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Decision to recast Mawle apparently was made "months ago"

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‘Rings of Power’ Recasts Orc Villain Role Adar for Season 2 as Additional New Cast Members Revealed

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How will Sauron show his powers in the show?


He will say "I am evil"...

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New Season 2 casting

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Of the new actors presented, I have seen comments that say that there is a recast of Adar, can someone explain to me why, I mean, I got lost


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‘Lord Of The Rings’ star Bernard Hill hits out at ‘The Rings Of Power’: “It’s a money-making venture”

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For Posterity


this was removed from "a place" for being exclusionary. and then again cause i mentioned where it was removed from. please do not speculate because this rant summed up most of my issues with ROP and i would like it to be left on the record.

" lol calm down. And galadriel is far from the only issue with this show, it wasn't who was trying to swim half the way across the equivalent of the atlantic, it wasn't who tried to win a staring contest with a volcanic explosion. it was the fact they were things that happened. it was stones looking down, and tempests within, and drinking salt water, and the sea always being right according to the widow of a drowning victim. It was cargo capacity. It was off camera fight scenes while you watch halbrand and trump react. It was those dammed knife ears. It was elves taking our jerbs. It was race swapping elf. it was not race swapping elves. It was moob armour. it was comicon nerds cosplaying as 7ft numenorian warriors of old. It was overlong ultra slow mo extreme close ups of derp face. it was pandering to the source material while completely butchering it. It was tyrannical allegory in place of applicability. It was castaway staring the most powerful maiar. It was the bees. It was I'm good. It was slim lady. it was tolkien black elf and whats her over alls escaping from orcs in slow motion to finally escape cause...they touched base? idk. those orcs didn't seem to have a problem landing a shot earlier....at high noon... at a distance most humans couldn't manage with a compound bow... three times. it was "time compression" aka time choping up mixing in a bag and rearranging, removing, or "reimagining" the pieces. It was sociopathic elf children in the tolkien version of eden. it was the hair cuts. it was the middle aged immortal. It was a dwarf king behaving like a menstruating teenager. It was team haladriel. it was elronds best impression of ash from the evil dead discovering mythril. It was mythril being the cure for elven aids or EIV if you will. It was mythril creation myths no one asked for or needed. It was not hobbits and not gadalf doing...things i guess. It was misunderstood orcs that just need a land of their own. It was volcano blindness. it was child surgeons. it was huddling the weak and elderly into a building in the middle of a battle field. it was just add water volcanoes. and unrealated to the quality of the show itself there was also; the marketing. the review deleting. the accusations/assumptions of racism and misogyny. the "super fans". Amazon being evil. It's rehashed IP's. It's woke lipstick on a pig. "

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I fell asleep every episode.. perfect 👌🏻👌🏻


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(OC) Instead of just complaining about how bad this show was, I tried to rewrite an episode to show just how much better it could have been even without changing much of the overall story structure.

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The King has spoken

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Facepalm moment

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To quote the director : “You know what, when I think about the Peter Jackson movies, the thing I love and the thing that I admire the most is how great he was in capturing Tolkien’s spirit. So at the end, it’s all about going to the source material and go to the books. So this is what I did.”

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10 Harsh Realities Of Rereading The Lord Of The Rings Books (WTF???)

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Anyone else think Largo looks like Simon Tolkien?

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Galadriel's fight scenes are really boring


Ignoring the issues with Galadriel's characterization in ROP, I just wanted to talk about how boring I found the fight scenes she was involved in. While a lot of the issues (bad choreography) extend to all or at least most fight scenes IMO. With Galadriel's, there's the added factor of them constantly reminding you of how awesome she's supposed to be, thus removing whatever tension there was from the battle.

It feels like the show is actively avoiding having Galadriel struggle in any fight scene she's in. Whether she's facing a troll, Numenorian's, the season's villain (Adar), or anything short of Sauron himself. Even when she's supposed to be training recruits the focus of the scene is instead on showing how superior she is to everyone else. At least Arondir had a scene where he struggled in battle against an orc, something I doubt they'd ever do with Galadriel.

Normally when you stick a character like Ar'Pharazon and four Numenorian soldiers in the way of the hero, the audience will be excited, expecting a thrilling fight scene. In ROP, Galadriel just shoves them all into a cell off-screen and politician Pharazon is too wimpy to stand up to her. Instantly sapping whatever excitement there was.

To put it in perspective, Sauron (as Halbrand) seems like he had a harder time fighting Numenorian's citizens than Galadriel did fighting Numenorian soldiers. If they had to make Galadriel a warrior they could've at least made the fight scenes she's in exciting. Instead, she breezes through the season, both in politics and warfare. She never feels challenged at all until the very end.

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5 season guarantee


I watched upto the 2nd episode and gave up but, I wanted to know if Amazon was going to burn more money on this garbage and, read there is going to be 4 more seasons of this dog crap! I thought I had read they have only renewed for 1 more season.

I am not going to watch this trash but, I find it offensive that it exists!

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in a world where Galadriel stayed the course to Valinor…


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Why The Rings Of Power SUCKS - A Scene Comparison

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Why the Rings of Power Costumes Fail to Reflect Their Source Material


I didn't watch The Rings of Power, but I have been seeing images of the costumes, and I just have to rant a little about them. Apart from their general attractiveness or lack thereof--mostly the latter, in my opinion--they are making me wonder whether Kate Hawley, the costume designer, has even read the source material. Or understood it, if she did read it.

I hear that she has done much better work on other projects. But I'm sorry, she really dropped the ball here, and it can't be chalked up just to not having enough money or time. There are fundamental problems at the concept level.

It's easy to guess the general thinking: "Since the LOTR movies were designed around a medieval look, the look of this series should be based on Greek and Roman styles, with simpler construction, in order to convey that it's an earlier time." This would make perfect sense for most fantasy series, but it's dead wrong for Tolkien.

In Middle-Earth, "progress" isn't really a thing that happens, unless you're talking about the Years of the Trees or maybe the First Age. After that, it's all downhill with a few small backtracks along the way. Each civilization is less grand than the one that came before it. Knowledge and techniques are lost. The costumes should reflect this. The clothing of the Second Age should be more intricate and decorative than that of the Third Age. They could go full Bollywood with the jewelry, for both Elves and Númenoreans: ropes of pearls, gem-studded belts, etc. (But also take a lesson from Bollywood on how to make lots of jewelry look tasteful and not over the top.) There was a little bit of this in the final episode, but there could have been much more.

Speaking of jewelry, there is far too much use of gold. In the source material, Dwarves like gold, but Elves are all about silver, or better yet, mithril. And pearls and white or clear gems such as diamonds. Stuff that makes them think of starlight. You're telling me Gil-Galad, whose name literally means "bright star," would dress entirely in gold from head to toe? I don't think so. Gold also has a slightly negative connotation in Tolkien's writing as being a little bit base and corrupting. That's why Ar-Pharazôn's title of "the Golden" isn't entirely a compliment; it's a hint at how he embodies the perverting of Númenor's society. Lana Marie put it well in her video on this show's costumes when she said, "It's almost poetic how Amazon seems to think that plastering gold on everything makes a garment look regal and expensive and classy."

This brings me to the show's idea that the symbol of Númenor should be a sun. It shouldn't; it should be a star. The island is shaped like a star. Its alternate name, Elenna, means "starward" because of the star that led the first people to it. (And before anyone wants to be cute and say the sun is also a star--no, in Tolkien's world, it's not. It's a fruit of the golden tree, Laurelin, carried through the sky by a maia on a flying ship.) I could buy the idea of Ar-Pharazôn introducing the sun as a new symbol or making it his personal royal banner, but the show starts before he becomes king and they're already using suns, so nope.

And finally, nobody should be wearing full plate armor. Nobody in Tolkien wears plate armor. It's always mail of one sort or another. Yes, I know Ngila Dickson had the Gondorian army wear plate armor in the ROTK movie, but she was also wrong. (Besides, she said it was supposed to make them look outdated and irrelevant.) Frankly, as wonderful as the design of the LOTR movie trilogy was, I feel that most of the stuff in Gondor wasn't up to their usual standard; maybe they were running short on time and/or energy by then. But that's a whole different rant.

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How To Make Boring Characters — Rings of Power

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What the Rings of Power Should Have Been - Introduction to a Second Age series

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On This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for JRRT's epic and Peter Jackson's trilogy.


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JRR Wick

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I had to

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Rings of Power is More Babylon 5 Than Tolkien (and Maybe It's a Good Thing) ???

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