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Tier 5 Raid yveltal now! 3561 5604 0296


be online plz

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$20 plus shipping

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Question Do You Guy Know How Long It Takes For Monday Morning Misery To Update Because IDK


Just tell me in the comments

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[I ate] Torta Cubana.

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Does your airpods pro 2 make a static noise with ANC or transparency mode turned on?


Just got them yesterday. Noticed that if i am in a very quiet room and have the volume low. I notice static noise when anc or transparency is turned on. Is this normal? Could other people with airpods pro 2 elaborate?

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[Bedrock] A savannah next to a plains entirely surrounded by mangrove swamp. Seed: 541386856023684663 (BR edition)

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Möbel & Deko [188,99€ statt 219,99€ | -14%] FLEXISPOT EP1 Schreibtischgestell (Höhenverstellung 71-121cm, 70kg Tragkraft) in Schwarz, Weiß oder Grau für 188,99€

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B4B? I can boost first msg me


Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/xKWB4UJOgkb

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Hellfire club ..

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Discussion Naming my mobile game



I'm working on a mobile game where you need to rescue the hostages before they get killed by the zombies

What should i name it ? any suggestions ?


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‘Mangalyaan’ mission: With drained battery and no fuel, India’s Mars Orbiter craft quietly bids adieu

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Showing off my shinies(for living dex) if wanna contribute please leave a comment

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Builds An old lookout that used to protect the river bellow it

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Should I wear lucky brand boxers if I have a small dick?


It says lucky across the top and I feel like if a girl pulls down my pants she wont be so lucky and they might think like “well im not that lucky”. Am I overthinking it.

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[WTB] New/Almost New Geissele SSP Flat Bow & Holosun 503CU (FL)


I recently bought a Geissele SSP Flat Bow trigger during the Labor Day sale from Brownell's for $160 (+ tax/shipping), and I love it! Would like to buy another one (preferably new) for $160-180 shipped. Also looking for another Holosun 503CU red dot for $170-190 shipped. Egunco has it for $179.99 but the $20 shipping negates some of the savings. PayPal F&F or G&S. Thanks GAFS! 👌

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Weaponized Progressivism


We as a society are obsessed with this idea of "progress" so much that  we sometimes actually move away from healthy social constructs just for the sake of change.

We have become addicted to changing things just because it feels good to change them.

I'll give you an example.

In  the 1970s, when the pill became available, marriage rates began to decline as more people felt safer engaging in non-marital sexual activities. 

Our current data shows that marriage has declined by as much  as 50% since 1990.

As a result of the drop in marriages, more children are born to young mothers who are not yet self-sufficient.
Leaving that household below the poverty line for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever...

As a comparison, 23.4% of single mother-led households lived well below  the poverty line in 2020, nearly five times higher than the 4.7% rate for married couples. 

Social "progress" like this had horrendous consequences.

In contrast, the ratification of the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.
In terms of women's rights, this was a huge victory.

A massive amount of progress has resulted in equal rights for women in the workplace and in society as a whole.

These examples illustrate that change isn't always either a positive or a negative thing.
But  before just tossing out certain social constructs and policies for the  sake of progress, 

I think it is essential to weigh why certain constructs and policies exist/existed in the first place.

There are things that NEED to change, but progress is not progress if we have moved away from the healthier option for society.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
- Thomas Bertram Lance

Statista. (2022, February 18). USA - Marriage rate 1990–2020. https://www.statista.com/statistics/195951/marriage-rate-in-the-united-states-since-1990/

Gallup, Inc. (2021, May 22). Majority in U.S. Still Say Moral Values Getting Worse. Gallup.Com. https://news.gallup.com/poll/183467/majority-say-moral-values-getting-worse.aspx

Livingston, G. (2020, August 27). The Changing Profile of Unmarried Parents. Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project. https://www.pewresearch.org/social-trends/2018/04/25/the-changing-profile-of-unmarried-parents/

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the line "we are young" in the odd1sout song probably turned him on


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Help people are leaving my city!


guys help so im kinda new and people are randomly leaving my city like -280 so how can i prevent that

( i reached grand city)

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Patch Haul time to turn this into a backpatch

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Will this Schottky diode protect the battery in this circuit?



I have a battery powered hobby microcontroller project using 4 AAA batteries for normal operation. But for debug and development I connect a USB/UART using its 5V supply. I don't want to blow the alkaline batteries up by trying to charge them so I need to isolate them when plugged in. I would rather not add a switch. I would like to use a Schottky diode as its low Vf of about .5V would not reduce my battery life excessively, but it would also allow some flowover of battery to the circuit when plugged in. Not sure if this would create a problem. I would appreciate any practical advice. Thanks.

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problem 😟 TUF F17 FX706HE esupport Folder


Hi, can anyone Provide the esupport Folder for FX706HE, as I lost mine Because I wiped my SSD to clean install windows 11

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How do you ship liquor for personal use from Mexico to the U.S.?


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Humor/Memes TSCC is now counting fast offerings, bishop storehouse, deseret industries, and some church operations. Only a small fraction is true humanitarian aid. This is just clever accounting.

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Suche w die was machen will egal was


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Offer [OFFER] I will design a modern and minimalistic logo for your brand only for $25 USD


Hello, I am Arpan, and I specialize in Clean and professional-looking original logos for new startups.

I am experienced in Adobe Illustrator and vector graphics. I can create an original & creative minimalist logo for a low price. I will provide you with multiple concept sketches to pick the best fit. They are minimalist, clean, original, modern, and scalable to any size without any quality loss, so they are perfect for any project you may encounter later.

• Direct link to my Logo designs: Logo Portfolio

• What you will get -

• Features 🗲 Packages • Package Details
Concept sketches 2-3
Delivery time (days) 1-3
Color variations 2-3
Revisions 1-2
High resolution
Transparent background
File Formats SVG + PNG + JPG + PDF + AI ( Vector )
💲 Total Pricing 💲 ( USD ) $25 USD only

• Other services: Banner Design

• Please comment $bid here before contacting me via PM, Chat, or website.

• I take 50% of the payment when the concept sketch is finalized.

• The full design process is described here.

If you are interested, please Comment $bid here first and then send me a chat or PM with the details of the work after you $bid. I will reach out with a Google form that you will fill with company or project details. Communication is the key here, so the more details you give about your company, the better the results will be. I will reply as soon as I can. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I have a pretty quick turnaround time.