaces in them filter properly.

Apps that do not support Flair Filtering

Some mobile apps support some level of filtering but not Flair Filtering. These are:

  • Now for Reddit
  • Red Reader (can't filter anything)
  • Relay


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Mod Stuff Rings of Power Rule Update!!


Blessings of the Vala, friends!

It's time! The Ring of Powers show will shortly go live across the world and with it Rule 14 (banning RoP memes) will be lifted. Once the show goes live (September 2nd), you will be free to post memes including RoP and discussing RoP content.

We will enforce a strict 'Spoiler' tag on all posts discussing RoP content or using RoP media (ie: using a frame of the show). This 'Spoiler' rule will be enforced until one month after the first season is fully released (to be renewed with new seasons). Ruining new content for people who have not seen it is completely unacceptable and can result in permanent banning. This will be the new rule 14.

However, there is an ever slight chance the community will disagree on the quality and direction of the show /s. You will be free to post memes giving negative and/or positive feedback, we simply ask that you keep it civil. Especially in the comment section. We will be keeping a close eye on the comment sections to make sure matters do not escalate, but please help us with reporting conversation that devolve into hateful speech. Please note, reporting a dissenting opinion from yours is not a valid report. Rule 4 and 5 still apply.

Our role as moderators is not to be dictators, our role is to keep the content free and flowing. This means that it is part of our role to make sure the subreddit doesn't turn into a constant debacle of internal strife. We don't want another 'Freefolk' incident. We need you guys' help on this. We are here for the taters and broken toes. If the conversations cannot remain civil, we will poll the community to see what limitations we may want to employ going forward. I can tell you that even within the mod team, we have dissenting opinions about the show -- some are really looking forward to it, some are dreading it... and that's okay. We are all entitled to our opinion as long as we share it civilly. Remember, you guys have the upvote and downvote power. Your collective voice decides what does or does not reach 'Hot.' Just like 'Grond'... for some reason, it's still getting upvotes... GROND!

r/lotrmemes Sep 06 '22

Mod Stuff Concerning report abuse...


Mae govannen everybody! Please do not report a post or comment that does not break the rules. Recently, people seem to be just reporting things that they disagree with. Remember, everything that you report shows up in our (the mods) Modqueue. That means we have to review everything that gets reported and decide what to do with the post. If something shows up in our Modqueue that does not break the rules and is simply just being reported because a disagreement or just the reporter being petty then it is marked as "report abuse." When something is marked as report abuse that means that it is reviewed by the admins. Abusing the report button is taken VERY seriously by the higher ups and you risk not just being banned from the sub but banned from reddit entirely.

So... to save yourself from punishment and to save us time please only use the report button when a post or comment breaks the rules.

Thank you!

r/lotrmemes Feb 17 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming Wholesome (Pro) Tolkien

Mod Stuff Rings of Power memes are prohibited until the show comes out.


While a large portion of these memes are harmless, the comment section of the posts almost always turns unsavory. Also, most of these "memes" aren't even memes, just a way to rip on the show or fanbase. Most importantly, THE SHOW HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET PEOPLE.

That is why from this point forward ALL Rings of Power memes will be deleted. That includes meta posts referring to another side of the fanbase. If you want to post Rings of Power memes, please go to r/MemesOfPower. Thank you.

r/lotrmemes Jun 16 '22 Helpful Tolkien

Mod Stuff Crossposts are now banned


Mae govannen Mellyn, the mod team have decided that crossposts will no longer be allowed on the sub. The reason being that they are seen as very low effort, used by karma farming accounts and encourages spam, as any time Lord of the Rings is posted on another sub, this sub can get inundated with crossposts.

So, crossposts are banished forthwith from the subreddit of r/lotrmemes, and all its domains, under pain of death removal.

á na márië

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Mod Stuff Remember everybody, this is a MEME sub, not a political and racial debate sub.


We don't care if you want or don't want POC in the new show. Keep your opinions to yourself or take them to another sub. This is a meme sub.

From this point forward all posts regarding this issue will be deleted on the grounds that it violates rules 4 and 9. If you see any more of these posts being posted, please report them.

Now let's get back to posting funny memes, shall we?

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Mod Stuff Notice regarding messaging mods about reported posts and commenting on spam/selling bot posts


Namárie mellons, I'm making this stickied post to cover two quick topics about sub etiquette.

  1. You do not need to message mods about reported posts/comments. We will see them in the mod que. Some posts/comments will get removed within minutes, others could be an hour or two depending on when we see it (we do have lives outside of reddit).

If you message us, you will be muted. We've also had a few instances of people PMing mods after being muted and for me personally, I will hand out a 48hr ban if you PM a mod regarding reported posts.

We will see the post or comment and remove it if it breaks the rules.

  1. With this being a large sub (over 1.2 millions Shirefolk), bots are a plenty and we try our best to fend them off and root them out, but sometimes, they can be a bit tricky to identify 100%, but there are those which are quite obviously bots. The most common and obvious are the spam/selling bots which post pictures of common lotr paintings and t-shirts with the titles being very similar to one another. These posts also often have other bot accounts commenting on 'how to buy this' with the other bot account providing a sketchy link. We usually remove and ban the bot that made the post and do the same with the comments.

Now, sometimes, regular, very real people comment on these posts and may not be aware that it's a bot account, but they can get caught up in the ban hammer wave that ensues. If this happens to you, you can make a ban appeal to the mods and if we see that you're clearly not a bot, we will most likely remove the ban.

The sub rules will be updated to include the points made in this post.

Ni 'lassui En

r/lotrmemes Oct 25 '21 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Hugz Crab Rave

Mod Stuff After today, screenshots of bot conversations are prohibited.


Mae govannen everybody! From now on you are no longer able to post screenshots of bot conversations. The posts today will remain but after today they will not be allowed. If you wish to see funny conversations from the bots, simply go to the comments section. Also, if you see posts like this please report them, it makes our job easier. Thank you!

r/lotrmemes Feb 11 '22

Mod Stuff Got some spicy memes about the new show? Head on over to r/MemesOfPower!


Mae govannen! Welcome the new kid on the block, r/MemesOfPower ! The HOT, sexy, sassy, fashionable, place for all your Rings of Power memes!

For now, you are still allowed to post Rings of Power memes here (as long as they follow the rules of course) but we strongly, STRONGLY, STRONGLY recommend you post them over there instead. Ok, godspeed r/MemesOfPower. ...I think I used that word right.

r/lotrmemes Sep 10 '21 Silver

Mod Stuff 9/11 memes are prohibited


All 9/11 memes in the upcoming days will be deleted, do not post them. If you are looking to post your edgy content then take it over to r/dankmemes or r/historymemes please. Thank you!

r/lotrmemes Jul 02 '21

Mod Stuff For those of you worried about the bots taking over every comment section...


They've become too powerful, they can no longer be stopped. I'm sorry.

If you wish to have a serious conversation without summoning a bot then just change the character name (e.g., G*ndalf or Fr-do).

r/lotrmemes Aug 12 '21 Helpful Take My Energy

Mod Stuff r/LOTRMemes has officially hit 900,000 members!


Hey, everyone! On behalf of myself and everyone else on the team of Moderators here in r/LOTRmemes, we just wanted to say thank you to you all. I know I haven't been a Mod here for super long but I have been a member of this sub for years. It's insane how fast this community has grown and I'm honestly so proud to be a Moderator here. This wouldn't be possible without all of you! It looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!

~The r/LOTRmemes Moderator Team