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Just unsubbed from r/propogandaposters. It’s literally the pledge of allegiance, not Nazi germany

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I whisper and laugh with my partner at the movies and you should too.


It’s a public viewing. It’s our only date without kids or work or (…) in months. It’s literally half the fun for us, and we also paid a lot of money to be there. She makes me laugh, and cry and think.

Don’t be intentionally annoying, do be conscientious if people ask you to be quiet (try to sit away from folks when you can etc) - but absolutely enjoy yourselves and, if necessary, the ire of people shaming you for that.

If you don’t want to hear or see or engage other people then a public performance is probably not the best move?

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Shop security tagged black products while the others aren’t.. Racist or not?


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🔞 Warning: Graphic Content 🔞 Head banger


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Rant Don't care if I'm "house poor"


Once you enter or research the housing market, the most common phrase of people trying to talk you out of it is "well you don't want to be house poor". I understand not taking on more house than you can afford, but it mostly seems to stem from not having "fun" money, like taking vacations every year or going out to eat all the time.

Renting a 3 bedroom apartment in our town, not even enough rooms for my family of 5, is $2000. Our current 4 bed 2 bath, 2000 sq ft house that we bought in 2018 is almost $1900.

The house we are in the process of purchasing is in a small town next to the city, a 15 minute drive east. A 5 bed 4 bath, 4200 sq ft, with twice the lot size, 3 stall garage instead of 2, is $2400.

Our kids will get to ride the bus to school (yay no more parent drop off line!), the park is a minute walk away, we are at the end of a cul de sac so no longer have to deal with late night joy riders or motorcycles blasting by, we overlook a pond, and all our neighbors have kids the same age as ours.

I'll take peace of mind and a quiet neighborhood, in a house big enough for my family that I own and can do what I want with, vs. having "fun money" any day.

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Show Spoiler I'll stand by this until the day I die

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Discussion & Suggestions It seems like the mod is at the exact same point it was a year ago.


Once again, the only thing we're showed is the map and the models for the cities. Still not a single picture of characters, new gameplay mechanics, traits, events, etc, which is the meat of the mod. When can we expect to see even a tiny bit of actual gameplay like all the other mods are showing?

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yes, pet-safe dye is a thing [OC] I met this glamorous good boy in the park this morning.

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Suggestion “Does anyone else actually like the new war system?!” is not an actually interesting post. Please stop making them.


We get it, you like the new system and like shitting on anyone who disagrees. Can we stop now? This community has gotten so toxic towards anyone who disagrees with the new system and I’m so tired of seeing it.

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News & Discussion You don't need *every* cosmetic


I am seeing people in this sub bellyaching about the prices of the Overwatch 2 cosmetics. Have some of you never played another Free to Play video game? ( Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, ect ). You are not supposed to buy every cosmetic. In fact, you are not even required to buy a single item in the item shop.

At most, you should only buy the Battlepass and maybe the Starter pack. While the overwatch battlepass will not give you premium currency, the starter pack will actually give you 500 premium currency. Couple that with the 500 currency you will get from completing season challenges, and you will have enough currency to purchase the Season 2 battlepass for free.

The era of Overwatch 1 lootboxes is over. We truly had it too good for many years. Now we are in the current era of live service games. We have 3 choices:

A. Stop playing Overwatch outright

B. Play Overwatch, but don't spend a single cent

C. Adapt to the new free to play style and only purchase items you definitely enjoy

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Beverly Hills As messy as Lisa Rinna is, I agree with her *takedown* of Kathy Hilton.


As a Black millennial that grew up on The Simple Life, I sincerely struggle with the Hilton's pop culture contributions and the AGGRESSIVELY problematic and racist content. So, while it might be absolutely dramatic and over the top, I'm here for it!

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[ Removed by Reddit ]


[ Removed by reddit on account of violating the content policy. ]

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Answer. Give.

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What if New York did something like this for a specialty jersey?

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Article Will Smith Thriller ‘Emancipation’ Gets First Screening In DC; Plus First Reactions On Antoine Fuqua Film

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QUESTION bro da biggest snake ever...mf got juicers balls down his throat...the guy who harrased Maya and called Miz criminal without even knowing anything about that SA allegations

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🗣 Discussion / Question ummm...I haven't been on here for 24 hrs or so...did RC never tweet?


I'm serious. I dont know. All day at work yesterday I was looking but ya know. It's Friday. Was just ready to stop slaving away and having some cold ones with the boys. As much as I've seen. He didn't. So what does that tell us. Oh no. Poppa Cohen didn't fullfil the 741 theory...nope he didn't. Here's why. This is one of the most targeted individuals on Wall Street right now. He's a outsider, changing the system, beating the game. Did it once with Chewy, doing again against Amazon. He's a threat. You know how bad he probably wanted to tweet and his lawyers are probably like dude that will be the end. Once again, all speculation on my side. But I'll say a unpopular opinion. I like and respect the fuck out of RC. But I don't give a flying fuck about his tweets, 741 theories, TA charts, Netflix movies, where in the world is Ken Griffin. Individual investment, DD is there, and coming to light more so lately, no cell, no sell. Fuck you, pay me.

TL;DRS he didn't tweet. Who cares

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Avatar: The Way of Water to Fall Short of Top Gun: Maverick's Box Office Success

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Baby trying wasabi


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Green mfs on life support rn (muh footprint) my guy, it straight up has nothing to do with me. I contribute less in a year than most corporations in a day. Im not changing shit

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oh wow


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Discussion This game is the best game released in atleast the past 3 years and I need to get this opinion across as a fact lol


So I just wrote this comment under the 1.0 trailer Reddit post but I had to make my own post cuz dude like I’m just amazed at how good this game is and how much fun I’ve had playing with my friend.

This game blows all of its competition out the water.

In today’s age we have 343 releasing a dumpster fire with halo infinite, battlefield was abysmal, cod is meh, Pokémon games are lackluster, and games in general such as Ark are filled with bugs, exploits, exploiters, and cheaters. All my favorite games and franchises are freaking dead or terribly managed, and Ive been left with rocket league and apex, and a bit of yugioh master duel. Then temtem released on Xbox and my friends like yo this game looks cool…

This game openly took the idea of Pokémon, utilized what works best in Pokémon, took what doesn’t work that well and applied it better 10 fold. Double battles were always the best way to battle and now it’s all double battles, fantastic. Pp to stamina is amazing, it makes more sense realistically, not that we should be tryna think extra realistically but it’s a better and perfect application of ‘Pokémon getting tired’ than the Pokémon being able to use a move exactly 10 or 15 times. Also just being able to tv train stamina is cool as you can specifically get whatever stam u need for ur move set. Holds make for more strategic move sets and make it so u can’t spam op shit. Buffs and shit stay when you switch and thus switching is encouraged rather than buffing some fast Pokémon swords dance sweeper to never switch out and destroy the other team. There’s no rng in accuracy, critical hits, or chance of hax. Status effect turns are determined by each move. Alert is a thing so sleep can’t be spammed. The typing in this game feels more balanced than Pokémon typing. The game isn’t super easy and u can’t roll over everything and anything with your starter, so players finish the game much more skillful than they do in Pokémon, understanding type advantage and when to switch, and thus are encouraged to try out competitive battles in the end game. Also the story is really good, I’m not spoiling nothing but I was not ready for that Max situation at all 😂 and the story even has some cool themes throughout it. It’s just Pokémon… that takes the worst aspects of Pokémon and scraps them entirely or reworks them into greatness. And the devs actually update and fix bugs quickly which is unheard of in today’s age.

Can we also just think about this, they created a fucking supply and demand based Temtem market. That’s insane man, since breeding isn’t infinite and it takes time patience and some brains, perfect temtems are given a value in the auction house based off of peoples, US THE PLAYERS, supply and demand. They literally have a stock market of temtem, AND ITEMS. Getting a luma is like hitting the jackpot. You can make in game money by breeding or luma hunting and that’s really awesome. Just a really cool interaction honestly

And this game has given me the experience I wanted in my childhood so bad, to just play in a Pokémon world alongside a friend and that’s the sickest part.

Phenomenal game, easily worth playing especially with a buddy, this game is a freaking masterpiece. If they keep updating this game and treating it like an mmo I can’t even begin to imagine the greatness of temtem in 5 years. I took the time to say this cuz man, I’m really impressed and even grateful for the temtem dev team and everyone keeping the ball rolling. As an aspiring game dev and obviously gamer, surrounded by an abundance of money milking companies who release terrible quality unfinished games, this game and the game designers behind it are inspirational fr and I just hope some of the devs see this message and feel appreciated

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Discussion I do not dislike the series, but I can barely stand Galadriel


When I started watching Rings of Power, I was both scared and excited. Scared because I didn't know how they would handle the lore and excited because I wanted to see more of the Second age of Middle Earth.

After watching the first 4 episodes (I haven't watched the fifth and sixth one yet) I must admit that overall I enjoy it. I do not particularly love it, but there are many aspects that I like. However, there are some things that I dislike and one of them is Galadriel.

First of all, I want to clarify that I have nothing against the actress. I will talk about the character as a character and not the person that portrays her. I totally understand that she is not Galadriel from LOTR. It's very logical that her personality is different. But I am so sick and tired of watching her act like a 15 years old bratty teenager, who complains because other people will not do as they say. She is not 100 years old (and even if she was,she would know a thing or two), she is much older and someone would expect her to be more mature. I know that this is part of her arc but so far, I have almost no sympathy towards her. It's as if they have forgotten that she is supposed to be as wise as the other elves and they just wanted to give her a character growth arc. Which is not necessarily bad, but they have made her so unlikeable for me with the way they have written her. She acts quite disrespectfully, she expects other people to follow her orders and she looses her temper quite easily. I am certainly not 1000+ years old, but it's safe to say that if I were, I wouldn't behave like that, simply because I would have experienced many things in my life and I would know how to behave properly. As for her being a soldier, I do not dislike it, but it irks me that she seems to be so much better than the other Elves (the fight scene with the troll made me roll my eyes).

I'm still curious to see how she will develop as a character, but if they continue to portray her in that way, I don't know if I will be able to like her. If you enjoy Galadriel, do not feel offended. It's good that you enjoy her as a character and I wish I could say the same.